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Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm back!! (Sunday 1:48AM-EST)

Hey Big Brother 9 Blog fans!!!

Okay, so as I was about to upload a video Friday night (re: my previous post), I relized that I was running super late for my plans that night and needed to bolt out the door. What I also forgot, (how? well..I've been glued to BB!! lol), was that I had to drive 2 hours away early this morning and I just back back an hour ago!

I see that a TON of stuff has happened, and I will go over all of that in the morning, but for now, I need to go to bed. I'm exxxhhhaauusstteedd!

Everything from Amanda fainting, to Allison's medical emergancy, and everything else!!

Stay tuned...(will do a full up-to-the-minute report in 7 hours)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Winners of the Power of Veto are...

Okay ladies & gents, I just got back home and here is what you guys have been waiting for...

*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!*****

The winners of the Power of Veto are...

Josh & Sharon

Uh oh, I don't like this one bit!! Joshua is such a bullshitter drama queen and I don't see this as being a good thing. He's been bouncing around all over the house going from houseguest to houseguest playing every side. Well, at least it wasn't Matt & Natalie though...though 'sword swallower' Natalie is actually starting to grow on me. Matt, on the other hand, is not. At all. lol

Let me peek in on the HG's on the live feeds and I'll see what's going on...

Stay tuned...

Playing in Veto Comp are...

Okay, so the Veto Comp starts in just 1 hour!! The veto ceremony to see who is playing in the comp was held and here is who's playing for the POV today:

Chelsia & James (HOH's)
Matt & Nattalie (Nom.)
Alex & Amanda (Nom.)
Josh & Sharon (random pick)

Matt is on the live feeds right now telling Alex that he knows James and Chelsia are gunning for him and that he's "not scared of anyone" in the house.

It's going to be an interesting veto comp today!! If Matt and Natalie don't win it, they're basically gone. The votes are already (supposidly) in place to get them out.

I'll post the results of the veto comp the minute I get home (I'll be back around 6pm/EST..who knows, maybe the HG's will still playing, if its an endurance comp!)

UPDATED @ 11:54pm:
Seems that Matt & Alex know about James' gay porno days!!!

Alex and Matt were talking in the storage room and James came in to get something out of the fridge...

...and Matt started to talk shit saying "what are you gonna do when I win pov and your plan goes to shit?" and James just smiled and said "Ya, you two are in a shitty spot." and walked out. Then this is what Matt had to say...

Matt: "Fuckin pink hair dick sucker! How much cock have you sucked, motherfucker?!"
Alex: "Ya, he took it up the ass dude!"
Matt: "Ya I know..."

Wonder how they know??! Did James say something? Does Chelsia know?? Grrr!! Wish I could be glued to the live feeds today but I gotta run. Damn!!

Stay tuned...

Veto Comp today!! *w00t w00t!*

Josh was just in the HOH room talking to Chelsia and James. They all seem to think that there might an eviction on Sunday (not true) because everything is "moving really fast" in the house.

Josh said that this week, everything has been set 24 hours apart. One day HOH, the next day noms, the next day a food comp, and today is veto comp. Everything seems to be moving fast for them only because Amanda & Alex were HOH's for 10 days. They're not used to the "normal" BB schedule just yet! ;)

Anyways, so the Veto Comp takes place today!! This veto comp is a BIG one!! James & Chelsia told Alex today that they plan to take him and Amanda off the block. Their intentions (as of right now) is to get rid of Matt & Nat. But as we all know, a Veto Competition can change everything!! We shall see!! According to Matt, the Veto comp will take place at 3pm/EST.

Right now, the HG's are waking up and moving around and being called into the Diary Room one by one. Here's James & Matt asking Natalie who they want next in the DR (screencap taken @ 9:39am BBT):

As of 9:46am BBT, Sheila is making "Slop Bars" (aka baking slop in shapes of bars lol):

Stay tuned...

Natalie's striptease, Chelsia & James kiss again, Amanda's a virgin?

Last night, the BB house was full of life!! Natalie gave the houseguests a striptease, Chelsia & James gun for Matt & Natalie and then make out late at night, and Amanda tells Alex that she's a virgin...this is your overnight report!

Our favorite Big Brother slut has lived up to the title once again. She sported a funky red wig and gave lap dances to Adam (damn near sitting on his face at one point!), shoving her boobs in Alex's face, gave an on-the-floor quick show to Matt, and even had time to get on top of Chelsia & she took off her bra and felt Natalie up!!

Aww but it was all in good spirits. :) Natalie looked like she had a lot of fun and so did the other houseguests and that's all that matters! Here's the video: (Courtesy of the wonderful xx2OOxx):

James and Chelsea are gunning to evict Matt & Natalie. There's alot of "if [this person] wins POV, then we'll do [this]" talk, but their main goal is to give Mattie and Nat the big ol' big brother boot! It will all come down to who wins POV today!

In other BB news, Amanda announced to Alex that she is pure as the white snow..she's a virgin! Alex, who has been trying to 'plant his seed' with Amanda for awhile now, gave her credit where credit is due for Amanda being so strong and holding on to her virginity for such a long time. While that was disappointing news for Alex (that Amanda's love box is secured like Fort Knox), Amanda did confess that she likes to give head! Keep the faith, Alex! ;-)

Chelsia and James spent a little time in HOH last night before catching some beauty sleep and they discussed what their plans are (as far as eviction goes) and that they "have to win" the POV so that they stay in control of the noms. They better hope it all works out the way they think it will, otherwise it could backfire on them. After some strategizing, they bucked up for another round of 'let's kiss Chelsia even though I don't think she wants to'. lol (Video courtesy of TheRealDeal):

In the middle of the night (3:30am BBT), James got up and was pacing back and forth outside of the HOH room..crying!! He went downstairs, after wiping his tears away, to the main bathroom to get some kleenex. Why was he crying? Nobody knows. I'm sure the Diary Room sessions will clue us all in in a few days, or maybe he'll tell somebody why today on the live feeds. Of course, if we hear anything, we'll be sure to let you know! For now, here's the footage. (Courtesy of Quirkydude):

So there ya have it, ladies & gents! The overnight report! :) For the next 4 hours, I'll be bringing you the latest in BB gossip, game talk, screenshots, and videos! After that, I have to tend to some offline duties. So..
Stay tuned...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Week 2: Nominations for Eviction are...(spoiler!!)

Hey boys & girls!! I'm back from my offline engagement and reporting what has happened during the afternoon and into the night!

Okay, so after Chelsia and James went back and forth on who to put up on the block, and talking to individual houseguests off and on all day, they made a decision! The nomination ceremony took place this afternoon.

*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!*****

And the nominations for eviction are...

Amanda & Alex | Matt & Natalie

I'm not surprised one bit, to be honest. They've been throwing around those 2 couples' names since yesterday. While Amanda is freaking out about being nominated, Matt is saying that he's not about to suck up to people in the house in order to stay. Uhh...if that's what it takes to get you to stay in the game, why wouldn't you?? He needs to get his ego in check and start playing the game, otherwise his ass will be outta there!!

There are talks of "backdooring" people, but without the POV being played just yet, nobody really knows what will happen. As soon as they do the POV on Sunday (on the live feeds), then that's when things will get *really* interesting!!

It's no secret that James and Chelsia are my 2 personal favorites in the house (love them!!!) and I'm just happy that they're HOH's this week and that they're not going anywhere. I just hope that they don't piss off the wrong people and it comes back to bite them in the ass next week.

There's going to be tons of scheming and possibly even new alliances forming in the next following days and I can't wait to see it all play out!

In other news, Chelsia and James had a cute little cuddle-fest going on earlier today (awww!!) while talking over possible nominations. I'm glad that they're still getting along so well! How adorable are those two together?! Hopefully it stays a postive thing and doesn't end up hurting them in the long run. At one point or another, the HG's will be playing the game as singles and not as couples anymore. Hopefully James and Chelsia form a tight bond and lay that foundation of trust between them two before that point in the game starts. But as we all know, trust is a rare thing to come by in the big brother house.

I'll report tomorrow morning with a full overnight report, complete with videos and screenshots!!

Stay tuned...

Trivia on Feeds-Food Comp or Nominations?

The live feeds have been on trivia for nearly 1 1/2 hours now, which means that either their doing the food competition right now or nominations. We have our money on them doing a food comp, though. BB woke the houseguests up early today and told them to prepare for a physical comp and they were waiting all morning for it.

As soon as the feeds come back, we'll post what happened and screenshots!!

Still on trivia...

(It was Monica, by the way.)

(Updated @ 5:18pm EST)
Okay, the feeds are back!! It was indeed a food comp today. And the lucky "winners" of being on Slop are:
Sheila & Adam and Amanda & Alex!!

I have to go to a prior engagement in 30 mins and won't be back until around 11pm EST tonight, so if you wanna know what's going on, you can either get the live feeds or wait until tonight and I'll fill ya'll in on what's been going on!! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Who's James and Chelsia going to nominate? (poll)

The wheels are in motion this morning!! There's alot of talking about nominations, who's a threat, who isn't and all kinds of scenarios!! Right now, Chelsia and James are thinking about putting up Alex & Amanda, and Matt & Natalie. We'll see! They have to pick their nominations soon, so its crunch time!!

If you have the live feeds, fire'em up!! All the juicy talk is happening right now!!

So while James and Chelsia are deciding who to put up on the block, let's do a real quick poll:

What couple do you want to see nominated for eviction the most?

More updates to come, so...
Stay tuned...

Big Brother 9 Crazy James Gay Porn Star

(WARNING: Adult themed content below!!!)

Say it isn't so, James!! :-( Well, no matter what he has to say, it is true. Obviously he is not gay, but without a doubt he is bisexual. The rumors started to leak out a couple days ago and I found not only pictures, but a short 10 second free preview video of James...uhh....*cough* action.

Here is one of the more tame pictures that I could post:

There is a free preview video and 10 "teaser" pictures of Crazy James and his male "friend", and I know there's alot of people are looking to see both, and if you must, then click here.

Now, there is a thing called "Gay for Pay" in the adult industry; where straight males I really need to explain this??! lol Anyways, my guess is that he needed some quick cash while out bicycling around the country and you can pretty much see where I'm going with this.

So there ya have it. The rumors are very much 100% true. Our lovable and adorable Crazy James is a gay pornstar. Ehhh..who cares??

We still love ya James!!! :-D

"Good morning, Houseguests!"-Feb. 21

Since so much happened last night and it was all reported by yours truly as everything was unfolding, there's not going to be an Overnight Report...the previous blog post *IS* the overnight report! lol Josh said (this morning) that there was a tiny bit of drama with Shiela and Adam but nothing major (I'm not sure what happened, but it doesn't seem serious and there's no issues this morning).

Let's catch you guys & gals up on what's going on right now:

The house is on lockdown.

Today are nominations and a comp. The houseguests are thinking it's going to be a food comp. And if you're wondering about when they will have their margarita party, the diary room said it wouldn't be for a "few more days".

Here's a shot of Natalie (with something else in her mouth other know. lol)

Everyone is up and having their coffee, eating yogurt, and making their protein shakes. Big Brother woke them up at 8:30amBBT and a female voice came over the loudspeaker saying "Houseguests, if you don't get up, this comp could kill ya!" (referring it to being a physical comp). The HG's are all sitting around the breakfast nook and talking...

While Chelsia feels fine, James is suffering from a hangover (but doing pretty well). James ended up walking up to the HOH room around 4:30am (he passed out in the Spa Room on the massage table from Natalie rubbing his back and being drunk.) Though Chelsia feels fine, she started to toss & turn around 5am and that drove James crazy and he yelled "would you fuckin go downstairs?!" because it was disturbing his sleep. Since Chelsia couldn't sleep well, she said she's looking forward to taking a nap in the afternoon.

Matt is getting on my nerves today (what else is new? lol)..all he ever does is freakin' complain!! He complains about himself..and about other people...such a whiner! Finally he gets tired and starts to fall asleep at the breakfast nook...

...and then he went to lay down (and Adam joined him about 5 mins later in the other bed)...

Don't they look awake today? lol The comp will be interesting to watch when CBS airs it.

More updates to come!!
Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chelsia & Crazy James had their FIRST KISS!!! (video)

Just as I was about to turn off the live feeds for the night, I saw Chelsia climbing into the HOH bed with James (both were buzzed/drunk by that point) and like I've been saying all night, I just KNEW that they were gonna kiss!! And guess what, THEY DID!!!

And who caught it all on video from start to finish?? Yours truly!! ;-)
Here's the 2 part video series of Crazy James and Chelsia kissing for the very first time!!

Here is Part 1:

..and here is Part 2:

Things got a little weird when James started to pressure Chelsia in making out some more and at one point (after I stopped recording), the BB producers called out James' name over the loudspeaker and then the live feeds cut to the fireplace. This was at a time that Chelsia was in the bathroom and James was on the bed listening to a CD player. Who knows what was said, could have been anything. But in the live feeds chat room, other chatters think they told him to turn down his CD player (he had the headphones on) and that maybe the audio was leaking into his mic (though I never heard any I dunno.) Chelsea sat in a chair in the HOH room, pondering over what just happened:

A few minutes later, James then went outside and smoked a cig with Ryan and Adam. They formed their own little "Bros" alliance...kinda...and then James asked Natalie for a massage and she said yes. So those two went into the Spa Room (a couple of the girls were in the sauna, couldn't tell who though) and Natalie gave James a good rub down.

I'm not really sure why Chelsia kept stopping/starting making out with James..I think it was alot of things. She's there to play the game, she knows Showtime's "After Dark" show was on, and she knew her dad was watching her, and she also knows that sex can really screw things up. These are all things that she said right after their make-out session went from hot to ice cold. I guess we'll see what she has to say in the Diary Room! Now if they can keep both of their mouths SHUT, then they won't have a problem in the game. But, I have a feeling that there's gonna be trouble in paradise soon because of this. Time will tell!!

UPDATED @ 12:30am EST:
James passed out on the massage table and the whole house went to get him and moved him to the lounge bed in the Spa Room. On both Showtime and the Live Feeds, we saw nothing but heard "is he still breathing?" in the background from one on the girls. My guess is that they brought in a medic or a producer to do a quick exam of James to make sure he was okay. Chelsia passed out upstairs in the HOH room on the bed and Josh covered her up and made sure she was okay and turned off the lights. I could hear someone (Josh, perhaps?) saying that between James and Chelsia, they downed a whole bottle of Bloody Mary and a whole bottle of Wine.

Updated @ 02:00am EST:
Thanks to xx2OOxx, we now have video of James passed out in the Spa Room and the HG's trying to wake him up:

Guys, if you don't have the live feeds, I can't stress this enough of HOW MUCH YOU ARE TRULY MISSING!!! From new alliances, to fights, to blowjobs, to nakedness, to scheming...24 hours a day!!! What are you waiting for??!

Get the Live Feeds!!!

I'm going to bed now (at 2am/EST), but I'll be back with a full overnight report with more juicy stuff to show & tell ya'll in the morning! ;-) Until then, g'dnight and...

Stay tuned...

Chelsia and James Getting Drunk (videos)

Chelsia and James are already drunk, started a little flirting and some nice converstaion in the HOH room. James is hoping and wishing for a little affection with Chelsia tonight, and you know what, I actually see it coming!! I'm glued to the live feeds tonight!!

I must say, now that Parker & Jen are history (yayy!!), the house seems like its a Big Brother house now!! It doesn't feel Real World'ish anymore!!! :-D I was actually surprised that those 2 were the ones causing the house to feel different (and not like a typical season of big brother). But I am VERY happy to report that Big Brother 9 has now begun (even though its Day 14 lol)

Here's a pretty screenshot of Chelsia (love the pink streak in hair, btw! Hella cute!)

And here's 2 vids, captured by yours truly, about 20 mins ago...

...and here's Part 2:

Tonight is *DEFINITELY* gonna be a Live Feeds night!! The houseguests are all in GREAT moods, eating, drinking, and in great spirits! And Chelsia & James are flirting!!

Get those feeds up & running!!!

Stay tuned...

Whats on the live feeds...(UPDATED!!!)

The scheming is ALREADY starting!!!

Matt thinks there's another couple in the house and is trying to figure out who it is (lol)...and he seems like he's in a REALLY bad mood!!! He's pissed that he's the only one who voted for Parker & Jen to stay (he did it out of friendship).

Allison is talking to Josh about her fake "Lesbian Alliance"..

....if you don't have the live feeds, turn them on NOW!!!!! Don't have them?


(this is the most interesting time in the house that I've seen yet on the live feeds!!! Scheming is going on ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!!)

They're already drinking out of bowls....

..and they got their washboard & tub (hahahaha!!)

..and Josh is telling Chelsia about Allison's fake alliance and Chelsia just said "We don't know who we're putting up, yet.."

Wow...this is gonna be a long night! I'm already dreading tomorrows "Overnight Report"!! lol

Stay tuned...

The *NEW* HOH's are....

*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!*****

(Don't scroll down unless you wanna know!!)

The new HOH's are:


(hell ya!!!!!!!)

They HG's had to answer what they thought ALL houseguests would say (a majority answer) but the twist was, whatever the answer was, Big Brother was going to make it happen. lol

So now...

*The houseguests will not have hot water for next 72 hours
*The ladies have to wear *ONLY* bathing suits for the next 24 hours
*No drinking cups for the next 7 days
*Will have a Margarita Party tonight (but with no drinking cups lol)
*Women will cook dinner for the next 7 days
*2 weeks without a washing machine (ewwww!!! lol)

It's going to be a looooooooooooooooong night on the live feeds!

Spark'em up, folks!!

Evicted from the Big Brother house is....

*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!*****

(Don't scroll down unless you wanna know!!)

Evicted from the Big Brother house tonight, Feb. 20th, 2008 is....

Parker & Jen!!!!
(by a vote of 3-1)

(Houseguests are all hugging each other)

Jen & Parker are talking to Julie, Parker is acting like a baby..rolling his eyes..he said "it is what it is." and shrugged his shoulders.

They each won $5,000 for being the first power couple voted out...that put a smile on Parker & Jen's face lol

Ryan's goodbye message was really sweet and said that he'll be playing for the both of them and that he loves her very much.

NEXT UP: The HOH Comp!!!!!

(Oh, by the way, I am thrilled that they are both gone! Let the games begin!! ;-) )

Okay, its a Q & A HOH comp: 6 opinion based questions

Big Brother Live Eviction starts NOW!!!

It's here, folks!! Big Brother 9's first live eviction starts RIGHT NOW!!!!

Okay, right now Julie is giving her this-is-whats-been-happening speech, and you see the houseguests in the background...

They're now showing clips of the "Biggest Fight in Big Brother History" (when the house went across Amanda and verbally attacked her in the backyard) and how Chelsia and Josh said the whole "give her a her dad" comment.


Now Julie is talking to the houseguests (live)...

Ryan and Jen just kissed, said "I love you!" and "see you a few months"...


Now Jen is talking to the HOH's (Alex & Amanda)...both Amanda and Alex were talking about their fathers (her's committed suicide and his died on 9/11), and that they had a nice long talk last night and they're stronger than ever as a team (that's nice to hear! :) )



..the HG's on the block are each saying something right now (goodbye messages)..

Stay tuned...

Big Brother 9 Live Eviction - 2 hours to go!!

Who's as excited as I am?? I can not WAIT for this live eviction tonight!!! Hopefully Parker & Jen will get the big brother boot in the ass and....out they go! *crosses fingers*

I have a strange feeling that Big Brother is going to boot Jen but keep Parker in the game somehow. I dunno, just a funny feeling. I think BB loves the fights/drama/showmance that Parker offers, so I can see them keeping Parker strictly for ratings purposes. Everyone loves to hate at least 1 houseguest, and this season, its Parker. (CBS, don't let me down...get both of their asses outta there....PLEASE!!)

The live feeds have been on & off (more off, than on)..this is what happens during live eviction day. The only thing I've seen was a very quick live shot of the girls getting themselves all dolled-up for the show tonight. Here's a shot at what is currently on the live feeds:

(The answer is Hardy's, by the way. ;) )

If you don't have the live feeds, tonight would be a great time to get them! If the houseguests have an endurance comp for HOH, then CBS will only show you about a minute or two of whats going on. But if you have the live feeds, then you'll be able to see the whole thing uncut & uncensored!!! The live feeds are 100% TOTALLY FREE, no strings attached, for 14 full days!! Try'em out and get in on the action!

Get the Free Big Brother Live Internet Feeds Here!!!

T-minus 2 hours before the first Big Brother 9 Live Eviction begins!!!

Stay tuned...

Dick on Housecalls (pics/screenshots)

Evel Dick from Season 8 of Big Brother was just on Housecalls and I gotta say, it was the best f'ing housecalls I've ever personally seen!! I love Dick's honesty and that he is so blunt about everything, and I think he sumed up everything VERY WELL!!!

So a major kudos goes out to you, Dick, for keeping it real!!

Here's the highlights of today's Housecalls session:

Housecalls started off with Evel Dick not even being there yet lol He was off "tending to some business" for the first few minutes of the show. Gretchen started to take phone calls and the first caller wanted to talk to Dick but since he wasn't there, Gretchen played his Secretary and wrote down questions to ask him later. Then finally, the one & only Evel Dick emerged!!

(Gretchen playing secretary & Dick finally arriving to the show):

Dick went on to say the following:

*Allison's and Shelia's "Lesbian allaince" is gonna bite them in the ass.
*All the drama in the house is "stupid drama!! no strategy in the house."
*Amanda is annoying him the most (out of all the HG's)
*"Everyone is lost in there, can't tell if they're playing the game or just there to have sex!"
*The "Lesbian Alliance" is stupid
*"Did nobody watch the show (before)?"
*The HG's telling alot of "stupid lies" and its gonna hurt every one of them
*Dick doesn't understand whats going on in the house (join the club!!!)
*"There's no game plans in the house, no nothing."
*Predicts (and wants) Jen & Parker to be evicted tonight
*"The house is gonna emplode on itsself soon (from all the bullshit lies)"
*"..having a hard time finding someone to root for in the house."
*"its feeling like the Real World, (more) than big brother"
*Sheila is out of her mind (lol)
*"The (whole) soul mate thing is stupid"

So there ya have it! The full report of Dick on house calls! :) If you missed it, don't worry, CBS will have video of it up & running soon. Also, Dick will be back on housecalls tomorrow (1pm/EST) to talk about tonights live eviciton.

I'll be bringing you the latest of what's happening on the feeds and such, so...

Stay tuned...

Morning in the BB house

Well I just turned the feeds on, and for the past 10 mins, this what's on them:

The good ol' flames flickering away.

Not sure what's going on, but as soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the latest in the BB house!

Also, Housecalls with Evel Dick is about to begin in 10 minutes!! Starts at 1pm/EST so head on over to and watch Housecalls live, call in and talk to Evel Dick and ask him anything you want (game related or anything about him personally).

If you can't watch it, don't worry, I'll post what was said (all the good stuff you would want to know.)

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report-Feb. 18th

Okay kids, here's the overnight report:

Things in the house were pretty calm all night, nothing major to report. Josh and Amanda patched things up and they're all good now. However, Josh stated that Amanda still "has to go" but he's being nice for now.

(Video by Quirkydude)

Sheila let the world know that she has a yeast infection *gaggggg*..I think I just threw up in my mouth:

(Video by xx2OOxx)

Since Parker is going home (and he knows it), him and Amanda spent some quality time together (it may be the last time):

(Video by xx2OOxx)

Looks like Allison's days are numbered!! Josh and Crazy James snuck into the storage room to quietly talk about Allison and other "fucked up" things (and possible alliances) in the house:

(Video by xx2OOxx)

The house, like I said, was calm last night. Everyone just doing a little strategizing here and there, and having fun. Basically they're just waiting for the live eviction to come and go so that their game/scheming can continue.

So there ya have it folks. The overnight report.

I'll be taking screenshots and vids of the live feeds of whats currently going on in the BB house very shortly!! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Evel Dick on Housecalls

Hey Big Brother 9 Blog fans & goodmorning to ya!!

While I'm finishing up the overnight report, I figured I'd let ya'll know that Evel Dick, winner of Season 8 of Big Brother, will be on Housecalls today at 1pm/EST!! That's less than 2 hours away.

Go to to see it live and call in with your questions for Dick!! ;-)

Okie dokie, I'll be back shortly with the overnight report...just gathering everything up & enjoying my coffee!

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CBS aired the veto comp episode tonight

*sigh* Where do I begin?.....

...Ya know, I'm going to be completely honest right now about this season of Big Brother (and I'm not happy right now):

1) This "week" has seemed like a MONTH! I'm not kidding you!! Thankfully, that will end tomorrow (live eviction) and we can all move on with the real part of BB9.

2) The editing job they did tonight on Big Brother was HORRIBLE!!!! They made Amanda not seem so bad (ya right), they made Alex look like a creepy crazy stalker guy (soooo not him!!).

3)They never ONCE mentioned/showed how Matt is a fucking dickhead, egotistcal, womanizer asshole (why CBS, why must you make him look like an angel??)

4) We've known since LAST WEDNESDAY (yes, 6 days ago) that Parker & Jen are going to be evicted (well, a 99% chance).

*pulls hair out*

Anyways, to recap tonights (badly edited) episode, here's the recap for ya:

They showed the HG's fighting over stupid things (some things weren't even worth a talk, let alone a fight..whatever.), they showed the veto comp & Parker being the wuss that he is, couldn't spin Jen around on a heart-shaped merry go-round thingy and they lost their chance at winning POV.

After that, they showed how Matt told Parker he'd save him from the block, but that was only to shut Parker up for the moment. Matt & Natalie never used their POV's and the noms stayed the same.

They *did* show about 30 seconds of what happened to Neil....and 29 seconds of that was Joshua in the diary room reading from a cue card saying that Neil "left" for "personal reasons". Oooook. Then he was given the choice to bring back Sharon or Jacob and we all know he chose Sharon.

Oh, and they managed to make Parker look even MORE like a cry-baby spoiled little brat (that part, I actually found funny lol) I think they took every bad clip of him and mushed it together for tonights episode. My fiance kept making weird faces at me and saying "How old is this guy???? Why is he acting like a f***ing baby??" I just laughed and replied "Now you see why I don't like the guy."

So ya, that was the show. If you still feel like you have to watch the episode, haul your little butt over to and the video should be posted in BB's videos section soon.

Okay kids, I'm off to bed. Been a lonng...LONNNGGG day for me personally and I'm beyond exhausted. I'll get plenty of rest so that I can bring you the overnight report and numerous posts tomorrow with screencaps & new videos of whats happening on the live feeds!!

Until then, g'dnight BB9 Blog fans!! ;-)

Only 1 person to be evicted tomorrow??

If you have tivo or a DVR, go and look at the description of the show for tomorrow nights live eviction. It says "1 Housguest will be evicted." Last week, it said "one team" would be evicted. Could this be a twist? Or CBS just messing with us? Hmmmm. We shall see. :)

They've been calling the HG's in the Diary Room all day (to do their goodbye videos), Parker and Amanda were flirting in the HOH room this afternoon, James admitted her jerked off while in bed with Chelsia (wow!) and, naturally, Chelsia isn't too pleased to hear that lol

Well, looks like CBS gave the HOH's a digital camera and we'll soon have the very first HOH pictures up on the CBS website!! I love looking at the HOH pictures, it's neat to see the house from their points of view, ya know?

As it stands right now, the votes are for Parker & Jen to leave...but if what was said above is true, then only one of them will be going home. As long as Parker goes home, I'm a happy camper. I don't like his I'm-King-Shit attitude and his game play sucks! He knew he was going to be voted out for DAYS now and he hasn't done any campaigning in the house to stay...until today, that is. But, too late too late. Damage is done. Now let's just hope that CBS does their part and votes his ass out.

That's about it for the day! There's a lot of small stuff happening but nothing really worth reporting. If you like all that small stuff, then


There's some days that I am glued to the computer and uploading tons of screencaps and videos for ya'll, and then there's other days where I just don't have the time. And today has been one of those days.

However, I *WILL* be here blogging on the Big Brother 9 Blog about what tonights show had in store for everyone, so check back (espeically for you West-Coasters that just love a good spoiler ;-) )

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report-Feb. 17th

Well tonight is Big Brother night! Hopefully we'll be able to see what happened to Neil that he had to leave and Sharon had to come in. I'm anxious to find out!! Speaking of Neil, he did post the following statement in a blog post on his mysapce page:

Thank you so much for the outpouring care, support, and concern from all the BIG BROTHER fans. This has been a difficult time for my family, which I am dealing with privately. The drama is slowly being resolved, and all is headed to a brighter place.

I am now happy to say, that I am spending time with close friends and family. I wish Joshuah the best of luck and hope that he keeps up our brilliant strategy to win the big prize with my replacement, Sharon. Please know that I will NOT be back to the BIG BROTHER house and contrary to some web speculation, I was not let go for health reasons. Eeek! Again, thanks to each and every one of you for your support during all of this Big Brother business.

All my Love,

Neil Garcia, BIG BROTHER 9

P.S. -Shit Happens- >: O

While there's no mention of what happened, I'm just glad that he and his family are doing much better!! :-) *hugs & kisses to Neil!!*

Last night, we caught about 30 mins or so of 'Crazy James' and Chelsia in bed talking, bonding, and..yes..even flirting! James asked Chelsia if there was a chance of "romance" between them two, and Chelsia answered: "I don't know!" and then quickly changed the subject (Hmmmm...nervous, Chelsia?? ;-) hehe) I think those two are just adorable together!!

Here's Part 2 of the 3-part video series from last night:

(Here's Part 1 and Part 3 of that video series)

In part 1, you hear Chelsia saying that she's on to the "Lesbian Alliance" (smart girl!) and meanwhile, Allison is planing on telling only Joshua (which will in turn, tell all the HG's I'm sure) about them *not* being lesbians...uhhhh, I don't think that's such a good idea lol

Parker has been on strike from doing Diary Room sessions. He's refusing to go in and in the process, he's flipping off camera's constantly (he said last night while in the Spa Room that he's trying to break the record for mosts flip-off's to the camera. I think Parker needs to set a new goal.) Anyways, it still looks as if Parker and Jen are going home tomorrow. They both fucked up and they're both going home and there's nothing they can say or do to change that.

I would like to take this time out to remind everyone that BB9 blog called it on Feb. 13th that Parker wouldn't make it soley because of his attitude and the way he was acting/calling people out. On wednesday, we'll see for sure if we were right. And if we were right, and you bet money on it & win, don't forget to give us a little donation via paypal (the Donation button is at the top-left side) ;-) hehe

Moving on...

The girls were all talking last night (I'll have to see if there's video, I quickly caught it on the live feeds but was having technical difficulties recording what they were saying) but the girls pretty much know that Matt is a player and that he thinks he's so good looking. So I doubt that Matt will get-to-the-girls the same way that he did with Natalie. By the way, I already predicted that Matt will NOT win BB9. You can't play & try to play every girl in the house and not expect them to find out & then come after you. Stupid, stupid game play Matt! Just stupid. *tisk tisk*

It seems like a lot of HG's are figuring things out or about to tell everyone about their secrets. This week, after eviction on Wednesday, will be INSANE!! The house has been semi-calm for the past 5 days (with the exception of that 1 huge fight, but I think they were just bored and needed some drama). They all knew Parker and Jen were going home since last week, so there's not much scheming going on. But that's all going to quickly change after Wednesday!! Like Alex said, "We've been HOH for 2 weeks now...", so there hasn't been much of anything new & exciting in the least as far as game play goes.

So that's about it for the overnight report! No more fights or blowjobs (at least that we know of), all is calm in the BB house. For now, anyways. ;-)

For more vids and screencaps...
Stay tuned...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Part 2 of the Overnight Report (major drama!)

After all the drama, things got hashed out and talked over.

Amanda was saying how rude it up it was that Chelsia to say the whole "get a noose" comment to Parker, Sharon and Jen (and they agreed but didn't make it a big deal).

Alex, Amanda, Jen and Parker went into the Spa Room and talked calmly to each other. Alex said he was trying to defend her (Amanda) and that he went against her and when she started going against Alex (by stating things that he's said/done..I'm guessing the whole fingering thing.) I think Alex is trying to do some major damage control for his sake. He patched things up with Amanda and all is good now.

If you read the post below and saw the last video I posted, odds are that you're a bit confused to what Jen & Ryan were fighting over. Well, here's your answer so listen up:

Jen said that she dated a black guy and that Ryan hated that fact and that its probably the reason Big Brother paired her up with Parker. Ryan then was concerned that Jen was making him look racist on the show, and that's where that video is all about. Jen only dug herself into a whole even more when she claimed that Ryan has a "race issue"..that set him off and his response was "I'm not a fucking racist!" Jen responded by saying that Ryan HAD an issue with race, but not anymore (what the fuck does that mean?? lol) And the person that is making the whole situation worse is Sheila. She was going around making it sound like Ryan is a huge racist, and it was Jen who actually told Sheila that. What a big cluster-fuck game of "He said, she said." This house, these people, THIS GAME!!

Take a look at the video, courtesy of TheRealDeal

Then drama continues when someone poured water on Allison's bed. Everyone blames Jen, and they attack her for making up some kind of song (this is where I get a little confused myself). Folks, this is the nail in the coffin for Jen and Parker. They're toast!

THEN.....that's where the video of Ryan & Jen comes into play:

Phewww! That was alot to take, wasn't it? Last night was CRRRAAAZZYYYY, with a capital "C"!

...and you don't have the live feeds because ...WHY????


More to come, so stay tuned...

BB house fights with Amanda, Alex & Parker fight!

I woke up this morning, got the coffee going, sit down at the computer with my first cup of coffee and went to my favorite celeb gossip site Perez and this was the first thing that I saw:

I damn near spit my coffee out!! The first thing that ran through my mind was "What the f**k is Amanda doing on the front page of!!"....then I played the video and all my questions were quickly answered.

Here's the jist of what happened last night:

Everyone was outside, Chelsea started to call Amanda out (for apparantly saying something in the sauna about James??) and the convo gets heated...but then all of a sudden, Joshua comes out of left field and starts SCREAAAMINNNG at her, calling her a c*nt (arghhh I hate that word!), telling her she has a "horse face" and to "giddy up back to the stable".

Watch the 1st video to see what I'm talking about:
(Videos courtesy of xx2OOxx)

(I really thought Josh was going to hit her, didn't you?! Holy shit!)

Alot of truth came out of that fight though, well...if everything that Joshua is saying is true and I believe that it is. According to Josh, Amanda likes Parker and is sick of how jealous Alex is and that Alex tried to finger Amanda the other night (confirmed by Amanda herself).


We also got to see a side of Chelsia that we haven't seen yet...she's confrontational, she calls people out, she yells, acts crazy, and sadly....I lost respect for her when she dropped this line on Amanda:

Chelsia: "Give her a noose!"

Now, if you don't already know, Amanda told all the HG's about her father who committed suicide by hanging himself when she was 21 yrs old. So to say a comment like that, just blew me away and all my respect for Chelsia just went right out the window. Un-fucking-believeable. That comment *WILL* come back to haunt her, mark my words. Even if she made it to the Final 2 (and boy is that jumping the gun a bit), that comment could easily be thrown back in her face (why housguests continue to hurt their chances of winning this game, I'll never understand.)

Anyways, I digress. So....

Watch video #2:

HOWEVER....I do have to agree with Chelsia when she said "you're in a house where you cannot let people know what trips you!" (How very true!) A good friend of mine once told me years ago "People only know what you tell them about yourself." and then he added my fav piece of advice ever: "Never put yourself in the position to get fucked, unless you wanna get fucked." Basically meaning to think before you speak and be careful of what *you* want others to know about you. Simple advice, but great advice!

Moving on...

Alex. Poor Alex! Man, he got embarressed, pissed, hurt, and saw his future fate in the game & all in about 2 seconds. This screenshot is about the point that all of that became Alex's new reality (the pic says it all):

Like he said in video #2, I hope that they have a singles week whenever he's up on the block. There's no reason that Alex should go home because of Amanda's doings.

Parker and Alex got into it a fight shortly after the other fights calmed down. Parker is upset that..well...just watch the video (fast forward to 4:57):

Parker's shot at staying in the house were long gone anyways, so I don't know why he's getting so upset...unless this is that "miracle" that he's pulling out of his ass like I said could happen (in yesterday's post). He could campaign around the house saying that Alex just threw him under the bus (so to speak) and that he wants another shot. Will it work? Highly doubtful. Parker and Jen, at this moment and since a few days ago, are going home. And if that wasn't proof for you...'s Ryan telling Jen that she's going home (and he's happy about it!):

I see those 2 breaking up very soon and Allison will surely maker her move on Ryan (after Jen is gone) and I think Ryan will go for it. Just my two cents.

Okay..there's LOTS more to post about (a ton of shit happened this morning), but let me get this posted and I'll work on part 2 of the "overnight report" (that is more like a fucking book at this point! lol)

Stay tuned...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Veto Ceremony was held (spoiler!!!)

Hey ladies & gents! :) Just a quick post before I head to bed here (been toooo long of a day, need to get some sleep!!)

The Veto Ceremony was held today. Matt, who won the POV, decided *not* to use it. Well duhhhh!! There's not 1 reason why he ever would. As I've said from hmmmmm...I think it was Day 2 or 3 of the live feeds, that Parker wouldn't make it to see week 4 (at best!) and my fellow BB9 lovers, I forsee his run in the house coming to a quick end on Wednesday (live eviction).

Here's the video immediatley post-ceremony:
(video courtesy of Quirkydude!)

If Parker & Jen are able to save themselves, then they deserve to be in the house because they would have performed a miracle...a last minute miracle at that, and my 'hat would go off to them'.

I know I said I was going to take screenshots and vids before bed tonight, but guys, I am beyond beat tonight!!!!! I'm sitting her squinting my eyes just to see the monitor. *yawwwwwwnnn*

Okay, so, the overnight report will come as soon as I wake up..which should be about 6am central time...hmm, wonder if the houseguests will still be up then? We'll see!

G'night kids, be good! ;-)

Sunday Feb. 17th: Review of tonights CBS show

This is a review of what was shown on Big Brother tonight (Episode: 2):

So tonight on the show, they showed Jen saying the infamous line "i'm number 1 on the memory wall because I'm going to win." Of course, we already knew that happened last week, but the way that the house reacted over it was ridiculous! I thought maybe I had missed a hidden joke or something because it just wasn't making sense to me why they would all flip out over something so stupid! ..whatever. So the house flipped out, blah blah blah, Allison threatned to "spill the beans" about Jen & Ryan dating..blah blah Parker & Jen told everyone before Allison could. This way, Allison didn't have any way to screw them over in the future. Then Amanda made everyone swear on Holy Bible that they didn't know anyone in the house (so stupid, espcially because some HG's aren't relgious.) Did ya get all of that? lol Good.

Moving on..

They showed the alliance being formed between Matt, Alex, Natalie, and Amanda. And they also showed the birth of the "Lesbian Alliance" (Sheila & Allison pretending to be long time partners, and with an adopted son lol)

Sheila and Adam had a huge fight because she hates him (not anymore, but at this point she did) and she was talking shit on him, he called her out, they fought, she stormed away and cried. End of that.

They showed Alex and Amanda at the memory wall and picking the nominations, who we already told you a few days ago, but to recap, the nominees are:

Jen & Parker
Ryan & Allison

So that's what happened tonight on the show. They never did show what happened to Neil. At the end of the show, he was still there and at the nomination ceremony. So we still don't know what happened yet. BUT, I'm sure we'll find out this Tuesday when the next show airs (which is the eviction ceremony).

If you didn't catch the episode, go to in a couple hours and the episode should be available online.

I gotta run to do a couple of things but when I get back, I'll be doing screenshots and vids of the live feeds for ya and bring you guys & gals up to speed on what the day has brought! ;-)

Stay tuned...

CBS Big Brother Show Tonight

Just a quick post...

Tonight, CBS airs the Nomination Ceremony episode of Big Brother. You can catch it at 8pm/EST (7pm Central) time.

I have to go offline for a few hours today (family function) but will be back in time for the show to air and, of course, many posts will follow (including live feed screenshots and vids)!

Stay tuned...

Natalie gives Matt a blowjob..again! (Overnight Report)

Finally the houseguests came (somewhat) alive last night and we actually have things to report!!

Okay, so cock-gobbler Natalie gave Matt last night. Does she not get the hint that he wants nothing to do with her and that he's just using her mouth for a place to store his ding-a-ling??! Stupid is, as stupid does. We're not sure if there is/was video of that because YouTube is deleting the blowjob videos just as fast as they are posted. Damn you youtube, damn you! Actually, YouTube has gone on a deleting frenzy lately (and not just the blowjob vids). I'm actually surprised that our video of Amanda in the shower last week hasn't been pulled yet, so enjoy it while you can!! I'm more afraid of the BB9 blog's youtube account getting suspended than anything. There's been multiple "well known" BB9 video posters that have had their accounts suspeneded recently..let's hope that ours isn't next on youtube's list. *crosses fingers*

Parker made it very clear (to Matt) last night that he wants to fuck Amanda's brains out. While on the surface that is what he says, I actually think he's falling for her but doesn't want that to be as highly visable as the lust part being known.

Here's a video, courtesy of our good friend TheRealDeal:

Ehhh, at least he got a cheap thrill from slightly spanking her ass:

Other than the sex/love dramas, we saw a piece of the "crazy" part of Crazy James last night!! While there's no video of this (we're in the mist of trying to find screencaps though!), James got out of the hot tub last night naked and did a big od a dance for us lol This video is pre-naked dance. Again, this video is courtesy of TheRealDeal (have we mentioned that we love him?? Because we do!!)

We also got to know Alex's true colors last night, and I'm VERY happy to report that he is a GREAT GUY!!! Even though Matt was braging about how he got his magic stick polished by Natalie and was saying that he "didn't even have to kiss her" this time, Alex was more on the 'dude, just talk to her..give her 5 mins and just listen'. For him not to high-five and say "way to go!" or anything of the sort, only got him brownie points with the BB9 Blog! :)

Alex showed more of himself last night....and this time, he was wearing glasses (and I'll be the first girl to say that he looks sexy as hell in them! ;) ):

And here's one my favorite in-the-moment short vids of Alex & Amanda outside on the patio's couch (video courtesy of Gemze):

Okay, so there you have it! That's what went pun intended..last night.

To get you fully caught up to speed, here's a current screenshot of all the houseguests getting some beauty sleep:

As soon as they wake up and there's something to report, we will blog about it. Until then...

Stay tuned...