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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sheila's Birthday Surprise (vids)

The HG' surprised Sheila with a birthday party, with some help from Big Brother who provided the decorations, cake, and some letters from home..including one from her son.


Okay everyone, I'm taking the day off and up until tomorrow early evening. Tomorrow is my bridal shower (w00t w00t!!!!) so I won't be home until around 6pm EST (I think). As soon as I get home, I'll post an update! :-D

If you *must* know what is going on inside the BB house until then, go ahead and sign up for the live feeds!!! The Season Finale of Big Brother 9 will air on Sunday April 27th, which means that you can get YOU CAN GET THE LIVE FEEDS TOTALLY FREE FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON!!! There's no reason to not get them now! So go & sign up already!! :)

I'll be back tomorrow!!!

Stay tuned...

"I'm not sure I want Nat out."-Ryan

The boys might be changing their minds. Ryan & Adam say that they will talk more after the POV ceremony on Sunday and they don't want Sheila to find out that they are *not* 100% set-in-stone and risk Ryan being put up.

They want to see who the "The Mole" in the house is. They are pretty sure it's Natalie but they want to make sure that they are doing the right thing for themselves.

Stay tuned...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Nat still the target this week.

Today has been rather uneventful. Alot of James bashing, Natalie bashing, and random convos all day/night. BB FINALLY gave the HG's alot of alcohol tonight (instead of the usual 1 beer per person) so who knows what tonight will bring! Also, Sheila turns the big 4-6 today (Saturday)!! So instead of hearing Sheila always say "I'm a 45 yr old single mother!", we will now hear "I'm a 46 yr old single mother!" lol

The POV ceremony (where Adam will take himself off the block) will happen on Sunday and that will be when shit will hit the fan. Knowing Natalie, she's not going to go down without a fight. She's a master manipulator and who knows what she will do/say to keep herself in the BB house. We shall see on Sunday!!

In other random news, Adam woke up from his nap with some massive "morning wood" and scares Natalie with it LOL

Stay tuned...

Natalie begs to stay in the game (vids)

Natalie is begging to not be put up on the block!

This video was taken by Quirkydude at 4:45am BBT:

At 5:17am BBT, Natalie talks to the boys (Adam plays it off like him and Sheila are fighting which is part of their plan):
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Stay tuned...

Winner of the POV is....(spoiler!!)

I just woke up and found out the winner of the POV!

The Winner of the POV is:


(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Bye-bye Natalie!!

If all goes accordingly, then Adam will take himself off the block & Sheila will will replace him with Natalie and vote her out!

Tons more updates coming up!!

Stay tuned...

POV Comp has started!!!!

At 3:15am EST (which is 12:15am BBT), the live feeds went to flames!!

I'm not sure how much longer I will be up, guys! It's way late and the POV comp could take hours (if it's the morphing comp, they will seperate the HG's into individual rooms and then call them out one by one to do the comp, then the results).

I'll let ya'll know when I go to bed...

Update @ 3:22am EST:
We have TRIVIA on all feeds!!! It's official, the POV comp has begun!!

Update @ 3:37am EST:
Still trivia...

Update @ 3:47am EST:
Feeds still on trivia...and, I'm going to bed. I can't keep my eyes open anymore, guys! Sorry! :-( I'll post the results when I wake up in a few hours if the comp is over by then. (Sorry Katii, I tried! lol)

Stay tuned...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

POV comp will be a picture-morph comp?

Every Final 6 has a morphing comp, but we're down to the Final 5..hmm. lol

Don't know what a Picture-Morph comp is? Take a look:


*****End of Flashback Videos*****

If my memory serves me right, I believe Evel Dick posted a Myspace Blog last month saying that he & Danielle would host a comp this season. Eric & Jessica (from BB8) already hosted a comp this season, Evel Dick did as well, so my guess is that Dani will be hosting this one (last season, it was Janelle who hosted the morphing comp.)

Sheila was in the D.R. and when she came out, she went straight to the memory wall and studied it for a while. Did the D.R. tip her off in hopes of her getting the POV? Or just a coincidence?

(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Natalie should be good at this comp, but Sheila has been studying the memory wall and Nat hasn't been. Oooo the suspense is killing me of who will win the POV tonight!

The POV Comp should start at 3am EST which is coming right up!!!!

Update @ 3:11am EST:
The HG's are still in the BB house, nothing has happened just yet...

Stay tuned...

Adam naked getting ready for POV comp tonight (vid)

For all you Adam fans out there, you're welcome! ;-) lol

Video courtesy of yours truly:

The boys (Ryan & Adam) are pumped up for the POV comp!! They are talking about how "Chatty Natty" is ready for the comp and she's not sore at all..meanwhile, Ryan is hurting just when walking. Ryan said he thinks the D.R. doesn't want him to win because they gave him "pills" just a little bit ago (I'm guessing vicodin again since that's what he's been on for a few days now).

Adam is DETERMINED to win it tonight! Ohhh please, Big Brother Gods, PLEASE show it on the live feeds tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My guess is that it won't start until AFTER Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime is over (at 3am EST) which is still 2 hours away. Adam thinks the comp will be a golfing comp. BB gave them oversized golf clubs a week or two ago. James told Adam to practice last week because BB never gives oversize *anything* just for fun and that it would most likely be a comp later on.

Stay tuned...

POV comp is TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 9:15pm BBT, the video screen in the living room had this on it:

Ryan & Adam were playing chess and all of a sudden, Ryan looked up and he saw it on the screen! He was shocked to say the least! LOL

Here's the video, courtesy of Quirkydude:

Natalie is excited and ready to "kick ass", Ryan is still "sore as fuck!" from last nights HOH comp, and Adam is determined to win it!

Adam: "I got this, bro!"

Stay tuned...

Surprise comp tonight? (video)

The HG's are now on interior lockdown and they can hear banging outside (sounds like the BB crew is hard at work setting something up!!) Will it be a luxury comp? A food comp? Or dun dun DUN; a surprise late-night POV comp?

Here's video of the feeds I took @ 5:40pm BBT:

I'll keep ya'll posted as I know something!!!

Stay tuned...

Nominated for Eviction are...

The feeds just came back shortly after 8pm/EST and the Nomination Ceremony is finished!!

As expected...

Nominated for Eviction are:

Adam & Sharon

Here's video right after nominations was over.
(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

Adam has been telling Sheila all day prior to the nominations that he, in all seriousness, does not feel good about being put on the block and was asking her to put up Ryan instead. Sheila kept telling him that it will 'all work out' and to 'trust her' and etc, etc.

Worst case scenario for Adam is if Natalie wins the POV or if Ryan does & doesn't use it to save him. And as it stands, Sharon/Sheila/Ryan are gunning to get Natalie out this week.

The POV comp will be tomorrow on the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...

Ryan *will* use POV if he wins it (to save Adam)

Goood afternoon BB lovers!! :-D So I read ya'lls comments and I have to agree that Sheila should nominate Ryan instead of Adam. But Sheila is trying to not piss anyone off with nom'ing Adam. Her excuse is that Adam nom'ed her, so fair is fair & Ryan used the POV to take her off the block last week and so this is her way of thanking him (even though he would have taken anyone off the block to put up James, it didn't matter, Ryan didn't do it to "save" her.)

As I explained yesterday, there's 2 ways that Natalie could *not* be evicted this week: (1) If Natalie wins POV ..and..(2)If Ryan wins POV and doesn't use it. Well, Ryan told Adam today that if he does win the POV, he *will* use it to save Adam..thus giving Sheila the oppurtunity to backdoor Natalie.

Just like every week, it all comes down to the POV comp tomorrow!!

Here's a short clip of Ryan telling Adam today (around 11:30am BBT) that if he wins POV, he will take Adam off the block:

Adam is still acting really scared to getting nominated today so that Ryan & Natalie don't suspect anything.

Ryan, Sharon & Adam talk about nominations and getting Natalie out:
(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

Today is Nominations and the HG's just went on interior lockdown as of 12:15pm BBT and they think that maybe they'll have a luxuary comp or food comp today. We shall see!!

Oh, and for you James fans out there:
I didn't have time to post my last 2 videos of James in the BB house yesterday, so I'll post them here for ya'll. If you're not a James fan, then just ignore this part.

Sharon & James being super-playful:

..and the last time James was seen on the live feeds:

Stay tuned...

Sheila turns on Natalie...she's the target this week!

The deal that Sheila made with Ryan & Nat is OFF!! It's official: Sheila is gunning for Natalie this week! By the way, Natalie "gave" the HOH to Sheila because she wants to be able to play for HOH next week, hence why she made that deal with Sheila to not put her up on the block this week. So it wasn't that she was being a "good Christian" by giving Sheila HOH, she was doing it for another purpose but used her religion as an excuse.

Moving on...

Sheila, Adam, and Sharon all talked up in the HOH room about putting up Adam & Sharon and backdooring Natalie. The only way their plan wouldn't work is if Natalie won the POV. Sheila, Sharon, and Adam all want Natalie gone because she's too big of a threat.

Their plan is to let Natalie think that she is *not* the target so that she doesn't go into the POV comp with "guns blazing" (though she probably will anyways knowing her.) Adam is gonna pretend that he's pissed & worried for getting nom'ed to help make it seem that much more real to Natalie. If Ryan wins the POV, he has to use it. That's the other "loop hole" in the plan. But if Ryan knew what was best for him, he'd use it and I don't think that will be too much of a problem for Sheila/Adam/Sharon to convince him that he has to use it. So, as long as Natalie doesn't win it, and as long as Ryan uses the POV if he wins it, then Natalie is as good as gone.

Here are the videos, all of them are courtesy of xx2OOxx:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Stay tuned...

Sheila gets her letter from home + pics of her son!!

Well, Sheila FINALLY got her letter from home! :) She read it to the other 4 HG's and it's the first time that I got choked up from a HG reading a letter from home. It was truly awesome and I'm happy for her!

Also, she got pics of her son up in the HOH!!! The famous "Mick"!

Both videos courtesy of xx2OOxx:

Sheila gets her HOH room:

Sheila gets her letter from home:

More updates coming up!!

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Natalie just made a big mistake...

Okay, so the deal between Nat/Ryan/Sheila was that Nat & Ryan would drop if Sheila puts up Adam & Sharon (with Sharon to go home). Well, I don't believe that will happen at all since Sheila & Adam are close and Sheila knows all the lies that Natalie has been telling..I can totally see Sheila getting Natalie out this week despite the deal they made.

Well, Natalie told Adam after Sheila won the HOH comp that this week himself (Adam) and Sharon will be nom'ed and Sharon will go home....and then next week to get Sheila out. The minute that Adam tells Sheila this, she will scratch that deal in a heartbeat!
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

This week is gonna be a VERY interesting week on the live feeds!

Stay tuned...

The New HOH is...(video added!)

Going on the deal between Nat/Ryan/Sheila....

The new HOH is:


Sheila lost a tooth when she dropped!!!

Here's the video (wait about 5 mins for it to be done processing, I just uploaded it to youtube):

Stay tuned...

HOH comp: (video added!)

It's an ENDURANCE COMP!!!!! w00t w00t!!


(I also take donations to replenish my endurance comp snacks! lol :) )

Sharon was heard saying (on CBS) that she hurt her back yesterday and she can feel herself slipping...


9:11pm EST:

9:16pm EST:

Big Brother just blew more smoke up at the HG's in their boxes...

9:56pm EST:

Update @ 10:13pm EST:
Nobody else has dropped yet. Sheila/Ryan/Nat are still battling it out!!

Update @ 10:42pm EST:
Nobody has dropped still. They are ALL hanging in with different motivations! Sheila keeps saying she wants a letter from her son & that she's the only one who hasn't won an HOH yet. Natalie is hanging there to gain control of the house of course, and Ryan is hanging in there mostly for Adam's sake but his own safety as well. It's gonna be a looong night! lol ;-)

Update @ 10:50pm EST:
Ryan is writing his nickname "Oil" on the side of the glass:

Update @ 11:20pm EST:

Right now (at 11:20pm) the talk that was mindless/fun chatter has now turned to game talk: Ryan is saying that James & crew made "sides" to the house and split it down the middle. Ryan is bashing James and getting seriously pissed off just thinking about him. The hate that Ryan has for James is more than clear.

Update @ 11:29pm EST:
Ryan is talking about food (shocker, I know lol) He's talking about burgers and what he's gonna make when he gets done and how he's going to cook it. Sheila is complaining that her feet & butt are killing her.

Update @ 11:40pm EST:
DEALS ARE BEING MADE!!! Ryan & Nat said that they will "give" Sheila the HOH comp as long as they are safe. Sheila says okay and that she will put up Adam & Sharon! Is she lying? Or does she plan to backdoor Ryan or Nat? Hmm!!! So Nat said that Ryan should drop first and Nat will make it look like an accident. Ryan & Nat are telling Sheila to get Adam out. Wow!! (Btw, Adam & Sharon were inside the BB house and didn't hear any of the deal-making.)

Update @ 11:47pm EST:
Looks like the deal was accepted...

RYAN HAS DROPPED (on purpose)

Update @ 11:47pm EST:
Natalie & Sheila are still up....Natalie keeps saying "Ohh what should I do??!" (either she's trying to act for the sake of Sharon & Adam or she's trying to delay dropping for the deal they made in hopes of Sheila falling before she drops on purpose.)

Stay tuned....

Live Eviction show has begun!!!!

I'm not going to do an minute by minute update, but every commericial I will!

Wow...they're really setting up this episode/the votes to seem as if James has a slight chance of staying in the game (when he doesn't). And they're going to show Sharon's family/friends a little bit later in the show..last time they did that was with Josh and he was evicted. Hmmm! Interesting. CBS giving us all false-hope that James will stay? Probably. We shall see!!


Ahhh now I know why they're showing Sharon's family; they are showing how sweet she is, and that because of her bad car accident, she became more religious, etc etc. I think it's just to butter up the James fans so his eviction won't be as hard.

Oh, and the sequester house is gonna be shown right after commercial!!


The voting has started...

Evicted from the BB house is:


"We will give James the bad news after we return." -Jule Chen


James is out, he was out the door within 10 seconds (gave Sharon, Sheila, and Adam a hug and shook hands with Nat and Ryan). When talking to Julie, James said he was happy to be out the house now. He says he hates Ryan & Nat for WHO they are (not what they've done in the game).

Up next...HOH COMP!! Looks like an endurance one!! :-D

Stay tuned...

James packs his bags

James is packing up all of his stuff right now. He stepped on that bag of flour that he got yesterday (as I posted). I think he was planning on using that during the live show and had it stashed away. I guess we'll never know..unless he gets another baggy and pours flour in it.

(You can actually see the flour on his bed..)

(James packing the infamous "Chelsia Robe")

James just took Sharon around the house and was giving her tips on things missing from the BB house and told her to study the ginuea pig cage (there's a 4-piece puzzle thing in it). James said "Study that piece in the it's put together. Trust me." Sharon still thinks that it'll be a double eviction today.

More updates to come!!

Stay tuned...


Goooooood afternoon everyone! ;-) Today is live eviction and yes, James will most likely be going home. Right now on the live feeds, the HG's just got done with HOH lockdown. The HG's are anything but alive today. It's a very quiet morning in the BB house.

The show starts at 8pm/EST and they'll recap the last couple days and then do the live voting and then the HOH comp immediately afterwards.

The HG's have been on interior lockdown since last night which means that BB is setting up a large HOH comp set. It will most definitely be a physical, but all bets are on an endurance comp. The last few weeks have been those boring Q & A HOH comps so they're definitely due for a good endurance comp!!

I LOVE endurance comps because they are shown on the live feeds non-stop!!! If you don't have the feeds yet, get them here!! They are TOTALLY FREE for 14 days and there's only a few weeks left of this season so if you decide to keep them, it'll be $15 for the rest of the season. If you get them now, you'll be able to watch the Final 3 comps as well (remember last year with Evel Dick, Dani, and Zach all competing against each other?)

You still have plenty of time to get the live feeds, set up your Real Player, and learn all the camera views and such!!

Okay, back to the feeds I go to see what's going on and who's talking about what. ;-)

Stay tuned...

Natalie puts Nair on Ryan's back & neck and burns him badly:

Everyone was doing haircuts and trims yesterday and Natalie was trimming up Ryan when she got the bright idea to put nair (a hair removing cream for ladies legs) on his back and neck. The result? Looks like chemical burns.

His neck was the worst:

Here's the video, courtesy of xx2OOxx:

Stay tuned...

Sheila & Ryan catch Natalie in another lie:

And the lies just keep getting revealed. This one revealed during the fight between Ryan & James.

Right after their fight, Sheila & Sharon talked about Natalie lying (this is the post-fight video):

Then Ryan & Sheila talked privately and Ryan said that Natalie said Chelsia & James made "an offer" to Sheila and tried to get her vote (to keep Chelsia in the game) but Sheila told Chelsia "no" because she already promised her vote to Sharon (which is true.) Then Sheila whispers to Ryan that Natalie cannot be trusted.

Sheila: "Be very careful with her! She's lying in this game to benefit her."

(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Part 2:

Stay tuned...

James calls out Ryan & fucks up HIS game now!!

Well, Ryan's game is fucked now, too! lol Blame it partially on James and the other part on Ryan himself for being so stupid.

James pretended that he wanted to "campaign" to Ryan in front of Adam, but his mission was to do some more damage..this time, to Ryan's game and open up his eyes to Natalie and her lies. What does he do after 20 mins of arguing? Runs to Natalie! It's like he can't think without her telling him how to think.

During the arugment, James calls out Ryan for making a deal with him 4 weeks ago to 'watch his back' and that he 'owed him one' for saving Ryan (and voting Matty out instead). James makes it clear to everyone that Ryan's "word" means shit. Ryan gets FUMMED by this and James couldn't care any less at that point and told him it's over & done with and to let it go. Ryan storms off, then comes back a minute later screaming again and accusing James of talking shit during that 1 minute he was gone (which he wasn't). During all of this, Sheila finds out just how close to going home she really was and it's not sitting well with her. Her trust in everyone (but James and Adam at this point) has gone out the window!!

Naturally, Ryan went to Natalie (who was in the sauna since they're on interior lockdown) and bitched about everything. So now Ryan and Natalie are all excited and can't sleep...which was another part of James' plan (to keep them up all night so that they're shit for the HOH comp today).

In 1 night, James successfully turned the house against Natalie (plus he plans on destorying her only vote in sequester with Matt just in case she gets to the final 2..ensuring that Natalie won't win BB9 no matter what), and he also outted Ryan for going against his word and then having Sheila see his true colors.

Ryan & Natalie are officially their own "alliance" at this point by default. So if Ryan & Natalie don't sleep well for the HOH comp tomorrow and it's an endurance comp, Sharon & Sheila will have a better chance of winning (rather than Ryan or Nat)...and of course Adam can't play since he's the current HOH.

Here's the fight between James & Ryan:

Part 2:

Part 3:

and Part 4:

Stay tuned...

James fucks up Natalie's game..big time!!

James talked to Sheila & Adam up in the HOH room tonight and gave him his insight on what will go down after his eviction tomorrow. He tried to campaign but with no luck since the votes will be Ryan/Sheila/Nat and Ryan & Nat want him out of the house bad! But James still tells Sheila & Adam some info for them to work with once he's gone (including telling them everything about Natalie):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

...and then Adam & Sheila talk after James leaves. Adam is really scared that he's fucked this week and he can't trust anybody in the house anymore.

Sheila: "We have to stick together. Do you trust me?"
Adam (hesitant) "...ya."

Part 6:

Natalie's game basically just ended tonight. All her lies have been called out on and the house is now gunning for her (except Ryan)..BIG TIME! If Natalie doesn't win HOH, she might as well pack her bags. She's toast. And that's all courtesy of James.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday night's CBS show review

Okay, I just got done watching tonights CBS episode. It was the POV Comp and Veto Ceremony episode.

Well, we know now that Adam DID in fact throw the POV comp. James was the 3rd person eliminated from the game. They showed Sheila, Ryan, and Natalie doing a victory dance in the main bathroom and Natalie saying that she'll be able to give Matt his birthday present (James). I can't wait until she sees all the shit he's talked on her, how he used her for head, and that he kissed Chelsia & Sharon as well. Maybe that will open up her eyes in the future with men.

Moving on...

They showed Adam saying that he took the "safe route" during his HOH by throwing the POV and nom'ing James for eviction (after Sheila was pulled off by Ryan). And they also showed Ryan saying that he can't trust Natalie but he needs James to be gone because he's too strong of a player.

At the end of the show, the announcer guy never said anything about a Double Eviction tomorrow, which I believe they have told us in the past the night prior to the live show. So that leads me to believe that there will not be a double eviction tomorrow, even though last sesaon it was this time in the game that a double eviction occured. Hmm!! Interesting. Maybe CBS has something else up their sleeves? I know you James haters aren't gonna like to hear this, but I'm wondering if CBS is going to pull something that keeps James in the game (if he can't pull it off himself by tomorrow afternoon). The numbers of James fans is far much greater than James haters, and CBS could pull something out of their ass to ensure that James stays strictly for ratings...or maybe not since it would piss off the James haters/Natalie lovers. Either way, tomorrow will be interesting!

Speaking of tomorrow, the HG's have been saying how they think tomorrow will be an endurance comp and if that is true, then I'll have to re-stock my snacks for tomorrow so I have something to munch on while I'm watching the endurance comp on the live feeds!! ;-) They haven't done an endurance comp for weeks so I wouldn't doubt that it will happen tomorrow. If for some reason James DOES end up staying (highly doubtful at this point though), then he would own that comp for sure and win HOH.

Currently on the live feeds:
James had a power-nap today and he's in a hate-on-Natalie mood again! lol He just said "Natalie, you're as fake as your boobs!" Ohh's gonna be a WILD night!!!

Stay tuned...

James lays down NAKED beside Natalie!! (updated @ 5:47pm EST)

I told you guys it's starting!!! GET THOSE LIVE FEEDS TODAY!!! Trust me, it'll be worth it for sure! LOL

James went outside in nothing but his jacket and a towel. When he approached Natalie (who was lounging in the sun), he took off his towel and jacket and was naked. lol

Update @ 5:25pm EST:
Natalie is PISSED and is already crying "sexual harassment". Big Brother called him into the D.R. once and told him the rules and James told everyone that they told him "common sense" stuff (I'm sure stuff like don't touch her with his penis and etc). James plans on being naked ALL DAY long and will continue to rattle Natalie to the core! Oh whatta day this will be!!! lol

Update @ 5:43pm EST:
James was watching Ryan & Adam play chess...while still being naked. lol

Anyone else find it hilarious that Natalie said her dream last night about Adam's penis was a "sign from God" about James' penis?? lol I didn't know that God gave people signs from above through dreams of penises.

Then James got called into the D.R. and he went in, naked & all! ;-) The HG's are now locked inside the house and they think that maybe Big Brother is decorating the backyard for their Hawaiian themed party (Adam had put in a request for hard liquor and decorations and a daquari machine earlier in the D.R.) The HG's are saying that Baller would be "the man" if it all actually happened.

Stay tuned...

And so the war

I'm going to enjoy watching James go off of on everyone today, that's for sure!!

While the rest of the HG's are outside enjoying a party they put together (drinks, food, games, etc), James is inside the house getting ready for his war today and starting with pouring a large among of flour into a baggie. What will he do with it? Who will he target? We shall see!!! lol

Turn on the live feeds if ya have'em!!! If you don't, get'em!

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report (vids)

Alright, things are still a little confusing but this what happened last night:

James is stirring the pot REAL good in the house, and his main focus; to fuck over Natalie every way possible AND to get under her skin before he leaves. If he's leaving, then he's gonna make sure that her chances at winning the money are shot. Fair is fair I guess!

So James asked Ryan if Adam threw the POV (that could have saved James) and Ryan said yes (in so many words). We'll have to watch tonights episode on CBS and see if he did or not, but I wouldn't doubt it.
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

So it seems that the whole house has flipped on Natalie. Sheila & Sharon talk about wanting her out:

More of Sheila hating on Natalie (with Sharon and James):

Then Sharon found out that Natalie has been calling her "The Mole" of the house, and Sharon got PISSED OFF and wanted to go off on her, but since she's on the block, she can't. James tried to encourage her to go off on Natalie but she didn't. Instead, she went up to the HOH room and told Adam & Ryan how much she can't stand Natalie.

Here is Ryan & Adam talking, then Sharon came up and went off about Natalie (I don't have video of that though, sorry guys!) But you see Sharon entering the HOH room at the very end of the video:

Ryan: "There's nothing that dude (James) can offer us to stay.."
Adam: "Nothin'!"

Sharon went on to say that Natalie needs to go and everyone agrees. So Sharon wants to win HOH (who doesn't?) and nominate Sheila & Adam and backdoor Natalie and get her out.

Then (as I posted last night) Ryan & Adam talked outside and Adam is a panic state because he can't play for HOH this week and he knows the house is gunning for him as well.

There's wayyyy too much "he said/she said" and alliances to truly know what's going on. The only thing certain is that James will NOT give up campaigning and fucking over Natalie in the process by calling her out in front of everyone. And with Sharon about to go off on Natalie as well, there's no telling what the day will bring!!

Stay tuned...

Adam is freakin out, Ryan & Adam want to break up girl alliance

Ryan & Adam talk (around 1am BBT):
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Let me see here:

Adam can't play for HOH this week...

Ryan's neck is injured (he was on vicodin tonight)...

And Ryan & Adam know that the house is gunning for them...

They wanna split up the "Girl Power" alliance..but will wait until NEXT week to do it????? they know that Sharon is on the block & that she's part of the girl alliance? Does Adam not see James (who is "his boy" and all) as being an asset to him this week for the HOH??


I think once Adam panics some more overnight and with more talking from James tomorrow, then Adam will 'see the light'.

Don't count James out just yet, guys!!! ;-) He's stirring up a TON of shit in the house and the best is yet to come ALL DAY TODAY AND ALL NIGHT!!!!! Get those live feeds!! They're 100% FREE for 14 days straight!

There was wayyyyy too much action tonight for one person to capture, so let me do some video research and I'll be back in the morning with an overnight report for ya'll! ;-) Until then...

Stay tuned...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Could James stay now??!! Let the games begin! ;-)

Ryan told Adam up in the HOH room (in a panic/scared state of mind) that the whole house knows what their plan is for going to the Final 2 together. Adam blames it on James ease-dropping on the convo during the outside lockdown, but I think it was Adam who told James that (can't confirm that though).

Then Sheila went up and told Adam EVERYTHING! What the "girls alliance" is all about, that Natalie is gunning for Adam & Ryan, and all kinds of shit that has Adam's brain swirling and I would not doubt that from Adam & Ryan's state of panic, they try to keep James in order to get out Natalie this week. Things are in the works, guys! The wheels are in motion!

If Adam and Ryan are smart (and I'm really not sure if they are at this point lol) then they will want to keep James around and destroy the "girls alliance" thing, starting with Sharon going home. Also, since James is the biggest threat in the house, and Adam can't play for HOH this week, Adam SHOULD want James to stay and be in an alliance with Adam (and possibly even Sheila, who is disposable in the game at any given time anyways.)

Here's the vid of Sheila telling Adam everything:

The live feeds are ALIVE tonight, guys!! Get'em up & running!!

Oh, and James also said tonight that he plans on keeping Natalie up for the next 2 days so that she's shit for the HOH comp. lol Now THIS is what I love about Big Brother: drama, scheming, and alliances turning on each other...giddy up!! :-D

Stay tuned...

James still going home, but has major plans in store! ;-)

James is making the most of knowing that he's a "dead man" in the game.

He plans on messing with Natalie tomorrow, he plans on throwing flour on more people before he leaves, and he's also planning on convincing Matty that Natalie fucked up his game so that just in case Nat makes it to the final 2, she won't have Matty's vote. And with James, Chelsia, and Josh in sequester, you know they won't vote for her as well. So it would be 4 people not voting to give Nat the $500k prize money (and there's only 3 more people that will enter sequester.) Even in the end, James is still screwing her over. lol

James: "I'm gonna ream into her tomorrow, I'm not gonna make it bad..but don't say 'Aww I'm sorry Natalie!', ya know? Just fuckin' let her have it. Let me eat her apart."

Sheila: "Okay!"

James: "..And I'm not gonna be loud or whatever...I'm gonna do tactful short jabs.."

Sheila: "Do whatever ya gotta do."

James: "'s to open peoples eyes (about Natalie)"

So, what has been going in the house? Nothing really. Alot of sleeping, eating, and sunbathing. That's about it. Once in a while, some game play talk will form, but nothing really means anything at this point because EVERYONE is playing & lying to EVERYONE. Sharon formed yet another alliance today, this time it was with Sheila. I think she officially now has an alliance with everyone in the house now. lol

So there's been a lot of "Don't worry, I got your back!" talk, but like I said, nothing means shit. It's all about what actually happens, and nothing about talk at this point in the least not until after the HOH on Wednesday. Then that's when shit will hit the fan, alliances will be outed, and shit talkers will get know, all that fun stuff! ;-) hahaha!!

Alot of you have commented that if James goes home, at least it will be fun to watch the "good people" (aka "Team Christ") eat each other up. I couldn't agree more! ;-)

Ohhhh what a tangled web we weave. And I can't wait to see it all fall apart, Big Brother style!!

Click here to get the live feeds and watch James tear the house apart tonight & all day tomorrow!!!

Stay tuned...

Double eviction info + "James is already gone" + James naked again

The BB house has been rather dull this evening. James gave it a shot to campaign but has once again accepted his fate. I do think, however, he will ruffle a few feathers before his final exit on wednesday. ;) He has told Sharon tonight (around 12am BBT) that he will get as much info as he can from around the house and then tell Sharon what's going on (to further help her in the game).

They both talked about double eviction this week again. This isn't the first time. Will a double eviction happen this week? I'm 99% sure it will.

Sharon "mysteriously" started talking about a double eviction to Ryan a few days ago, and that was around the same time that James started to mention it as well. I'm sure it was hinted from the D.R. Well, they both talked about it tonight as if it was for sure going to happen this wednesday:

..and they talked it some more just a few minutes later...

Moving on...

Remember how James campaigned earlier? Well, it didn't work. Not only that, but Adam tried to feel out Ryan on where he stood with James and once Ryan said that he was "already gone", then Adam just went along with him. I find it funny that Adam didn't tell Ryan about James' campaigning today, even when Ryan asked him if he did:

Ryan: "James is already gone, dude."

And for those James fans out there, here's a very quick clip of James naked (again! lol):

Oh, and in TOTAL random news...I caught a leak on the live feeds of a Big Brother crew member stocking the storage room with alchohol as Sheila was trying to gain access into the storage room. Pretty weird to see someone else in the house besides just the HG's!!!

Okay, I'm done with vids for the night now. lol ;-)

More updates tomorrow as usual!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

James decides to campaign after all!! (vids)

As James said, a "special place" (aka the Diary Room) are telling him not to give up and he isn't! He campaigned to Adam & Sheila. While it's clear that Adam DOES want James to stay in the game now (mostly because he's scared of this coming week, he thinks he'll be nom'ed and odds are, he's right about that.), Sheila makes it clear AFTER James leaves that James has to go this week.

Here's James campaigning:


..and Sheila telling Adam (after James leaves) that James has to go.

Stay tuned...

James is feeling devious & starts on Nat (vids)

Half of you will love James for this, and the other half that are fans of Natalie's will hate this:

James pisses of Natalie on purpose:

Ryan joins in on the fun and Sharon is laughing, and James makes fun of Natalie's "education" of 3 yrs of college to learn how to paint mermaids:

..and Natalie gets really pissed off in this next clip:

Stay tuned...

POV Ceremony was held...

Ryan used the POV to take Sheila off the block.

The replacement nom is:


(as expected.)

James is done campaigning. The votes are against James. This week is already over and it's only sunday afternoon. This has happened too many times this season. People just seem to lay down and 'die' in this seasons cast.

I can only hope that James makes the next 3 days stressful for everyone else. Why should they get an easy week? Fuck it, go off and out alliances James!! ;-) hahaha!

What are your thoughts/opinions??

Stay tuned...

James campaigned to Ryan w/ no success (vids)

Late last night, the house was alive with game talk!! It was the first time in a while that I was bouncing around from camera to camera and trying to catch every part of every convo.

OKay, so this is what's up:

Around midnight last night, Adam & James were outside in the backyard having a smoke (which, by the way, Adam only has 3 packs left..uh oh! lol) and James was telling Adam how Ryan & Sheila were in the bedroom talking game. Ryan is using the veto to take Sheila off, but that's only for Adam to put up James and get rid of him..he's not doing her a favor by "saving" her, but she thinks he is. So, she tried to make deals with him like "If I win HOH, I won't put you on block!" LOL She's so stupid.

Anyways, so James told Adam that no doubt deals were being made by Sheila to Ryan and vice versa, and James told Adam to nip that in the butt and tell Sheila exactly what's going down and that it has nothing to do with saving her. James also tells Adam to put him (James) up on the block because it's what Adam has to do in order to save his own ass in the game.

Then later on, Sharon & James were laying down in bed together and whisper-talking game play on how to keep him in the house. James gets up to go to the bathroom and Sharon told Ryan what the plan was. Then Ryan & James talked, but Ryan told him that things were set in stone already:

So that's about it. We'll see what the POV ceremony brings!!!

Stay tuned...