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Monday, January 21, 2008

Big Brother 9 Commercials

In case you haven't seen the commercials for BB9 yet, I figured I'd post them here for you to see. They used last years cast from Big Brother 8 in the commercials..gosh, it seems like it was just yesterday that BB8 was on the air, doesn't it?!!

ENJOY!!!! :-D

Sunday, January 20, 2008

First BB9 cast member revealed?

Hey folks!
We're getting closer to when BB9 will start, are you as excited as I am? We have 24 more days to go until February 12th, 2008 and here starts the very first Big Brother 9 rumor!!

It is rumored that a houseguest of Big Brother 9 has been revealed. So who is it? His name is Tony Westbrook.

Tony is 33 yrs old and is from Benton, Arkansas. His myspace page says that he works at the Birchtree Community assisted-living facility assisting in physical rehabilitation of mentally ill adults and that he is currently working on his Master’s degree in Physical Therapy.

So could this rumor be true that he is the first revealed houseguest of Big Brother 9? We'll find out on February 12th!!

Stay tuned...