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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Natalie forms a NEW alliance w/ Sharon & tells her everything!!

This will put a HUGE target on Natalie now. She can't keep a secret for nothing, and she's playing too many people: that's a recipe for disaster in the BB house!

Natalie told Sharon about the "new" alliance but that she wants to ditch that and have an all-girl alliance (Sheila, Nat, and Sharon) and Natalie wants to keep Sharon and send Josh packing! WOW!!!

Introducing, the "Girl Power" alliance:
(All videos in this post are courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Not only did Natalie tell Sharon everything, but then she went and told SHEILA everything (even after Josh & Ryan told Nat *not* to):

Since Adam is the swing vote (to evict Sharon), Ryan & Josh approached Adam to try to get his vote to get Sharon out:

Are you with me still? Okay! lol Just checking. ;-)

Alright, so as Natalie was betraying the Josh/Nat/James/Ryan alliance, Josh was downstairs telling James that he is not holding true to the alliance and that he wants to get Natalie out of the house next week!! This is a GREAT move for Josh and he doesn't even know it! ;-)

Nat, staying true to her new "Girl Power" alliance, works Adam (the swing vote) to vote out Josh:

Then Nat said Josh did it all and turned Sharon against him. WHat a bitch.

I gotta say, I though this week was going to be totally predictable and now it is totally NOT!!!!!! I seriously have no clue who will go home!! Hell, the POV ceremony hasn't even taken place yet, so who knows, maybe Sheila will go up instead of Sharon and it'll be a done deal...or maybe Sharon *will* go up and all hell will break lose with alliances/promises being made & then broken, and then....let the backstabbing continue! ;-)

It's going to be IN-SANE this week!!! It already is!!!!!!!

I won't be online for the next 24 hours (I'm going out of town for a day), so if you didn't get the live feeds yet, GET THEM NOW!!!! Like I said before, it costs you NOTHING!! Not a penny, nothing for 14 straight days! Actually, my trial lasted for 17 days this season, so who knows, maybe you'll luck out. lol


Because so much shit is happening in the house, I highly HIGHLY recommend them now! I will be back on Sunday early afternoon to report ALL of Saturday and an up-to-the-minute update, so check back them!

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!! :-D

Stay tuned....

New alliance is formed!!

After the POV comp, a new alliance was born!! Natalie, James, Josh, and Ryan formed the new alliance.

Here's the forming of the new alliance:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Sharon on the other hand, has been crying ALL day and night (thinking that Josh is leaving, when she's actually the target.) She's upset that she's losing her best friend in the game. In return for Nat keeping Josh this week, he promised her 2 weeks of safety (if she puts Sharon on the block). Josh has the votes to stay: James, Ryan, and Natalie. Sheila & Adam are in the dark about everything and the new alliance plans on keeping it that way.

Also, from a Big Brother 9 Blog fan, Pyke:
"It should be noted that Ryan/Adam decided to keep Josh before this alliance formed, Ryan just wanted to get Nat on board. Josh had no plans in this, Ryan puled him and James in, so Josh obviously agreed. Josh didn't say put Sharon on the block and evict her... Nat is putting up Sharon regardless, and Ryan/Nat orchestrated this alliance. Then Nat said Josh did it all and turned Sharon against him. What a bitch."
(Thanks Pyke!!)

More to come!!!

Stay tuned...

Friday, March 28, 2008

Winner of the POV is....(spoiler!!)

Hey guys & gals!! I just now got back (looong night!!) and the POV comp was held!!

Winner of the POV is:


Crazy James fans, rejoice! Your boy is safe from eviction!

TONS more updates coming up, so...

Stay tuned...

Natalie to James: "If I win POV, we'll talk (about making a deal)".

The chances of James staying in the house are looking better and better by the minute: James fans, rejoice!

Natalie and James are in the kitchen sitting at the breakfast nook and having a very nice (and real!) conversation. Natalie told James that she will be fighting for the POV (to still have control of things in the house) but that if she does win it, that they will "talk" about making a deal to possibly keep him in the game. She also told him to not say anything to's just between those two.

I have to leave in an hour to go to a wedding cake tasting appointment (naturally it has to be on the same day that the most important POV comp takes place! lol) but I won't be too long. I should be back around 7pm EST time tonight, maybe even sooner. So keep checking back because there will be TONS of updates and lots more vids coming this evening!!!

If you are like me and need to know the second the POV comp is over, please get the live feeds! It literally costs you nothing! Not a penny! 14 straight days of totally free Big Brother internet feeds! Hell, even if you used them just for tonight, it'd be worth it to see the results of the POV comp right away, plus game talk, and more fights/drama!!

Okay guys & gals, I'll back shortly!!!

Stay tuned...

Natalie now knows why Sheila is begging to be a pawn (vid)

Natalie wasn't sure what Sheila's motive was behind her begging to be used as a pawn this week. Josh went into Sheila's room and asked her straight up why and she never gave any answer, just danced around the question and rambled.

Josh & James filled Natalie in on what Sheila's motives are for wanting to be a pawn; Sheila is basically covering all of her bases. She's doing Natalie a "favor" and will use it against her later on ("I helped you! Now help me!" type of thing), or if she ends up being used as a pawn, she will hold it over the person she "saved" by saying shit like "I saved you from going home! Now do the same for me!"

Natalie caught Sheila giving pep talks to both Josh & James individually to win the POV today and that's what made Natalie think 'wtf is going on' and what is Sheila's true motives and strategy. Now that she knows, I have a feeling that Sheila (if used as a pawn) will go home over James or Josh this week!! Yes, I said it...I think SHEILA will go home this week, NOT James or Josh!!! We'll see what happens with the POV and nominations on Sunday, but don't be shocked if that happens!! ;-)

Video courtesy of yours truly:

As of 11:41am BBT, the HG's are just waiting for the veto comp to start. They are ALL anxious to play and everyone "feels" that they're going to win. And surprisingly, all the HG's are getting along. Sheila is STILL ranting & raving to Sharon (its been about an hour now lol)

Stay tuned...

Sheila is annoying the HG's this morning (vid)

As previously posted below, Sheila has been annoying the hg's this morning with her ranting & raving. In this video, she rants to Sharon. Prior to Sharon, it was Ryan. Adam is trying to stay clear of her and James & Josh are fully aware of her ranting and will try to steer clear of her as well. lol

Video courtesy of yours truly ;-)

*Warning: If you're a guy, you might not want to read've been warned! lol*

Sheila is apparently on her period, and while she was showering this morning (with Sharon next to her in the other part of the shower), blood was dripping down her leg and running all over the place. Ryan told all of this Adam and James and they all shared "Ewww!!" comments and Adam said that he's going to wear flip-flops in the shower because that's "raunchy". Ryan also told the boys that she's a "heavy bleeder" (too much info, but ok lol) and that she needs to wear a tampon and a pad at the same time.

Sheila: (to Sharon) "I'm bleeding like a freakin' dead animal today!"

And Sheila is announcing to the whole house that she is BEGGING Natalie to go up as a pawn if Josh or James wins the POV today. She "knows" she is safe and she doesn't want Sharon being the pawn again. Let's see here....a raging Sheila is getting on HG's nerves and is offering herself up as a pawn?? Maybe Josh or James won't go home this week!! lol

Update: As of 11:08am BBT (2:08pm EST), Sheila is STILL ranting and raving to Sharon. She keeps repeating the same shit over, and over, and over again.

Stay tuned...

"Houseguests, time to wake up!" (pics)

Everyone is up and moving around, with the exception of Natalie that got yelled at by Big Brother to keep the lights on during the day (twice).

Sheila is up and already on a rampage about how she's not going to "honest & nice" anymore. James & Josh find it funny that she used the word 'honest' because that's what the fight was about last night (Sheila not being honest). Sheila is already getting on everyones nerves today.

Ryan (to Adam): "Go handle your wife, bro!!"

James went to bed around 4am and Josh said he slept like shit last night. They don't think the POV comp is going to be anything that elaborate because as of the this morning, there's still nothing set up for the comp and they're not on an interior lockdown yet. I think I heard Natalie say last night that the girls were given bikinis for the comp?? And that they (Sharon & Natalie) think it will be a sloppy/messy comp.

Here's some pics from this morning around the house:

Update: Sheila is still repeating the same story over and over again..about how she's done being nice, she's done being honest, blah blah. She's now yelling all this into Sharon's ear. If she keeps this up all day, the house is going to explode on her, no doubt!

Stay tuned...

The Aftermath (Josh & James talk)

After the whole house blew up last night (at James), James and Josh talked late last night around 1am. Josh was actually in bed but got up and talked to James in the kitchen for a while.

James, much more calm, talks about cracking in the house and James toys with the idea that Natalie might put up Sheila as a pawn (upon the request of Sheila late last night) but Natalie said no to that and that she can be up in the HOH room all week with Natalie.

James also comments on how nice Josh has been lately since he 'turned over a new leaf' and hasn't flipped out in awhile. Josh went on to say that going to the sequester isn't that bad of an idea. Both Josh & James know the pecking order in the house and they know whoever doesn't win POV, will go home this week & the next one will go next week.

Little do they know that this week is (rumored) to be Double-Eviction week! Guys, this week WILL be interesting and the whole game can switch in an instant!! Imagine this (just for an example): James wins POV & takes himself off the block..someone is put up as a pawn & Josh goes home. During the live show, they'll do the 'Fast Forward HOH' comp, and since Natalie is the current HOH, she won't be able to compete..James wins HOH, puts Natalie & Ryan up on the block, Natalie would go home. Then another HOH comp would happen and that's anyone's guess.

If James does *not* win the POV, expect this week to hell week for the other HG's!!! He will not go down without a fight!! For the first time in 2 weeks, I'm EXCITED for this week to happen & can't wait to see how it plays out!!! If you don't have the live feeds, sign up for them (hey, they're free for 14 days, if you don't like'em then cancel them.)

Here's the video of James & Josh's convo:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

(if the video doesn't show up, that's because YouTube is having issues again today.)

Stay tuned...

Nat wants to 'give' James to Matty for his bday + Sheila is afraid for her safety

Following the big fight (see below), Natalie told Josh & Sharon that she wants to "give" James to Matty for his bday. Then Sheila, who is hiding up in the HOH room all night with Natalie out of fear of what James might say/do next, said that she wants to complain to the D.R. and brings up that her 16 yr old son doesn't need to "see this" and she wants the DR to tell James to stop calling her names.

Here's the vid:

(also uploaded to youtube)

Stay tuned...

HOLY SHIT!!! James flips OUTTTTT!!!!! (vids)

Wow! Wow! WOW!!!!!

Sheila & James started with a convo that turned heated when Sheila was trying to pin Chelsia's exit speech (which hurt Sheila because the comment that Chelsia said was referring to her having a big & loose vagina) and she told him that he was 'guilty by association' (actually, Adam said that, but Sheila agreed.)

James also said that if he doesn't win the POV, then he's not going to campaign because it's pointless. I disagree. He's smart, he's a GREAT player in the game, and up next to Josh, he could stay if he really wanted to.

Okay, time for the vids!! Here is Part 1:

Did anybody else find it funny that Sheila said she never "gunned" for James? Uhh..I think you have to win SOME kind of comp before you can "gun" after ANY one! lol Now, if she meant to say that she's never gave her "opinion" to those that DID win HOH, then that's another thing.

Alright, and here is Part 2 (the major blowout!!!):

And NOW, James is going off on Ryan, then Adam goes off on James!!!:

If you have the live feeds, turn'em on!!!!!!! Shit is hitting the FAN!!!!!!

Stay tuned...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sheila: "I'm going to win POV!!"

Oh, Sheila. lol She says this before EVERY comp, nothing new. It's more of a ritual now than anything else. She also thought she was going to win HOH yesterday..and the week before...etc etc.

Natalie tells her that she "feels it", too.
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Stay tuned...

Josh shaves everything! (vid)

This is strictly for those of you who are Josh fans. lol Those of you are not, just bypass this post! hahaha! ;-)

Josh shaving everything...
(Video courtesy of Romie1218)

Stay tuned...

Nominated for Eviction are...(spoiler!!)

The nomination ceremony was held this afternoon and it's official:

Nominated for Eviction are:

Josh & James

We all expected the noms, now it's going to be interesting to see who will win POV!! If James doesn't win the veto, he will go home. If he does win, then Josh will go home. That 'side' of the house is trying to get rid of the remaining James/Chelsia/Josh/Sharon alliance.

Speaking of POV, the players for the Veto Comp were also selected today:

*Natalie (HOH)
*Josh (Nom'ed)
*James (Nom'ed)

Yesterday, James tried to make a deal with Natalie to go to the Final 2 together and side with each other. Natalie said yes, but there's no truth to that. Natalie wants to send James to the sequester house for Matty's birthday (that is her present for him).

Here's a video of James & Natalie talking today after the nominations ceremony:
(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

And here's Natalie calming Josh down and telling him that James is the target, not him and that the odds of James winning the POV are slim to none because he's win so many in a row and 5 out of 6 people will be fighting to get it and making sure James doesn't get it.
(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

For all you James fans, this isn't looking good!

Stay tuned...

Food Comp is over!!!!

Okay, the WHOLE HOUSE is on slop, with the exception of Sharon who has a slop pass and she's thinking about using it. Wow...the whole house on slop??? There's gonna be so angry & hungry people this week! lol ;-)

Here's the clip:

Confirmed Update: Sharon will *not* use her slop pass & Adam is NOT on slop. So, the whole house (minus Adam) is on slop.

Stay tuned...

Food Comp underway!!

The feeds have been on trivia for a couple of hours now and today is the Food Comp!! It's been a while since anyone was on slop and I think that will make some people a little bit irritated..which means draammmaa!! ;-) lol

Keep checking back, I'll post pics/vids and the outcome as soon as the feeds come back on!!

Stay tuned...

Evel Dick: "Season 10 won't be so 'Real World'ish."

Straight from Dick himself, he was on housecalls yesterday and he said that the casting for Season 10 (which will start this summer) will be an older cast and not so Real World'ish. THANK.THE.LAWD.

If you think you have what it takes to be on Big Brother 10, go here and download the application! I would love to try out, but my wedding is in June and I don't think I'll be able to. Would love if one of you guys or gals got casted though!!! :-D

Thoughts?? Opinions? Comments?? Leave'em below!!

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Natalie gets her letter from home (vid)

Natalie got her letter(s) from home, I only caught the part where she read the letter from her dad. She re-read the letter 4 times in a row and the HG's seemed to get sick of it and left 1 by 1, only Sheila stayed behind to listen to Natalie's CD that has a song called "Tree Hugger" on it (don't know the name of the band though).

Right now, Adam and Ryan are working out in the backyard (lifting weights), and Sharon did about 5 minutes worth of working her slippers..and has no retreated to the hot tub to soak her muscles that she worked so hard lol Oh jeez.

The rest if the HG's are inside drinking their 1 beer/each that Big Brother gave them. Seriously Big Brother??? 1 beer per person? *sigh*

Stay tuned...

Josh, James & Sharon predict this week (vid)

It's the same prediction that we all have been talking about in posts/comments tonight. And in this clip, James, Josh, and Sharon all know exactly what's going to happen.

Video courtesy of yours truly ;-)

Stay tuned...

The next 7 days in a nutshell

I want to post a comment that someone else posted because it's exactly what I was thinking when I saw Natalie win:

"Let's see, Josh and James go up, James wins pov, Sharon gets put up as a pawn, Josh goes home. Or James doesn't win pov and he goes home. Bet money its double eviction week this week, too. So it really kills the season."


And that right there is why I'm not happy, at all, about Natalie winning HOH. Last week sucked because we all knew what was going to happen. Same thing with this week. Big Brother isn't supposed to predictable, and this season totally is.

Those of you who like Natalie, I don't get it. Not one bit. Enlighten me! Tell me what it is about her that you like so much!

Leave a comment! ;-)

Stay tuned...

The NEW HOH is....

Remember those questions we answered on Well, the comp was based on America's answers.

The new HOH is:


Stay tuned...

Evicted from the Big Brother house is....

Sorry guys/gals, had techincal difficulities and couldn't post the live show spoiler. So let me jump to it...

Evicted from the Big Brother house is:


After Chelsia was evcited, she stood up and told Adam to grow a back bone, told Natalie that she needs to get an education, and I didn't hear what she said to Sheila but it wasn't anything good lol Chelsia then told Josh to play the game well and her & James kissed over and over again.

Up next, HOH COMP!!!!!!

Stay tuned...

Live Eviction tonight: Chelsia will go home.

Tonight is live eviction and I couldn't be happier!! The past week has been boring as hell, with the exception of Chelsia's flip-outs. From the disappointing Evel Dick appearance, to Chelsia knowing that she was going home the second James took himself off the block, the HG's have been boooorrrinngggg. Oh, how I hope tonight is double-eviction night!!!!!!!!

I will be here reporting the live show as it unfolds so if you're stuck at work, I got ya covered! ;-)

I haven't reported anything today (until now) because the feeds have been about as alive as a cemetery and the HG's aren't doing anything. Natalie is laying in bed reading her bible, Ryan is sleeping, and the rest are just doing whatever.

I'll report any happenings from now until the live eviction, but I'm guessing the feeds will go off very shortly and won't be back on until after the HOH comp tonight.

I put a new poll on the right, so check it out!! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Chelsia's last attempt to stay (vid)

She went about 10 mins this time campaigning before giving up! lol Didn't help that she had James right beside her telling people she needs to leave in order for him to win and laughing his ass off at her trying to get votes and telling her to give up and "nice try!"...I mean, come on, how old is he? Seriously!

Anyways, here it is...Chelsia's last (failed) attempt to stay in the house:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chelisa is going home & Sharon mentally breaks (vid)

James and Josh said that they will not vote for Chelsia, which means that Chelsia is 100% going home. That, plus the fact that she hasn't campaigned for more than 5 minutes, means her fate in the game is sealed. Why she hasn't tried to get Josh, Sheila, and James to vote for her to stay, I'll never know. Or better yet, campaign to Adam, Ryan and (eventually) Natalie again to stay and play on their side. She's done a piss-poor job at trying to stay in the house, that's for sure.

So, while Chelsia is busy with not campaigning, Sharon is getting worked over by Natalie, Ryan and Adam to get her over to "their side" and they're telling her a bunch of shit to make her wanna turn on Josh & James. Obviously, they're setting themselves up for tomorrow's HOH comp: as long as James or Josh didn't win, they would still have full control over the house...IF Sharon were to join them.

Anyways, here's Sharon breaking down and crying to Josh. She's "so sick of" the other side of the house trying to get her to be in their alliance:
(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

Stay tuned...

Chelsia tries to get Natalie on her side (video)

She gives up, then she campaigns. Then she gives up, then she campaigns. *sigh* She needs to either shut up or go FULL THROTTLE with campaigning. This back and forth crap isn't going to convince anybody in the house that she wants to stay.

With that being said, Chelsia went and campaigned to Natalie (of all people). Natalie of course went and told her 'crew' what she said and that there's no way in hell that she'd ever vote for Chelsia to stay.

But here's the vid of Chelsia trying at least...
(Video courtesy of Romie1218)

More updates coming up!!

Stay tuned...

Evel Dick on Big Brother 9 (show review)

Hey guys! Sorry I wasn't able to do the show review earlier, had to tend to offline stuff (wedding related) and couldn't be home..BUT I just got done watching it (ohh how I love my DVR! ;-) ) and this is the review of the show:

The HG's that won the free movie (called "21") watched it up in the HOH room: Chelsia, Sharon, Sheila, and Josh. They all had popcorn, candy, theater seats, and a flat screen tv to watch it on. They all enjoyed it!!

They showed Evel Dick enter the house early in the morning on Thursday and waking the HG's up by banging 2 pots together. He wasn't NEARLY as "Evel" as I thought he'd be. He talked for 2 weeks on housecalls on how he was gonna go off on Josh, and tell Sheila that he's not interested in her, and give the HG's a good wake up call, and blah blah blah. All bark, no bite. It was like a toned-down version of himself. Maybe he hyped it too much or something, I dunno.

So the HG's had to play the Veto comp. The comp included drinking up to 10 "shots" of the nastiest shit that you could drink and the more "shots" you drank, the more chances you got at playing croquet. James was the only one who drank all 10 shots and as we already knew, he won the veto. Dick cheered him on by making comments like "Come on, man! Your ass is on the line here!" and things of that nature. I really expected E.D. to be more brutual and have a lot more fun with the HG's but...he didn't. Maybe he wasn't allowed or something?? Eh, whatever. I'm over it. lol

I'm glad the CBS showed the shitty cocky attitude that James has been having for the past 2 weeks now. This "I'm better than EVERYONE!" attitude. The way he talks is different, the way he looks at people is different...he's just..different now and it's not a positive change. I think his ego is too big for his head. And him telling Chelsia (after he pulled himself off the block with the veto), looked at and smiled and said "Sorry Chelsia, you're going home." and laughed. What the fuck was that about???!???

During the ending of the show, I started to vent that I'm so sick of this years cast NOT PLAYING THE DAMN GAME!!! They are either "teaming" up with 1 or more players, or with 1 of the 2 "sides of the house". Yes, this week, Side A (Ryan, Natalie, Adam, Sheila) have the numbers on their side. But that won't be the case next week..or the week after...or the week after. See what I'm saying?? At WHAT POINT will these people start playing for themselves and not doing what OTHER houseguests want them to do?? It's a game. It's a BRUTAL game, and you have got to be fucking BRUTAL in it!!! This whole season has been a "I'll get you back for that!!" game. That's NOT how you play that game! It's not exciting, it doesn't work, and it's just a bunch of lies being told to a bunch of different people, and causing bullshit fights. It's stupid!!

CBS better give them all a "Big Brother: 101" class and soon! Here's a hint for anyone that is working for CBS and is reading this:

Do a 'Fast Forward' HOH tomorrow to get 2 people out, fuck up EVERYBODY'S game, and do something to turn EVERYONE against EVERYONE!! They need to be fighting for only themselves, not their TEAM or PARTNER...break that shit up and kick this game in gear already!!! COME ON!!!!

The MINUTE Sheila, Natalie, & Chelsia are out of this game, this season will start to heat up BIG TIME & major game play will begin!!

Okay, I'm doing ranting. lol ;-) Leave your comments below if you agree/disagree...I love to get all kinds of different feedback so SPEAK YOUR MIND!!!

Stay tuned....

Big Brother Till Death Do You Part

Since the live feeds weren't that exciting tonight, I started to ponder this years theme...or shall I say, "themes". First, you have the "Till Death Do You Part", and then you have the "dirty little secrets" theme as well.

I think all of my thinking started from the whole Matt-might-be-Sheilas-son thing (read a couple posts down if that topic is new to you). So I'm thinking that the Till Death Do You Part is the couples breaking up and splitting up into individuals (duh!) But I'm wondering if there is anything more to that or not??

The 'dirty little secrets' part is really making my brain storm, as well. We all know James' secret (porn star), Parker (works for TMZ), Sheila (Penthouse Pet), Ryan (had Jen in the house), Jen (had Ryan in the house), Josh (ex-cocaine sniffer)...just got me thinking: what is Adam's secret?? What is Chelsia's?? Amanda's? I dunno. Maybe I'm over thinking. But just like the BB house, "everything means something" and I'm just trying to see if there's anything that us viewers can figure out.

Any ideas?? Comments? Questions? Bueller? Bueller? lol ;-)
Leave'em below if you do!

Stay tuned...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Josh was to play a "straight guy" on BB

This is, sadly, the most interesting that the feeds have been all day/night. The houseguests have been bored and just bullshitting about stupid stuff all day. Chelsia has come to terms with her fate in the game and she has stopped going crazy in the house.

What is it with the HG's this year? As Evel Dick said on housecalls (on a couple weeks ago, "this season, the houseguests just seem to lay down and die and not try to stay in the game at all. They accept that they will get evicted, and lay down and die."

I couldn't agree more. For $500k, I would be doing anything & everything I possibly could in order to stay in the game! Alex didn't campaign, Parker didn't campaign, and Chelsia hasn't campaigned (unless you call her going off on Natalie campaigning). Even Adam said something similar on the feeds tonight: "She hasn't even tried to make a deal with me or anything, dude. She jokes around about what will it take to get my vote, but she's never pulled me aside and seriously asked me."

So, like I was saying, Josh said he was going to originally go in the house playing as a straight guy:

Stay tuned....

Winners of the Contest are....(video)

Hey everyone!!

I held the drawing for the winners of the Easter Egg Hunt this afternoon!!!

The 2 winners will be contact by myself shortly! ;-)


Remember, there will be another contest at the end of the month, and those of you who found the correct amount of hidden eggs and door, are automatically entered into the drawing!!!

Stay tuned...

Chelsia FLIPS OUT!!! + Sheila's Matt's mom?? (vids)

A ton of shit went down tonight!!! And it's all thanks to alchohol.

Chelsia flipped out (again) around 11pm BBT. The HG's all made easter eggs and they were sitting in a bowl. She walked over and smushed them all with her hands and then threw them away, all while making remarks about Natalie. Natalie has been saying that she's going to sell her stuff on ebay for money when she gets out (like her piece of shit car, but she'll autograph it and sell it on ebay for $10k). Chelsia continued to destroy easter stuff, such as an already-smashed up chocolate bunny and little peeps on the kitchen table. She then went into a 20 minutes bashing of Natalie...saying that she's (Chelsia) is going to fuck Matty in the sequester house, talking about Natalie's abortions again, etc etc.

Chelsia called Natalie out for the blowjobs but Natalie said she never did that and "whoever started that rumor is a liar". Chelsia said "It was Matty (who started the rumor)!" and she said "That's okay, Matty can say whatever he wants." I guess she's too ashamed of giving him head on tv. She even as far as to say that all the HG's will see (when they get out of the house) that she didn't give him head. Uhhhh...has she never heard of YouTube before??!
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

While Chelsia was ripping Natalie to shreds, she made fun of Matty's eyes (cross eyed) and Sheila told Chelsia that she didn't like her saying that about Matty and that it was wrong of her to do.
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Minuates later, Sheila was cleaning the bathroom and she started crying to Ryan..."I didn't sign up for this, Ryan!" She then goes into the Spa Room and cries as she's doing her nails. Josh walked in and talked to her. This is when Josh asks Sheila if she's Matt's mom:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Oh, and here's Natalie STILL denying that she's ever gave head to Matty, and she goes on to say that Chelsia is jealous of her and Matt's "relationship" and that she's just upset that Matty didn't want her. Gawd, this girl needs helps.
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

The live feeds are FULL of drama tonight!!!!!!! I'll try to keep up with the updates, but it's 3am right now and I'm still sick and very tired. Whatever I don't cover tonight, I will in the morning!

Stay tuned...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oooo!! James & Chelsia practically have sex! lol

Whoa, baby!!!

James and Chelsia got hot & heavy last night on the feeds!! For all you James & Chelsia fans, you'll love this!! Those of you not fans, ya might wanna skip past this. Oh, and if you're at work, it's kinda softcore porn so be careful ;-) LOL

(Videos courtesy of xx2OOxx)

More updates coming right up! ;-)

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Contest Answers:

As I posted, I had an overwhelming response for this contest, and I want to THANK YOU to all of those that entered! :-D I hope everyone had alot of fun hunting for Easter Eggs on the site!

Since there were so many winners, I had to think of a different & fair way to determine a winner. First, let tell you guys which doors had what prizes:

The # of hidden Easter Eggs:

Now since there were SO MANY right guesses for Door #1 and Door #2, I'm going to do a drawing for the prizes. Door #1 correct entries will be in the first drawing, and Door #2 correct entries will go into the 2nd drawing.

I will print out each and every name, put the names in a bowl, and pick 1 winner per "Door Prize" and I will do it all on video and upload it to YouTube and post it here on the blog so that everyone can see the drawings being done! :-D

I'll print up the names tonight and I will do the contest tomorrow morning/early afternoon!!

If you don't win, DON'T WORRY!! I'm holding a 2ND CONTEST at the end of this month and you guys & gals that were correct with your guesses & picked either Door 1 or Door 2, are AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED!!!! This is my way of giving back to ya'll that make this blog such an awesome place for BB fans!! :-)

Thank you SO MUCH to those who entered!!! The winners of both drawings will be announced tomorrow morning/early afternoon, so check back then!! :-D

Stay tuned...

BB gives the hg's a Happy Easter basket

Big Brother gave the houseguests a basket full of Easter goodies!!

(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

If they end up doing an Easter Egg Hunt later on like they plan on doing, I'll be sure to take some video of it. ;-)

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Veto Ceremony was held!! (spoiler)

Well guys & gals, the Veto Ceremony was held at around 11:30am BBT.

James used the POV & took himself off the block.



Sharon voluntered herself as a pawn (which I still think is stupid considering that pawns tend to get backdoored in this game).

There's still all day today, Monday, Tuesday, and half of Wednesday...that' a long time in the BB house. I wouldn't be surprised if the HG's will start looking at Sharon and thinking 'what has she done in this game?' and the answer is NOTHING! So while it looks grim for Chelsia, don't count her out just yet!

Stay tuned...