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Friday, April 18, 2008

The winner of the POV is...

At 5pm BBT, the live feeds switched to trivia, which means that the POV comp has started right on time!!!

It all comes down to this...whoever wins this last POV will be saving themselves from the block (or keeping the noms the same). Keep refreshing the page every 20 minutes!!

The Winner of the P.O.V. is:


Stay tuned...

Some cute pics of Sheila & Adam

Sheila is always saying how much she hates Adam, and Adam is always messing with her; but they have chemistry and it's undeniable. Even Ryan told them both today that they have chemistry (Sheila disagreed and Adam said he was high lol) But I couldn't agree with Ryan more. :)

Right now, Sheila & Adam are laying down in the Spa Room.

Adam was talking in spanish and annoying Sheila lol Then Adam was being cute and said "Let's cuddle, Sheila" and swept her hair behind her ear real softly. Of course, Sheila blew him off and told him she wants to get the hell away from him, so nothing happened. LOL

More updates to come!!

Stay tuned...

Adam having fun with Sheila (video)

Adam was having fun with Sheila earlier on the feeds. He kept pulling her everywhere and she was getting pissed off. LOL

Adam messing with Sheila:

This has been on-going all day. Adam loves to mess with Sheila on a good day, so he's totally taking advantage to annoy her a little more than usual with the chain today. :-P

Big Brother, please let them be chained up for longer than today! LOL

Stay tuned...

Sheila & Adam: still chained up & going crazy! lol

I hope they do this every year, but then again, nobody could be funnier being chained together as Adam & Sheila lol

I'm really enjoying every moment they have to be stuck chained together! lol It's hilarious!! Sheila talks and talks and talks...Adam just wants to sleep sleep sleep. They were both chatter boxes last night and didn't get to sleep until 4:30am. Sheila couldn't sleep and thus, kept Adam from getting any as well. Here's a clip of one of their convos:

Right now on the feeds, Adam is taking a nap and won't get up. Sheila is going stir-crazy and keeps begging him to please get up because she's bored. Every 5 minutes that passes, Adam says "I'll get up in 5 mins!" lol It's truly hysterical!

Today is the POV comp; the biggest POV comp yet this season!!! Sharon & Sheila are on the block so they will be fighting the hardest I think. Sharon is more than ready for the POV comp but that doesn't really mean much..she seems to be sucking at comps or coming close but 'no cigar' (as they say). The POV comp should start around 7pm/EST tonight.

Alright everyone, I'm going to go enjoy the remaining few hours of Adam & Sheila being chained together on the feeds!

Stay tuned...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sheila & Adam are now CHAINED TOGETHER!!! (pics)


This is Hour 1 of 24 hours and they're already soo over it! lol

Adam: "Well..we have 23 hours and 23 minutes left..."
Sheila: "Oh god!!"


Wanna watch the fun of Adam & Sheila being chained together on the live feeds for the next 24 hours? Well, you can & for free!! The Season Finale of will air on the 27th, which means that you can get the feeds TOTALLY FREE FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON!!! There's no reason to not get them now! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Nominated for Eviction are...

The live feeds switched to flames a little bit ago and before that, we saw Ryan get called into the D.R. and then the houseguests went on exterior lockdown...which meansssss..we have ourselves a nomination ceremony going on right now!! :-D

The results of the nomination ceremony will be posted right here! This week is all about the P.O.V. though, it'll be the mother of all POV's! Nominations don't really matter that much this week..ehh..they kinda do, they kinda don't. Either way, I'll post the nom's here when the feeds come back! ;-)

Nominated for Eviction are:

Sharon & Sheila

Ryan promised Sharon that she is "100% safe" this week and that Sheila will go home (unless she wins the POV).

Stay tuned...

Sheila & Adam going to be chained together today LOL (vid)

Ryan, Adam, and Sheila had a hilarious conversation a couple hours ago about how Adam and Sheila have to be tied together for the next 24 hours. lol

Funniest convo I've seen in the house in weeks!!

Captured by yours truly ;-)

They will be chained together starting in a couple of hours. Oh gawwd, I can't wait to see how today and tonight will go! LOL

By the way, Ryan & Sharon won a movie screening in the backyard of the movie "What Happens in Vegas" starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. They get to watch that tonight. They also won other stuff like meeting the stars of the movie and etc.

Okay, nominations haven't started yet but they should be starting soon (I would think). As soon as I know something, I'll report it as always! ;-)

Stay tuned...

It was a luxury comp!

Not sure what happened just yet but this what I gathered...

Sharon & Ryan are happy they won something (and I think it was something big).

Sheila is not happy (she didn't win anything).

Sounds like Sheila & Adam have to be chained together for 24 hours? LOL They're talking about having to sleep together tonight and Sheila saying that she will "choke" Adam with the chain. lol

Adam: "(giggling) Sheilas gonna go nuts, dude." (talking to Sharon)

More info coming up!!

Stay tuned...

Happy Thursday, everyone!!

Welcome to Thursday everyone!!

Nothing exciting happened overnight so there won't be an overnight report. But today is a different story! At 12:50pm BBT, the live feeds switched to Trivia..which means that we have a comp going on!! Will it be a food comp? A luxary comp? Hmm!! We shall see! ;-) Plus, today are nominations. Ryan is putting up the Big-She but Ryan isn't sure if he wants to put up Adam or Sharon.

The HG's were commenting on how their wake up music today was all summer themed songs and started to think that maybe today's mystery comp will be summer related.

As soon as the feeds come back, I will post an update! Hopefully we'll get a nice little leak on the feeds like they sometimes do. ;-)

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ryan gets his HOH room (vid)

Ryan got his HOH room tonight. I for one, didn't watch the video, but figured I'd post it for those who would like to. I miss the days where BB changed the whole room decor and not just pictures on the wall. It becomes so boring, ya know? Hopefully they'll change that next year.

Here's the vid:

Also, for those of of you (lol) saying that the HOH comp was rigged (and I'm right there with ya in that belief!), here's the video:

I wonder if the D.R. told Ryan to get Natalie out in exchange for the HOH title. For Ryan to answer YES to that question just blows me away. Something isn't right.

Speak your mind & leave a comment below!!

Btw, the HG's are *still* talking about how there's another "relationship" inside the house and they're trying to figure it out.

Stay tuned...

The New HOH is...

It's a question comp....

The New HOH is:


One of the questions was "Is there still a relationship inside the big brother house?" and the answer was "FACT". The "relatioship" they're talking about is the ginuea pigs. Wow.

Stay tuned...

The Live Eviction Show:

Hey everyone!!! Sorry I'm a little bit late with the posting, ya'll didn't miss anything though. BB has been showing everything I've shown you guys in the past 24 hours.

After commercial, they're gonna show James entering the sequester house and Julie said he had something to tell Chelsia?? Hmm!!

Okay, they showed James entering sequester. It was a happy reunion between him and Chelsia...until he said that he got evicted because of her nasty goodbye speech..he called it "the residue of Chelsia" and it made her cry. Then they made up..kiss kiss..and now commercial.

Evicted from the BB house is:


It was a split vote, Adam wanted Sharon gone...Ryan wanted Natalie gone..Sheila broke the tie and booted Natalie!

Up next, the HOH comp!!

Stay tuned...


Will Natalie stay? Or will Sharon stay? Odds are that Natalie will be evicted, but we'll find out for sure tonight!

At 11:30am BBT, the HG's were on HOH lockdown (typical live eviction day stuff). Everyone is still very tired and sleeping:

More updates to come all day, so hang tight!!

Stay tuned...

The boys flip/flop all night & Adam calls Sheila a "bitch"!

Last night was hectic on the feeds!!! Ryan & Adam were going back and forth on what is good for them and who should stay. We were all waiting to see what Adam was going to tell Sheila at night (they were supposed to take a bath and talk game). Well, Sheila got the bath ready, Adam came up, and they talked in the chairs for a little bit.

Adam revealed to Sheila that Ryan is voting to *keep* Natalie in the game and that Sheila needed to talk to him. This set up the whole night of chaos.

So after that video, Sheila told Adam to go get Ryan and bring him up to the HOH room so that they can all talk. Adam goes downstairs and never returns. Instead, he goes outside with Ryan & Natalie. Sheila saw those 3 go outside and she got MAD!!! So she calls Sharon up the HOH room and she tells her she's done with Adam and she can't trust him and she thinks Sharon is going home.

Then Ryan & Adam finally go up and talk to Sheila. They wanted to hear what points she had to make and that's when Adam called her a "bitch" and yelled at her:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Well then Ryan goes to the D.R. later on at night and comes out wanting to vote out Natalie:

Is your head spinning yet? lol Okay, so as it stands right now, Natalie will go and Sharon will stay. The boys plan on splitting the vote and having Sheila get the "blood on her hands".

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nat confronts Sharon (vids) + Ryan/Adam want to keep Nat

As much as I wanna say it was interesting to watch, it really wasn't. They just went around in circles, Natalie telling lies, Sharon not being able to back anything up because Sheila was upstairs in the HOH room blogging (Natalie planned it so that Sheila couldn't be around on purpose for that exact reason.) So the whole thing turned into a he said/she said thing.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Then Natalie pulls the crying-game on Ryan again, who then tries to convince Adam to vote the way he wants (for Nat to stay).

...after Nat leaves, Ryan and Adam talk about keeping Natalie this week:

Stay tuned...

Ryan & Adam are flipping...Nat to Stay? (vids)

While Ryan as totally flipped to keep Natalie this week, Adam isn't set in stone just yet (though he's damn close!). Natalie keeps blaming Sharon for a lot of shit, so today, Adam wants Natalie to call Sharon out on everything as proof that Nat isn't lying (which she has been, so that will be entertaining to watch!)

Natalie's crocodile tears yesterday is what really got to Ryan and he feels bad for Nat. Plus, if Natalie stays, she'll wanna target Sheila next week and not the boys...making their Final 3 dream a real possibility.

Here's Ryan/Adam/Sheila in the HOH room. Ryan tells Sheila that he "feels bad" for her, and Sheila can't believe what she's hearing from him:

..and here's Part 2 of their convo:

And here are the boys talking about keeping Natalie this week:

Part 2:

Today should be interesting!!!!

Stay tuned...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Nat & Sheila: tears, lies, tension...ohh big brother! (vids)

Sheila, Natalie and Sharon were up in the HOH room having a normal convo about random stuff when all of a sudden Natalie brings up James & Chelsia and how they were "Evil Doers". Nat went on to say that Chelsia passed judgment on her for her abortions, then Sheila called Natalie out and reminded her that she told Josh he won't get into heaven because he's gay and that's passing judgement!

Part 1: can actually see Natalie making up a lie in her head in the first 10 seconds of this video lol

Part 2:

Part 3:

As a reminder, the Season Finale of Big Brother 9 will air on Sunday April 27th, which means that you can get YOU CAN GET THE LIVE FEEDS TOTALLY FREE FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON!!! There's no reason to not get them now! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Ryan to Natalie make a "Final 2" deal (vid)

I'm not sure if I believe Ryan or not because him & Adam talked after this convo and the boys were talking about how Weds. is a huge day because Natalie is leaving. I would have thought that Ryan would have taken the opportunity to try to sway Adam's vote, but I guess not. Hmm!!

Stay tuned...

Sunday's Report

Happy Monday, everyone!! :-D I had an awesome time at my bridal shower yesterday, but now it's time to get back to business!!!

Alright, first let me get this out the way:

Adam took himself off the block.

The Replacement Nom is:


So the plan yesterday for Ryan & Adam, was to confront Natalie on Bible Verses because she hasn't been living by the 'word of the lord' that she preaches about.

And then Ryan calls her out for making "Final 2" deals with EVERYONE in the house:

Part 2:

Part 3:

..and now Sheila/Adam/Ryan talk about how Nat said she'd put up Sheila on the block of Nat were to stay & win HOH:

Amazingly enough, Natalie went to Sheila and tried to bullshit her way to staying. Natalie said *in front of Sheila* that her alliance is with the boys. But she's singing a different tune in these videos and saying how she's mad at the boys now:

As it stands right now, Natalie *will* be going home. Adam is thinking about making Sheila be a tie-vote so that Sheila won't have Natalie's vote in the end (if Sheila made it to the final 2). Smart move! Ryan & Adam also discussed keeping Natalie because they could win against her in the end, but they're too afraid of her and the fact that if Natalie stays for the reason of being in the Final 2, then that means either Ryan or Adam would have to go at some point.

We'll see if the house flip-flops or not!!

Stay tuned...