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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Adam & Ryan talk about Sheila (vid)

Ryan rips her apart by saying she's "washed up" and Adam adds to the bashing by saying that she was hot 25 yrs ago when she was a Penthouse Pet of the Year but that's about it. Then they move on to talking about evicted HG's and how everybody in the house has lied but that some of the evicted HG's went around saying that they didn't lie at all and that they're bullshitters.

Okay guys, I'm going to be offline until around midnight tonight. I'm driving from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania for my bridal shower but I'm stopping in Ohio for the night and when I get to my hotel, I'll do an update! :) If you wanna watch the Final 2 on the feeds OR watch BB9 all over again on the Replay feeds, go ahead and get the live feeds for free! The trial is for 14 days and there's only 4 days until the finale!! (By the way, the replay feeds are now on week 2).

Update on Saturday April 26th:
Hey everyone!!! Well, I left my laptop back in Milwaukee so I won't be able to do updates between now and the finale. But I will be back to blogging the finale tomorrow so check back then!! :-D And THANK YOU for all the very sweet comments from you guys!!!

Stay tuned...

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Ryan wants cigs, Adam is taking time off from work

The boys were talking last night about what they plan on doing now (after the show, of course). Adam says he's gonna take a month or two off of work, but little does he know that he's been fired from his job for nearly 3 months now. lol I guess he'll find out next week that he can take as much "time off" as he needs.

Ryan is still itching for smokes ever since Adam ran out a few days ago. Then they start talking about other random stuff (going home in a week, what their friends/family are probably thinking right now, etc).

More updates coming up!!

Stay tuned...

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The Final 2 Champagne Toast

The boys are enjoying being Final 2 and are just happy to be where they are right now and are proud of their accomplishments. :)

Here are the boys doing the Final 2 Champagne Toast:

Cheers, boys!! Well deserved!!

Stay tuned...

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who do you *think* will win BB9? (poll)

Well kids, it's down to the Final 2: Ryan & Adam. One will win $50,000, while the other will walk away with $500,000 and the title of being the winner of Big Brother: Season 9!!

Who do you *think* will win BB9?

Leave your comments below and say what you think of the final 2, who do you want to win, and anything else that is on your mind! :-D

Stay tuned...

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Tonight's *Live Show* Spoiler:

Hey everyone!! Big Brother is starting RIGHT NOW!!!! :-D

The opening credits are on...

"Good Evening, it's Day 77 and we're down to the Final 3!"-Julie Chen

Sheila, Adam, and Ryan saying it was freezing cold..Adam teasing Sheila "It's COLD, Sheila! Woo hoo!!" And the boys are teasing her about how close she was to going out the door..recaping Sharon's eviction (weird timing in the show, I think.)

Now they're showing what happened an hour BEFORE the eviction (BB, what the hell are you doing???) Now they're showing the deal Ryan & Adam made to keep Sheila because she's a weaker player than Sharon. They're showing Sheila crying AFTER the eviction.."Wow, I made it this far! I want it to be Adam & I!" (Sheila said in a DR session).

Now they're back to the 1st Final HOH Comp. "There's no way this lady (Sheila) is gonna be us in this compeition!"-Adam

Sheila saying that she wasn't going to give up...36 mins into it, all 3 of them are hanging on still. Sheila dropped on purpose so that she wouldn't be sick for the 2nd comp. Sheila is inside the house. Adam drops next, on puroose, and Ryan wins Part 1 of the Final HOH (as we already knew).

"Ryan thinks I'm with him, Sheila thinks I'm with her, I don't care WHO takes me to the Final 2 just as long as I get there!" -Adam

"Adam dropped and proved to me that I can trust him."-Ryan

Commercial @ 8:14pm EST

Back from commerical now.

"Time for Part 2 of the Final HOH Comp!!!"-Ryan

Sheila & Adam had to wait in different rooms and they would be called outside seperatly. The Part 2 HOH Comp was a maze on a huge wheel (like a hamster wheel). In the maze were balls with previous HOH's on it and they had to place them in the correct order, in a timely matter, all while guiding the balls out of the maze.

Sheila struggled with it, big time!! Adam had a lot more control of it and seemed to breeze right through it.

Now they're showing Adam telling Sheila they're in it together until the end. And as soon as Sheila got called into the DR, Adam told Ryan it's the boys until the end.

Ryan said in a DR session that he MIGHT take Sheila to the end because he'd win against her!! And then Adam, in a DR session, said even HE doesn't even know what he's (Adam) doing!! (Just like I told you guys earlier today lol)

Julie is talking to the HG's live. Ryan doesn't think he'll win the grand prize, Sheila says she doesn't feel confident as well that she'd get the jury votes, Adam said the same thing but just slightly more confident than Sheila & Ryan.

"Who will be the FINAL and MOST POWERFUL Head of Household? Find out, when we return!"-Julie Chen

Commercial @ 8:27pm EST

They're showing the jury house: Matt is being mean to Natalie LOLLL And now Sharon goes into the jury house and Josh went CRAZY! lol They're showing Sharon's eviction, but they never showed Natalie's or her entering the jury house..which I personally have been looking forward to for a while now! :(

Commercial @ 8:35pm EST

Ryan & Adam are now fighting for the title of HOH:
(let's see if Adam throws it or not!!)

The Final HOH is:


The score was Ryan: 3 and Adam: 2 (I think Adam threw 1 question on purpose).

Sheila & Adam are pleading their cases to stay to Ryan.

Evicted from the BB House is:


Sheila is devasted and crying to Julie. She thought Adam would win and take her to the end. Julie asked Sheila is her and Adam will be friends outside the house and she smiled and said "yes!"

Commercial @ 8:53pm EST

Julie congratulated the boys on being Final 2, they said thank you and teased about how they have a "bro-mance" and that they'll be best friends for life.

"We will be back on Sunday at 8pm EST, 7pm Central time to crown the winner of Big Brother 9!"

***End of live show :)***

Stay tuned...

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The feeds are back!!

At 3:15pm EST, the feeds came back!

From what I gathered, BB took away their chess game & the two chairs and table in that area, and replaced it with a tv. Ryan asked Adam what he thought the extra tv is for and Adam said for a "split screen...Julie will be on the top tv like always, and then questions or whatever on the bottom one."

Right now, at 3:23pm EST, Ryan & Adam are working out in the backyard:

..and Sheila is tanning (or at least trying's a cloudy day):

Stay tuned...

Trivia on the Feeds (updated)

Gotta love Live Show day! There's trivia currently on the feeds and has been since 1:00pm EST. So, while we wait, here's a little trivia for ya'll:

[Click Here for the Answer]

Updated @ 3:01pm EST:
Trivia still on all feeds...

Stay tuned...

Wednesday afternoon on the live feeds (pics)

Sheila/Adam/Ryan are on outside lockdown. My guess is that BB is setting up the HOH comp in the living room. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then watch this Evel Dick & Dani triubute video (fast forward to 3:40 to see the Part 3 HOH Comp set-up):

*****Flashback Video*****

*****End of Flashback Video*****

Here are some screencaps from the backyard:

..and Adam showing Sheila his "tits" lol

More updates coming up!!

Stay tuned...

Sheila & Adam's fight last night (vids)

Hey everyone! I fell asleep last night before I could upload the video of Sheila & Adam's fight, but I uploaded it this morning. Also, I want to apologize for posting "Thursdays" review, when I meant to say "Tuesday's" review lol Thank you for those comments that corrected me! ;-) I guess I was just too tired last night and posted the wrong day lol But it's fixed now!!

Okay, so last night, Sheila yelled at Adam pretty good and used the single-mother card on him and guilt tripped him pretty good, and even threatned him by saying (in so many words) that she would campaign against him in the jury house if she leaves today. This is a must-see video!!

Captured by yours truly ;-)

Then while Ryan was in the D.R., Adam & Sheila talked privately in Sheila's bedroom and they both apologized to each other. Adam was (more or less) doing damage control. I believe he *will* throw the HOH comp tonight to Ryan so that the blood is on his hands to evict her (that's the plan that Ryan & Adam have in place right now). Kind of a fair trade thing for Adam evicting Sharon.

(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

So as it stands right now, Adam will throw the last HOH comp tonight so that Ryan wins and Ryan will be the one to evict Sheila. Adam feels better now that him & Sheila talked so that she's more prepared to leave the house and it won't be so shocking to her when she gets evicted. I really hope Adam doesn't throw it, but I guess we'll see!!

Okay, more updates on what's going on today coming right up!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday's show review + update on the feeds

Hey guys & gals!! I'm back! :-D Okay, I just got done watching Tuesday's show (ohh how I love my DVR! lol) They showed the eviction of Sharon (she took it very well!!) and the beginning of Part 1 HOH Comp. The set up for the HOH comp was really wild and I really would have loved to see that play out on the live feeds. :( If you didn't see it, the comp was like a boogie boarding thing. The HG's had to hang onto a rope while on the boogie board on their knees and strapped in. The slippery wall was raised and water was gushing out, then "rain" (which was very cold according to Sheila..she said it felt like ice cubes) started to pour down on them, and then the show was over. I'm sure they'll show the ending to Part 1 of the HOH comp, plus all of Part 2, and of course we'll see Part 3 live and then the live eviction.

On Showtime After Dark, Sheila is playing it off as if she's going home tomorrow and she knows it. She very well might go home, but as far as she knows, Adam is going to save her. Will he? Who knows! I personally think he will but he can only save Sheila if he doesn't throw the Part 3 HOH Comp tomorrow (as he has told Ryan he will do) and if he actually wins. If Adam doesn't win tomorrow, it's bye-bye Sheila.

So tomorrow is the BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT day of the season thus far and I can't wait to see how it all plays out!! The 3rd (and last) part of the final HOH comp will be all mental and it will be live! :-D

Update on the feeds: The final 3 were just chatting up a storm about different things. Adam put on his tight blue pants (his "Mo Cheeks" pants lol) and was grinding on Sheila and even smacked her ass at one point. lol I love seeing those two goof around, they're so funny together!! Right now, Ryan is huffing & puffing his way around the backyard from jogging & walking. Adam & Sheila are talking inside the house and Adam is getting a little heated with her. He's saying that the only reason why he came on the show was to "win the $500k for these kids!!" and Sheila is saying that she came into the game to win for her charity of being a single parent and that she would love to get the $50,000 or $500,000. Right now, Sheila is YELLING at Adam. I will post a video shortly!!

Stay tuned...

Part 2 HOH Comp: ADAM WINS!!!

The feeds went to flames, then to trivia at 4:02pm EST; I believe we have Part 2 of the Final HOH comp going on!!

This comp is Adam VS Sheila. Whoever wins Part 2 will go head-to-head with Ryan (winner of Part 1) tomorrow and then the winner will be crowned the HOH and will get to evict either Ryan, Sheila, or Adam!!

As soon as the feeds came back, I'll post the results!! :-D

Updated @ 6:58pm EST:
THE FEEDS ARE BACK!!!!! I think Adam won that one...waiting for confirmation..

Sheila: "Well boys, good luck! Tomorrow WILL be epic! Damn you Adam, damn you."
Adam: "It's me and you, Ry-bread! Just me & you!"


It was a physical comp!! According to Sheila, it was a very confusing physical comp and it was "totally made for Adam!" Speaking of Adam, he was just called into the DR. He's VERY excited and happy. Sheila is a little gloomy but doing okay. She's doing crafts at the table while Ryan eats.

Adam told Sheila (while Ryan was in the DR) that he's taking her to the Final 2 and that he's kept her in the game all this time and it's them to the end. But then when Sheila went into the DR, Adam was telling Ryan that it's them to the end and Adam said he's gonna throw tomorrow's final HOH comp so that he doesn't have to make the decision. When Ryan asked Adam what he told Sheila when he was in the DR, he lied to Ryan and was saying "I told her that I have to do what is best for me..that's all I kept saying to her." So I REALLY have no clue where Adam's head is! My guess is that he WILL take Sheila to the end with him and that he WON'T throw the HOH comp and he's only telling Ryan he'll throw it so that Ryan doesn't go into the mental comp with 'guns blazing'. He'll be more relaxed, giving Adam the advantage. Either way, I think it's safe to say that Adam will be in the Final 2, it's just a question of who will be sitting beside him. :)

Okay kids, I have to get offline for about 3 hours (premarital fun! lol) But I'll update the blog when I get back!! Remember, you can get the live feeds totally free for the rest of the season (which is only 5 days now!), so if you must know what's going on while I'm out, then get the live feeds!!!

Be back soon, everyone!!

Stay tuned...

"Houseguests, time to wake up!" (pics)

Good morning everyone! It is now 10:28am BBT and the HG's are up..well, kinda. lol

Sheila is up and having her coffee:

...and Adam & Ryan just joined the living as well and they're in a good mood this morning! Laughing and talking, all while yawning. :) Adam is now making waffles..

..and Ryan is brushing his teeth.

Stay tuned...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sheila talks about Part 1 of Final HOH endurance comp (vid)

Big Brother cut her off shortly after, but she was talking about how it was an endurance comp, they were wet, and she was afraid of getting sick. She also confirms that she was the 1st one to drop. Then she also says that Adam "slipped" a minute later, but we know that he was just keeping true to his word with Ryan (Adam promised Ryan he would drop after Sheila and give him Part 1 of the HOH comp).

Here's the video, captured by yours truly ;-)

At 3:07am EST, Sheila just went to bed, Ryan (who is EXHAUSTED!!) is laying down but not sleeping just yet, and Adam is now laying down but he seems a little too hyper to be going to bed in my opinion. All lights are off in the good ol' Big Brother house.

Okay kids, since the HG's are going to bed, so am I!! lol I'll be back in the morning with my coffee and reporting everything that is going on! Also, don't forget that tonight (Tuesday) at 9pm EST is the CBS show!! Until tomorrow, have a goodnight and as always...

Stay tuned...

Update on the Live Feeds:

Okay, so now that Ryan won Part 1 of the Final HOH comp, Sheila & Adam will go head-to-head tomorrow for Part 2. The winner of that will go against Ryan in Part 3.

Ryan & Adam made use of the crafts that BB gave them: Adam made himself a bracelet (tomorrow he'll make a matching necklace lol) and Ryan made Jen earrings and showed Sheila.

Ryan: "I better get mad pussy for this (from Jen)!"

Right now on the live feeds (2:26am EST), Sheila is in the bathroom ringing out wet clothes (I'm guessing from the HOH comp?? We'll find out tonight during Tuesday's CBS show!!). Adam just got done getting his suitcase back out of the storage room and put it back into the pink bedroom where him & Ryan sleep and quickly changed his pants to more comfy lounge pants. Ryan is now talking to Adam in the kitchen.

Stay tuned...

It's Official..SHARON HAS BEEN EVICTED!!!! (pics)

It's official!!


And Ryan won Part 1 of the Final HOH Comp!!

Ryan: "Let's make it official, baller..."
Adam: "Team Pullout is done, dude!" (re: pullout couches lol)

They converted Sharon's bed back into a couch.
It's official, Sharon is G-O-N-E!!

Stay tuned...

The feeds are BACK!!!!!!!!!! (updated!)

Okay, at 1:10am EST, the feeds came back!

I see Sheila & signs of Adam yet...

Ryan just confirmed: ADAM KEPT SHEILA!!!

..which should mean that....

SHARON WAS BEEN EVICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Updated @ 1:15am EST:
Sheila is talking to Ryan about being the oldest woman to ever play Big Brother. lol Still no signs of Adam yet...

Updated @ 1:20am EST:
Ryan & Sheila are doing crafts at the mini table. Sheila just confirmed that "Baller" is still in the house (she asked if he had something..) but still no visable sign of him just yet!

Stay tuned...

Update on the Live Feeds:

Hey everyone! Okay, we're still getting trivia on the live feeds. Those of you who are watching Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime, you're being fooled by a pre-taped show. BB taped the houseguests this morning for 3 hours and they are running that tape now. It's not live.

As of 1:04am EST, the live feeds are still showing trivia. I will update in this post until I go to bed and then first thing in the morning, so keep checking back for the latest!!

Stay tuned...

While we are waiting for the feeds to come back...

Okay, I've been asked this question over & over again recently, so I figured I would post this here:

Question: "Will you be coming back to blog for Season 10?"

Answer: YES!!!!!!!!

I am coming back to blog for Big Brother Season 10 (which starts in early July)! :-D I'm actually looking MORE forward to blogging about Season 10 than this season because I won't be busy planning my wedding and I'll be eating/sleeping/breathing Big Brother this time around with no interuptions!!

I am truly thankful for each and every BB9 Blog fan out there and I hope ya'll join me for Season 10!! I have a NEW url for season 10, it is:

(It's not 100% finished, so please excuse the "mess" lol)

So go ahead & click on that link and don't forget to bookmark it! If you do forget though, don't worry; I'll post the new URL on here at the end of the season so you can still find it! ;-)

Okay, more updates to come the second I know something! If nothing happens in the next hour, I'll post an update anyways so I'm not leaving ya'll hanging in suspense lol :-P

Stay tuned...

The feeds came back and...

The feeds came back for a little bit this afternoon (I had to run across town for a couple of hours and just returned). During the time that the feeds came back on, Adam worked on Ryan trying to see if it was okay to keep Sheila and evict Sharon! If you think about it, it's actually a smart move for both Ryan & Adam since Sheila sucks at every comp lol But it's an even sweeter deal for Adam who is in a secret alliance with Sheila..well, kind of a secret alliance.

Anyways, so here are the videos captured by my good friend xx2OOxx:

..and Part 2:

Okay, the feeds are on trivia again and have been on trivia since around 8pm EST. I will be here GLUED to the computer and will bring you every update I can until the early morning!! :-D Get comfy kids, it's gonna be a loooong night! LOL ;-)

Stay tuned...

The HG's are on "blue room" lockdown..huh??!

The HG's are currently on lockdown in the "blue room" and have been for a while now. Wonder why they're not on HOH lockdown (since they can't go outside because the set-up crew is still working on the endurance comp set). Hmm!!!

The HG's are just talking about misc. stuff and teasing Sharon on how she still likes Jacob. lol

In other news, I finally got caught up on the past 2 Housecalls shows from over on The first Housecalls episode I watched was from last Thursday and it was with Evel Dick. Then the Friday show was with executive producer Allison Grodner. Allison said what Evel Dick already told us last month, which is that Season 10 (which starts in early July and YES I will be back blogging for all of Season 10 but this time, much more intensly and a TON more updating since I won't have a wedding to plan for!!! lol)..anyways, like I was saying..Allison confirmed that Season 10 will be a much more age-diverse w00t w00t to that!! She also said that BB10's house will look TOTALLY different from this season! I can't wait to see it! :-D

Okay, so back to the subject at hand:

Nobody truly knows what to expect today, and more importantly, what to expect on the live feeds. There's rumors about a "blackout" on the feeds for a day or two but I would be VERY surprised (and pissed!!) if that were to happen. So let's cross our fingers that Big Brother will keep us feed viewers in the know so that I can keep all of you guys & gals in the know!!

Alright, I'll be back to report any changes and happenings! :-D

Stay tuned...

Sharon is packing..(pics)

If this doesn't make it official that today there will be an eviction, then I don't know what will!!

(By the way, that "Watch Replay" button at the top is the button that you can click and watch Season 9 of Big Brother all over again! Right now, it's week 1 in the house. It's so weird to see *everyone* in the house and talking! But kinda neat at the same time! :) So if you're a fan of this season, you can sign up for the live feeds and watch not only the last 6 days of this season, but you can also watch it from the beginning as well!!)

Sharon got her suitcase from the storage room and she's packing her stuff!! Sharon ticked off Sheila earlier because Sharon was going to get dressed in comfy "comp" clothes and not all dressed up for the Veto Ceremony. This made Sheila believe that not only was Sharon *not* going to get evicted, but that she knew it as well. Sharon ended up putting on nice clothes but Sheila is right to assume all of that.

I still wouldn't put it past Adam to vote out Sharon instead of Sheila, but who knows!

Stay tuned...

Veto Ceremony + Eviction + 1st HOH Comp??

Hey everyone!! Looks like today will be a busy day on the live feeds! BB is treating this day like a live eviction day, and yesterday was treated like a typical Tuesday (only on a Sunday lol)

The HG's have commented that they will be "seeing Julie" today. Now, there is no show tonight, let alone a live show tonight. So my guess is that they will be taping the eviction.

Also, Ryan commented this morning in the kitchen that they are "on Showtime right now"...which means they are being taped for Showtime's "After Dark" show tonight (at least that is my guess). Ryan also commented on the set-up crew in the backyard was still making noise today. My guess is that it's an endurance comp set up and it's for Part 1 of the Final HOH Comp.

*****Flashback Video*****
Last year, Part 1 of the Final HOH Comp was Zach/Dani/Dick holding onto a key while jumping over a bunny rabbit and being sprayed with cold water:

*****End of Flashback Video*****

So, to recap:
We will have the Veto Ceremony today and then 1 houseguest will be evicted tonight, that's pretty much set in stone, and we're thinking that the HOH comp (the endurance comp) will be tonight!! For those of you who don't have the feeds yet and are unfamiliar with them, the HOH Endurance Comp will be shown on them!!! The trial for the feeds are for 14 days..there's only 6 days of this season do the math. lol It just makes sense to get them and be part of the action!!

Get The Live Feeds Here for Free!!

Stay tuned...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Something is going on..(Part 2)

Okay, the feeds switched to trivia just a short while ago. What's going on? Who knows!! Maybe its the POV Ceremony finally, or maybe it's something else!! Nothing has gone according to plan for a normal Sunday.

As soon as I know something, I will report it right here!!

Updated @ 11:04pm EST:
The feeds are back and the HG's are all at the mini table eating dinner. They are all talking about how Big Brother told them that the "secret relationship in the house" are actually the guinea pigs. Thank gawwd BB told them!! Hearing them wondering for days was driving me nuts! lol

As far as I can tell, that is all that happened. Why the hell they put the feeds on trivia for that, I have no clue!!

Also, as posted from a Big Brother 9 Blog visitor:
"I'm hearing in the chat rooms there is going to be an eviction Monday (for Tuesdays show) as well as the live eviction Wednesday"

Hmmm interesting!!! Thanks for the gossip, Scott!! We'll see if it's true or not tomorrow!!

Stay tuned...

Something is going on...(vids)

I'm not sure what, and I'm just as anxious to find out as you guys are, but something isn't right in the BB house!!

Ryan, the HOH, got the camera today to take HOH pics (normally a Tuesday afternoon thing), and everyone has been called into the Diary Room to say their goodbye messages. I'm still trying to piece together all the details I missed while I was out of the house today, so bear with me.

Another thing is that the HG's have been on interior lockdown all day long!! Ryan and Adam commented earlier about how loud the set-up crew outside was being and that different power tools were being used at the same time. Endurance comp set up perhaps? If so, for when? For whom? My mind is racing!!

Here's a video of Sharon and Sheila talking about everything and how things aren't on a normal BB schedule:

Veto Ceremony hasn't been held today but they're supposed to be so I'm not sure what the hell is going on!! Big Brother has thrown off the HG's and myself lol

In a panic, Adam tried to make a secret Final 2 deal with Sharon for her to have his back. Sharon didn't accept the deal though:

Sheila went up and talked to Ryan in the HOH room tonight. She talked about how she can't trust what Adam will do, and neither can Ryan. Ryan has no clue what Adam would do (vote out Sheila or Sharon):

After that convo with Sheila, Sharon went up to the HOH room and tells Ryan about the Final 2 deal that Adam tried to make with Sharon:

Then Adam went up and talked to Ryan and pinned everything on Sharon by saying he was "testing" her to see if Ryan & Sharon had a deal together:

and Part 2:

In case that Ryan keeps the nominations the same, and Adam is the sole decider in who stays/who goes, Sheila spent some time talking/crying to Adam trying to convince him to keep her over Sharon and that she's had Adam's back the whole game:

Part 2:

Also, I want to appologize for saying "Nominations" were today. I think planning my wedding has officially made me crazy and it was an honest mistake lol I meant to say Veto Ceremony. :P Thank you to those who caught that. It's all fixed now! lol

Okay, now ya'll are ALL CAUGHT UP on what went down today and what is going on!! More updates will come soon, so..

Stay tuned...

Veto Ceremony is today!!

Hey everyone! I took off Saturday from being glued to the live feeds to enjoy the nice weather (finally!) I hope you guys enjoyed your Saturday as well! :-D

It seems that I didn't miss anything while I was out. Ryan and Adam had several mini-convo's about what their plans are: Ryan will keep the noms the same (since he won the POV on Friday) and Ryan is trusting Adam to get rid of Sheila. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Adam kept Sheila. We will find out soon enough though! It's another case of 'wish we could see the Diary Room sessions' to see what is really going on inside Adam's head.

Today is the Veto Ceremony and we'll see if Ryan actually keeps the noms the same or not. He could take Sharon off and put up Adam just to be sure that him and Sharon (which with whom he has an alliance with) would be safe.

There's really no videos to be posted, it's a bunch of the same old convos and random talk..but it all comes down to Ryan saying he'll keep the noms the same and how he needs Adam to get rid of Sheila, and Adam saying that he's "done" with Sheila and she's going home.

As soon as I know what happened during the nomination ceremony, I will post it here! I have to get offline for the early afternoon for a family function but I won't be back too late. If you wanna get the live feeds, today would be a good day to get them since it's pretty uneventful as of right now, but that will surely change tonight and until the end of the season on the 27th!! Since the feeds are free for 14 days, and with only 1 week until the season finale, you can get the live feeds for FREE for the rest of the season!!

Alright kids, I'll be back around 6pm/EST!!!

Stay tuned...