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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ryan's Grandfather passed away yesterday :-(

He didn't want the other HG's to know about his 90 yr old grandfather (didn't wanna play the sympothy card). He told Sheila because he knows how compassionate she is with her son and such. Ryan also got a letter from home that encouraged him to stay in the BB house and continue to play the game.

My prayers go out to Ryan and his family for thier loss. :(

Stay tuned...

Adam is the HOH, not Nat, Ryan or Sheila! (arghh)

Adam is doing a TERRIBLE job at keeping control of his HOH. He's letting Ryan and Natalie highly influence his job as HOH, and Sheila thinks she actually is HOH! the point of the HG's complaining about her acting as if she won the title and not Adam. Why is Adam letting them do this to him???!?? I can't wait to see his Diary Room sessions tomorrow so I can see where his mind is. Maybe he's just letting them vent and he's totally playing the game HE wants?? But I just find it weird that Ryan and Nat can change his mind real quick.

One minute, Natalie is in Adam's ear saying "Get Chelsia OUT OF HERE!!", and the next minute, she's saying to NOT evict her (out of fear that Chelsia and Matt will fuck in sequester). Natalie, who is STILL madly in love Matt, talks about him as if they're a real life couple. Last night, she told Sheila she was about to quit the game so that she could be in sequester with Matt and be away from Chelsia (and hse was dead-serious about that!) This girl is insane! And not the fun kind...I mean seriously messed up in the head and needs to seek help.

Here's Natalie, right after the whole Chelsia fight, saying that she wants Josh to be the replacement nom and she wants him gone!

I can't take that girl anymore. I really can't.
More updates on OTHER houseguests (besides Natalie) coming up!!

Stay tuned...

Chelsia went off on Natalie!! (videos)

With the thought of knowing (at least as it stands right now) that she is getting evicted this Wednesday, Chelsia decided to go off on Natalie..BIG TIME!!! So much so, that production called Chelsia to the D.R. and told her to cool it. Seems like the D.R. is wayyy in control this season: limiting the amount of alchohol to like 2 beers per houseguest, telling Josh to not mention Sheila's son cuz he's a minor, and now this. The only rules that us fans were aware of are: (1) No physical violence...and...(2) No destruction of other HG's property. That's it! Or it was, at least. Hell, when Josh went off on Allison, they gave him a '5 foot' rule, and a few weeks later told him to do the same thing when he planned to go off on another HG (I forget who that was now, it was a female though.)

Anyways, to cut to the chase, Chelsia went off on Natalie about her having 2 abortions and that abortions are not a form of birth control. She then went on to calling her names like a murderer, baby killer, etc etc. The over-the-line point for production is when Josh got the idea for Chelsia to squirt her/her things with ketchup (symbolizing blood from abortions). Chelsia also asked Natalie, Miss Bible Reader, what the 10 commandments are, and reminded her (when she couldn't remember) that one of them is "Thou Shall Not Kill". Natalie's response to that was "God forgives all sins!"

I'm going to leave my comments/opinions out of this one, but I'll just say that both Chelsia and Natalie made me sick to my stomach when hearing/watching all the shit that went down last night.

First, Chelsia had a breakdown and was crying to James about probably going home this wednesday:

I want to thank xx2OOxx for all the great videos!!

Part 1:

Natalie: "Enjoy your last 5 dayyss..." (mocking voice)
Chelsia: "I will, Natalie..I'm gonna rip your to sheds!"
Natalie: (childish yaa's & um humm's)
Natalie: "Ya, uh huh..WHATEVER!!"
Chelsia: "You dumb fucking white trash trailer park CUNT!!"
Sharon: (giggling in shock) "Oh my god!"

Part 2:

Part 3: James tells Chelsia to knock it off.

James: (to Chelsia in bed) "How old are you, dude?"

Natalie ran upstairs and hid in the HOH room. Finally Adam had enough and told her to get out and that she can't hid up there all night (she was up there for a while).

Tomorrow is POV day and I'm anxious as hell to see who will be the replacement nom!!! Of course, I'm assuming that James will actually use the POV to save himself.

Stay tuned...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Winner of the POV is....(spoiler!!)

Evel Dick entered the house early this morning and woke the houseguests up (I believe with pots & pans like he said he wanted to do, but can't confirm that since it wasn't shown on the live feeds..dammit!) And as far as I know, he never did the "Dick at Night" show like he said he would do. I'll have to call into Housecalls next week when he's on and ask him why not. Anyways...

The POV comp was held (hosted by Evel Dick) and....

The Winner of the POV is...


Adam is now thinking of who to put up on the block, and Sharon volunteered herself (has she not watched BB before? You NEVER put yourself up as a pawn!! Stupid, stupid, stupid! Oh well, she annoys me, she can leave lol ;-) )

I took video at around Noon BBT of various conversations, only focusing on the most important ones, so that's why the video bounces around from one convo to the next. I figured I'd cut through all the bullshit for ya'll and just give you what you need/want to know.

Oh, and Dick confirmed that Nick & Jen from Big Brother 8 are dating. Umm..ew!

I'm guessing that Dick didn't go off on Sheila like he said he would, because she was talking rather fondly of him. Hmm. I'm anxious to see the POV episode on Tuesday night to see what exactly went down!

Stay tuned...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chelsia to James: "I'll give you a BJ for the veto.."

Ohhh, what a classy lady! lol

Chelsia offered James a blowjob if he threw the POV comp.
(Video courtesy of Romie1218)

I believe she would and I know James would let her! lol

In other news, Evel Dick said that he will be on the live feeds at 5:30am BBT THIS MORNING!! That is 8:30am EST time. So if you're up getting ready for work, turn on the live feeds and see the last "Dick at Night" show (where he will smoke, spit, and talk to the camera's for the live feed viewers). After that, he will make his way into the BB house to wake up the HG's with pots & pans (starting with Josh lol) and then he will be hosting the POV comp which will last for about 5 hours!!! So Dick will be in the house for a good portion of the day. ;-)

Of course I'll be posting screenshots and videos when I get up. I'm going to get offline for the night, I'm still very sick but recovering slowly but surely. Until then...

Stay tuned...

Who will play in the POV tomorrow:

The POV players have been chosen!!!

Adam (HOH
James (nom'ed)
Chelsia (nom'ed)

Remember, tomorrow is when Evel Dick will be giving the houseguests a "wake-up call they won't soon forget" and he will be hosting the POV comp!!! I wonder if he'll be around all day in the house and then host the POV??? Hmmm!!!!

Stay tuned....

Nominated for Eviction are...(spoiler!!)

The nomination ceremony was held today!

Nominated for Eviction are:

James & Chelsia!!

Here is what happened as soon as the feeds came back on:
(Video courtesy of DreamersVids)

How do you guys/gals feel about them being nom'ed?? Leave a comment below!!

More updates to come, so...

Stay tuned...

Eww moment of the day:

At 10:29am BBT, Josh was laying down (still waking up) and James crawled into bed. The camera man zoomed in on a gently used bottle of KY Jelly next to the bed, and then got a shot of Josh & James laying together. lol

Today's Ewww Moment of the Day:

I'm not sure if it was James & Chelsia that used it, Josh that used it (on himself) or if James used it on himself (he talks about masturbating all the time)..who knows.

Update: At 10:34am BBT, the HG's were ordered to go outside for an exterior lockdown. Nobody is sure why though. If it's anything important, I'll report it!!

Update: The reason for the lockdown was because Big Brother switched kitchen tables, it is now a smaller dinner table.

Stay tuned...

"Good morning, housguests!" (screencaps)

Most of the HG's are up and getting ready for the day....slowly but surely.

Sharon cut up some melon for the guinea pigs and then fed them:

James is making breakfast...

Sheila has her coffee and roaming around the house:

And Adam is trying to wake up lol

James and Adam are both in the kitchen (about to eat breakfast that James is cooking) and they're talking about how they can't believe that America voted for Alex to go back into the house. They started to rag on him saying that he has millions of dollars from his fathers death (during 9/11) and that he owns/runs a highly profitable DJ service and he was just in the BB house "for fun".

Alright kids, I'm going to go make some tea (I'm still really sick) and I might lay down to get some rest, but I'll be back once the HG's fully wake up and the drama/scheming starts up again right before nom's, which will be held today in the afternoon.

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report (videos)

James almost told Chelsia his "dirty little secret" last night (that he's done gay porn). This is actually the 2nd time in the past few days that James has flirted with the idea of telling Chelsia about his past, but he'll wait until after the show. I think he's afraid of Chelsia not liking him as much so he kinda wants to tell her now while they're in the house, but he doesn't want anyone else in the house knowing his secret, so he won't.

(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

In other news, Josh & Sheila have calmed down and called a truce. No more Josh being verbally abusive to her or anything. He went on to say that he thinks the reason he was so angry towards her is because he's jealous that the guys pay more attention to her than they do to him. I'm not sure if I buy that or not, but whatever. He went on to say (in front of Sheila and Natalie) that if he goes to sequester soon, that he'll give Matty a blowjob for his birthday. lol Natalie said that she wouldn't be jealous and to go ahead and do it. Oh boy. :-P Here is a clip of them talking nicely to each other:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Okay, so let me backtrack for a minute:
Later on last night at 10pm'ish BBT (and after James already pleaded his case to Adam of why he didn't wanna be nom'ed today), it was Josh's turn. Adam tells Josh that he's thinking of nominating James & Chelsia and he tells Josh to not go run and tell him that. Josh says he won't.

Josh: "As long as it's not me (getting nominated), I don't care."

(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Keeping true to Adam, Josh tells his alliance that he will be put up on the block. James then defends his reasoning to Natalie and Sheila for getting Matty out and says that it was beneficial to him for his own game play:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Moving on...

Matty's eviction is eating away at Natalie and she wants Chelsia out now!! Sheila is on her side about getting her out as well. Natalie kept saying (earlier) basically that if Matty has to go for the reason of being Nat's "partner", then Chelsia needs to go, too. She wants to break up Chelsia and James' relationshio/partnership.

Okay, that wraps up the overnight report!! Now that ya'll are filled in from last night and early morning happenings, I'll check in on the HG's and let you know whats going on today so far.

Remember, today is nominations!!! This is where all the drama starts for the rest of the week! ;-) If you don't have the live feeds yet, get'em now!!

Stay tuned...

Casino Night for the HG's last night

As I reported last night/early morning, the HG's had a luxary comp. It was a Casino themed set-up. 4 housguests get to see the movie "21", the other details, we'll have to see when the episode airs on Sunday.

Here is a video of when the feeds came back on:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

More updates coming right up!!

Stay tuned...

Something special is going on at 12:00am BBT!!!! (updated!)

All of the houseguests were instructed to get all dolled up for something happening in the backyard at Midnight BBT!!!

At first, they thought it might be a food comp where they would have to sit down and have a fancy dinner...but there would be nasty food on the plates (such as cows penis, pig eyes, etc etc). But as time went on, Natalie started to think positive and is hoping its a concert or a comedy show. She called everyone else in the house "Negative Nancy's" for not truly believing that it could be a show of some kind. lol

It is now 12:16am BBT and the feeds switched to flames (aka Standby Mode) about 5 minutes ago, so whatever it is that Big Brother has in store for the houseguests, is going on RIGHT NOW!!! I'm not sure how much longer I will be up (its after 2am where I live) and I'm very sick right now but trying to push through it to bring ya'll these updates. So if I don't post about what happened tonight, then I will post about it tomorrow in the overnight report.

Update: As of 1:20am BBT, the feeds are still on trivia (they switched from flames to trivia about an hour ago). Still no word yet! If nothing happens in the next 10 minutes, I'm going to go to bed (its now almost 3:30am for me and I'm beat, guys! Sorry.)

Update: 1:50am BBT, the feeds came back just as I was about to shut down the computer for the night. The HG's had a Casino Night in the backyard!! Sounds like they all got chips to play Blackjack (maybe more games too?) and won prizes. I'll post more about it in the morning!! G'dnight. *cough cough*

Stay tuned...

James begs Adam: "Just don't backdoor me."

James went up to the HOH room for his 15 minutes of talking to Adam. In case you didn't read the previous post, Adam wanted 15 minutes with each houseguest to see who he should put up on the block and it was James' turn.

James begged Adam to not be backdoored, but told him that he "doesn't care" who else goes up, just as long as his name isn't thrown out there. He even told him he could nominate Chelsia if he wanted to (he's trying hard to seperate from her in the HG's eyes) but did warn Adam that he would try to win POV to take her off if that was the case.

Video Added:

After James left, him and Ryan were talking about how Adam wants to not only put up James, but to get him out of the house this week! Ryan and Adam then made a NEW alliance together and shoke hands on it:

After Ryan & Adam left the HOH room, they went downstairs and James talked to Ryan about "If you have my back, I'll have yours" type of convo. Ryan lied BIG TIME and James was left feeling safe:

The live feeds are BUZZING tonight..BIG TIME!!!!!!!

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

James to be nominated? Hmm!!

Adam, Ryan and Natalie are all in the HOH room talking. Before Matt left, he told Natalie to stick with Ryan and she is.

Natalie is convincing Adam to backdoor James this week to get him out..for good!! They were advised that the whole siren thing is now over with (and it is..nobody but Matt is in sequester now and he's part of the jury). Natalie is telling Adam that they have the numbers to get James, or whoever they want, out this week.

(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Adam wants all the HG's to come up, one by one, and plead their cases on what they should do.

At 9:53pm BBT, James just entered the room saying "I know Natalie and Sheila wanna throw me under the bus." And Adam said "I gotta do what's best for me!" James tells Adam that Josh isn't nervous about possibly getting up on the block.

Adam: "I promise ya that I won't backdoor you!! If I'm going to put you, I'll put you up. Ya know what I mean?"

Stay tuned...

Aftermath of Matt's eviction

Natalie and Chelsia went into the spa room to have a little talk. Natalie told Chelsia that James is a hypocrite because of his whole "you guys were working as partners" speech but that when he was playing in last weeks HOH endurance comp (the disco ball comp), James mentioned that he was fighting to stay up there for him and his "partner" Chelsia. Nat then told Chelsia that she has been voting the way she wanted to vote, and fuck how the majority (of the house) wanted to vote, and that she's there to play for herself, not as a team. She also told Chelsia that she knows the house is split into 2 and she knows which side she's on (and it's not James & Chelsia's side).

A little bit later on, everyone was roaming in the kitchen. Right after the live show and the feeds came back on, Adam had approached James, Josh, and Ryan individually to express how uncomfortable and nervous he is that he has to nominate 2 people tomorrow afternoon for eviction. They all pretty much tell him to chill out and that it just comes along with the territory of being HOH. 30 minutes later, he is still stressing/thinking about nominating 2 houseguests tomorrow:

Speaking of nominations...
Adam: "Big Sheila would be devastated if I put her up.."
Josh: (to Chelsia) "He (Adam) would be doing the house a favor!"

Natalie took a few minutes to herself to look over the houseguest pictures on the board and she was looking at Matt's (now grey'ed out) picture and shedding a few tears. She's clearly upset that he's gone:

I'll be doing screenshots for now since YouTube is down right now for "maintenance" and that usually lasts a few hours.

More updates to come all night, so..

Stay tuned...

And the new HOH is....(spoiler!!)

The new HOH is:


Julie Chen: "Evil Dick returns to the Big Brother house next week to give the houesguests a wake-up call they won't soon forget!"

Is anybody else thinking pots & pans? lol ;-) I am!!!!

I'll be back in a few minutes to post what's happening on the live feeds, so stay tuned!!!

What's that? Don't have the live feeds? Get'em, THEY'RE FREE!!! Yes, 100% free for 14 solid days. You have nothing to lose!! And with Adam as the new HOH, there's not telling what will happen this week!! lol

If you have the live feeds, spark'em up!!!!

Stay tuned...

The Live Eviction Show:

The show is on!!!!

Right now, they're showing Matt's crying about being getting put on the block and Natalie being angry that James went back on his word.

Now they're showing Adam coaching Matt into getting votes to stay...

Matt trying his best to get votes....

Sheila telling James that Ryan should go home cuz he's done too much shit in the house to too many people...

CBs is showing a segment on Dick and Dani...

Julie: "Evel Dick will be returning to the Big Brother house next week! More on that, coming up!"

Speeches by the nom'ed HGs ...

Voting is now taking place...

Josh evicts: Matt
Adam evicts: Ryan
Natalie evicts: Ryan
Chelsia evicts: Matt
Sharon evicts: Matt
Sheila evicts: Ryan

Evicted from the Big Brother house is:


(It was a tie, James had to break it: he voted to evict Matt in front of the other HG's live)

Matt talked to Julie, told her that him and Natalie will be friends for a long time, but not relationship wise, she's a great girl, but not for him.

HOH comp coming up after commercial!!

Stay tuned...

Josh vs Sheila Round 1

And it's go time!! lol ;-)

(Video courtesy of Teslad)

I may not like Sheila, she may annoy me, but I'm proud of her for sticking up for herself and not just taking his shit like I originally thought she would. Now let's see how strong she is when he pulls this stunt on live tv tonight!!

Stay tuned...

Audio leak from comp set-up crew!!!! (vid)

I was doing some misc. stuff on the computer and I had the live feeds going on in the background, when all of a sudden I heard what sounded like a plane...and the HG's are still on lockdown, then I heard a man's voice say "Ryan?", followed by "actually there's room for another loser.." and laughing!! Then the audio feed cut back to Natalie in the HOH room and then the audio was cut all together.

Video courtesy of yours truly ;-)

I wanna know who they are referring to as "losers" (maybe just losers from the comp? possibly setting up seats or something?) and why would they be talking about Ryan! Do they think/know he's going to stay already?


Stay tuned...


Who will go? Who will stay? And more importantly, who do you want to see go?

The house is pretty calm this morning, nothing that exciting. I think they're all just so damn happy that today has FINALLY come! It's been a week of hell for all of them and they can finally 'get the show on the road' after tonight's live eviction.

Currently, the HG's are all on HOH lockdown (as of 12:15 BBT). This is where Josh said he would blow up at Sheila first..IF she started to talk about her boring stories and bullshit complaints again. Could Round 1 of the Josh vs Sheila be coming shortly?? We'll find out!! ;-)

Right now, the HG's are talking about the HOH comp will be a purely mental comp. I'm a big fan of the endurance comps and I wish every other week they had one. The mental comps are over in like 5 mins! Blahh.

Okay kids, stick around for A TON of updates ALL DAY today!!

Who will stay?
Who will go?
Who will be the next HOH?

Stay tuned...

Adam challenges Evel Dick (lolllll)

Adam challenged Evel Dick to come back into the house, after Natalie figured out that he might be coming back. Little do they know, Natalie is RIGHT!!!!!!

It has been CONFIRMED that Evel Dick WILL return to the Big Brother house this coming Tuesday!!!!!

Taken from Evel Dick's blog that he posted on Tuesday, March 18th:
"And lastly, but mostly....

Watch Big Brother tomorrow night and you will get to see a package they filmed this weekend with Dani and I (and I don’t mean my package... a segment for all of you that were gonna write me and make that joke.)

And tune in again next Tuesday night when yours truly gets to host a POV competition. This I am really looking forward to. It will be a blast!

(by the way, the veto comp actually takes place this Friday, but the episode won't air until Tuesday on CBS, so get the live feeds NOW!!!!)


I'm still hoping that Dick will move into the house for 1 week. Fuck, would that be awesome!!

Okay, so anyways, like I was saying...
Adam challenged Dick to come back into the house (uh oh! lol):

Gawwd, this is gonna be good!! ;-) hahahaha!!!!

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Josh practices his verbal attack (vid)

Josh is ready for tomorrow's verbal attack on both Sheila AND Natalie!!

(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

I have a feeling that Josh won't be able to contain himself until tomorrow, he's too hot right now and his temper is flaring (though he is controling it as best as he can)!!

If you have the live feeds, spark'em up!!! And if you don't, then why not???? They're 100% TOTALLY FREE for 2 weeks (no strings attached!) Try'em out!!

Stay tuned...

Josh starts on Sheila (vid)

Around 9pm BBT, Josh gave Sheila just a small teaser of what is yet to come tomorrow before the HOH comp.

Video courtesy of yours truly ;-)

It has been confirmed, by James, that the DR IS ALLOWING Josh to go on a rampage tomorrow, but that he must remain 5 feet away from Sheila (or whoever he will go off on) at all times during the verbal attack. Tomorrow is going to be nuts!!!

Stay tuned...

Josh is planning another war!!! (draammmaa!!)

Josh is back to his tricks again, and he's planning to verbally attack HG's right before the HOH comp tomorrow (to throw them off their game). He plans on "destroying" their families and mentally messing with them.

Josh: "If they thought Dick was bad, I'm 10 times worse!"
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

The D.R. then told Josh about the 5 feet rule (he has to stay 5 feet away when verbally attacking HG's). James asked him if he was allowed to still go on an "attack" or not, but Josh wouldn't say either way. However, by the look on James' face, I think he's still allowed. You be the judge!
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

The LIVE FEEDS are GOING CRAZYYYYYYY tonight!!!!! Josh already started to verbally harass Sheila (I have a video of that coming up in about 20 mins, so hang tight!!!)

Ooooooo What a NIGHT this is gonna be!!! Drama, drama, DRAMAAAAA!!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Tonights Big Brother Episode

Hey guys & gals!!
Okay, BB was just on and boy oh boy, do I have some things to say!!

First off, the POV comp was..ehh..rather boring. The HG's had to walk on a balance beam back and forth and drop little wooden blocks into big tubes. The first person to get all 500 of their blocks in, won. BUT, if they dropped a block or fell off, they were out of the comp. Matt was acting all cocky "oh, I got this! I'm focussed!" and then BOOM, he fell. lol Serves him right for being overly confident and talking shit. ;-) Anyways, Sheila was the most focused player...she went back and forth really slow and made sure her balance was good. I was impressed!....until she dropped a block on the ground and was eliminated. Blah blah blah, James won the veto comp.

Alright, so James WAS going to nominate Adam because James thought he was the 3rd vote to keep James evicted last week...buuuut, Sharon set him straight and told him it was Matt that was the 3rd vote and that he's been lying to James all this time. It was at that very moment that James decided to nom Matt.

During the veto ceremony, I couldn't stop giggling!! Matt was getting what he deserved..a dose of his own medicine! He spent all this time in the house talking shit and thinking he controlled the house, and BOOM...James knocked him back down to reality. The look on Natalie's face (when Matt was nom'ed as Sheila's replacement) was PRICELESS!!! But James was right when he told everyone during the ceremony that Natalie cut a deal to save her AND Matt, and that they are playing as a team, and that team needs to be broken up; this is a singles game now. I wanted to stand up and clap my little heart out!!

Between that clip tonight, and Adam's clip of him freaking out last week and telling everyone to vote however they wanted to vote and stop all this couples bullshit, I think (and I HOPE!) that ALL the hg's are finally going to step-up and start playing as INDIVIDUALS!! I've been seeing that happen already on the live feeds, and now I know why. And if I was James and Chelsia, I would take his own advice and cut all ties with each other before they are on the block next and for the same exact reason.

What goes around, comes around.

What did you think of the show tonight?? Thoughts? Comments? Leave'em below!!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Stay tuned...

Matt campaigns to Josh (video)

Shortly after Matt & Josh had that little exchange of words in the kitchen (refer to previous post, its funny lol), Josh went outside to suntan. Matt came out a little bit later and started to pitch his campaign to him. Matt is doing really good in the votes, and the fact that Ryan isn't campaigning nearly as hard, is only a benefit to Matt. I guess it's all about who wants to stay more!

Okay, so Matt used the "Ryan walks out of here with $30g's, I won't." card and tries to strike a deal with Josh to make sure he's safe next week. He also is being clever and using Natalie to his full advantage by saying that she will do whatever he tells her to do (true!!!) and that if Josh were to make it to the final 2, he would have 2 votes right there (Matt & Nat). Good stuff!!!
(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

Next up on Matt's campaign trail: Sharon!

Ohhh what a day it's going to be on the live feeds!!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Morning in the BB house (vid)

Good morning (or early afternoon, depending on where you live)!! The morning in the BB house is calm. The Diary Room have already begun to call in HG's one by one to say their goodbye messages to Ryan and Matt. Natalie is currently in the D.R.

Speaking of DR, last night, James told Chelsia that the D.R. wants Matt to stay:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

At 10:45am BBT, Matt and Adam were chilling at the breakfast nook in the kitchen talking and Josh came in for a minute and Josh & Matt exchanged some words (kinda funny lol):
Video courtesy! ;-)

Right now, all feeds are on Sheila & Ryan talking in the backyard (in one of the boat loungers). Sheila is saying the same shit, over and over again. Even Josh said something this morning about how Sheila & Natalie are always talking about the same stories and it's getting old really quick. Here is a little piece of the convo going on between Sheila & Ryan right now:

Sheila: "Matt hasn't done anything to me, so just know that."
Ryan: "Ya, but what has Matt done for you?"

Matt, when talking to Adam this morning, said that Ryan will walk out of here with $30G's, free & clear. Matt will (at this point) walk away with nothing. Remember, Jen won $5,000 for being part of the first couple evicted, and Ryan won that $10G's a couple weeks ago when he was HOH. Not sure where the other $15G's come from though (I missed that part).

Last night, it was Matt, Nat, Ryan, and Chelsia (who is still trying to infiltrate the Boys Alliance and doing a great job at it) were all sitting around the hot tub talking and Natalie made up a lie that she is a Seahawks Cheerleader, and because she knows everything about the Seahawks, they all believed her. Not sure why she lied about that. ::shrugs:: Pretty stupid if you ask me.

Anyways, moving on...
Right now it is too close to call to say if Matt or Ryan will stay in the house. I personally think that Matt will stay, simply for the fact that the D.R. told James they want him to stay and we all know how well CBS can sway things in the BB house to work out the way that they want them to. Perfect example: James being evicted and then coming back and Alex not coming back like we all thought.

Speaking of that, I was watching Housecalls this morning and Kaysar was on it and they were still getting a ton of people calling in and emailing about how unhappy they are with CBS for pulling that shit on the viewers. Kaysar agreed with all of them, he did not like how CBS pulled that one off mainly for the fact that they were building up so much hype with letting us vote and everything, only to throw in a dumb twist like that. If you wanna see this mornings episode of Housecalls, head on over to and click on "Big Brother" (there's a link over there somewhere of all archived HC shows.)

Matt told Adam this morning that he's done campaigning and that he was up late last night talking to different people trying to get votes and that he's done all he can do. Oh, but he's not done campaigning!! ;-) He already worked his magic on Josh and now Josh is thinking about voting to keep him in!!

Okay, I'll be updating throughout the day with more videos, screencaps, and transcripts of convos (for those of you at work and can't play the vids). You know the drill...

Stay tuned...

Matt gets votes & Cheilsia infiltrates Boys Alliance

Matt is a fighter, I'll give him that!! Matt has been thinking of ways to get votes (4 of them) for him to stay. He's using everything he possibly can: the "single mom" card (he wants to buy his mom a house), telling James that he didn't do anything to be on the block & that Ryan gets to walk out of there with cash but he doesn't, etc etc.

Here's a clip of Matt & James in the backyard having a little bit of a heated discussion:
(Video courtesy of Teslad)

...and then Matty gets Sheila's vote to stay:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Later on, Chelsia was up in the HOH room with James, Sharon & Josh..and this is where the plan to infiltrate "The Bros Alliance" started (via James' idea). So Chelsia'a plan is to tell the boys that she can't trust James anymore and that he's playing the game for himself. Either this will be a BRILLIANT plan (if it works), or it will bite then in the ass!!
(Video courtesy of Romie1218)

With Josh's great acting, and Chelsia being highly-believable, I do indeed believe this could work! ;-)

James and Sheila talked in the HOH room and seems like their plan to convince the house that James "doesn't trust" Chelsia (so that she can be brought into the Bros Alliance) is working like a charm on Sheila:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

And here is Chelsia working Matty:

Today is Day 40 in the house, which marks the Half-Way point of the season!! Big Brother gave the HG's a cake with all their faces on it:

Wow...we're only half way there? LOL I can't wait until this season just starts to get NASTY!! I think it's just about at that point with Matt scrambling for votes and scheming/lies/infiltration/etc going on!!

LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Evel Dick visited the BB9 house on March 6th!!!

Remember the day that the HG's got the big pool table thing for the POV comp?

Well, the housguests were on HOH lockdown that day and you know why? It was because Evel Dick, Dani, and Diane from BB5 were roaming around the house!!!!!!!!

Taken from Evel Dick's blog:
"I got a behind the scenes look at the Big Brother house last Thursday. It was cool as hell. Dani joined me as well as Diane from BB5 & All Stars. It was smaller than I thought and weirder than I thought as well. They were setting up the POV, so the weasles were on lock down and I had a chance to have a smoke and hock a few loogies in the back yard for old times sake.

Fun shit, and as weird as it sounds.... I miss it there in ways and in some, not in the least. But more miss it than not.

Hahahaha!! He smoked & was spitting on the lawn...ahhh just like old times!! ;-) I thought I'd post this, figured ya'll would get a kick out of it.

Oh, and I still believe that Dick will be back this week to host a comp!!

Stay tuned...

HG's on HOH lockdown!!

Hmmm!! Wonder what's going on?

The past 24 hours, James have been in and out of the Diary Room (which was making all the HG's talk and wonder what was going on.) As a matter of fact, James was told to stay up late last night for another round in the D.R.! Hmm!! Weird. So now all the HG's are in the HOH room on lockdown:

Could it be something fun for St. Patricks Day? Or maybe something game-related? We shall see!!!

Keep checking this post for the latest update on what's going on!!

Update: The lockdown is over. Nothing is different. Booo!!! :-(

Stay tuned...

HG's practicing croquet (future comp)

Remember last season how Dick and Dani were always practicing croquet? Well, the croquet set is bbbaccckkk!! Natalie, Ryan and Adam are currently outside practicing it:

Now, at the VERY begining of this season, I mentioned how Evel Dick would be returning to the BB house to host a comp sometime. Well, I'm guessing this would be the one. This was his game. He was constantly playing it and teaching Dani how to play it as well:

Flashback Video
Dick & Dani Practicing Croquet:

End of Flashback Video

Sheila mentioned this morning on the feeds (when she was getting ready for the day with Natalie) that she would love to see Dick come back to the house. Wouldn't we all!!! Maybe BB should throw him in the house just for a week to stir shit up and get them all on the right track on how to play the game. Kinda like a teacher to teach the "idiots" (as Matt said last night) how to play this game!! Ohhhh, how I would love CBS if they made that wish come true! lol :-)

Stay tuned...

Adam coached Matt on how to stay in the house

Last night (around 1am BBT), I was watching the live feeds. Adam and Matt were talking by the pool table in the backyard. Adam coached Matt into how to get the votes to staying. He told Matty how to get votes from specific people. To be honest about everything (that he has done), call'em ALL out on the fact that he didn't do shit to be up on the block this week, and to do "whatever it takes".

Adam also reminded him of what Evel Dick did last year when he was on the block; he did everything he could to get the votes because he had nothing to lose. If you think about it, Matt's actually in a good position right now! He has NOTHING to lose, he knows he's going home as of now, and the whole house knows it. This means that he has the chance to do anything/everything to side with people, make deals, backstab, blackmail..whatever!! This is his time to shine! ;-)

Matt was thinking about raising some hell and starting last night, but Adam advised against that and told him to wait until today (Monday) to stir up shit and make "these peoples lives a living hell for the next 48 hours!"

The live feeds are going to be INSANE today and tomorrow, and then of course on Wednesday (Live Eviction Day)!! And if Matt somehow pulls this off, to where he will stay in the bb house, then WATCH OUT because all hell is going to break loose!

I wish I could have taken video of the 15 minutes convo between Adam and Matt last night; it was priceless!! But I had a major technical error with my software and was up all night fixing it. The only video that I found was this one:
(Video courtesy of Scootie668)

..and the Adam/Matt convo happened right after Ryan went inside (which was minutes later).

So be prepared for alot of updates today and probably some crazy shit from Matt!

In other news:
Sheila has been talking to Natalie some more and she's in a La-La-Land. She's talking about how she's going to win the HOH comp and raise some havoc in the house and backdoor people and blah blah blah. Sheila?? Win hoh?? Ya, right. Not unless it's a trivia comp about her son and Penthouse. lol

Alright kids, I'll be posting more updates shortly!!

Stay tuned...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Matt & Ryan talk...Matt practices goodbye speech (hilarious!)

I gotta admit, I'm really diggin on Matt tonight!! He's been showing his true self ever since 2 nights ago and I LOVE it! He's been funny, real, and just so much more likeable!!

Matt & Ryan were sitting in the backyard just chilling out and bullshitting. Matt wanted to know how Evel Dick pulled himself off the block so many times last season and how he got votes, because he can't seem to get any. The convo turns funny about half way through, when Matt starts saying what he wants to say during the live show on Wednesday lol

(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Stay tuned...

Nat tells Sheila EVERYTHING!! (video)

Being pissed off for Matty being backdoored, Natalie finds Sheila and they start to bond...probably because Sheila is the only one Natalie can bond with at this point (in case Matt goes home).

I recorded this video just after 8pm BBT:

I love how they call Josh "the devil" lol

After I stopped recording, Sheila had a little 'Why I love me!'-fest and went on and on..and on!..about who she's fucked (Axle Rose, etc), and dropping names left and right (like Robert DeNiro telling her to call her "Bobby" and that he wanted her to act in a film with him LOLLLLLL) Basically, it's the same shit she says every single day that she's in the BB house. I can only hope that BB does some kind of twist and boots her ass as a bonus for toying with us last week lol Come on CBS, don't let me down! ;-)

Sheila will always be single because nobody loves her more than herself. According to her, she's the best thing since slice bread.

Stay tuned...

Matt regrets siding with the wrong people (vid)

Matt and Ryan were hanging out in the backyard talking about how they don't know how James and Josh run the house in every single way and they always have. Then Ryan starts bashing Natalie a little bit on how stupid she is (her lack of common sense and always asking Matt what she should do..she doesn't use her brain):

(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

Currently it is 8:07pm BBT. Right now Natalie & Sheila are talking in the blue room (formally the boys room but only Sheila sleeps in there now). They're talking shit on James and Sheila is back to her better-than-everyone attitude bullshit. I'm taking video of it, so check back in about 20-30 mins (takes a while for it render, upload, and process). Until then, here's a screenshot:

And here's a preview of their convo:
"If James thinks I'm going to work with him (after he gets rid of Matty), then he's done way too many drugs in his life!"-Natalie (talking to Sheila)

"James knnooowwsss for a fact, that if me and him were in the final 2, that I'd win! That's why he wants me gone!"-Sheila (to Nat)

Sheila tells Nat that Josh needs to go.
"He's the "devil. He's a false prophet."-Sheila (Nat concured)

"He (James) got removed from this house because of his mouth. Nothing else!"-Sheila

Update: Video posted above in new post! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Matt tries to get Josh's vote + NEW POLL!!!

James and Josh were in the hot tub talking about Sheila when Matt came and sat on the side and started asking Josh where he stands right now (on votes) and asked him what will it take to get his vote to stay this week. He then asks James the same question and he says "I'm not voting." and Matt reminds him that he could be the tie breaker vote.

(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

Also, I just posted a new poll to the right ---> check it out when you get the chance! I'm anxious to see what your thoughts are for this week's eviction! ;-)

More updates to come!!

Stay tuned...

Adam & James team up (new alliance!)

Adam and James were in the backyard talking later in the afternoon and they made a deal to act like they're still on the sides they're currently on, but to bring back info to each other to further themselves in the game. Adam is happy that his flip/flopping days are over. (Are are they? ;-) )

Also, James confirms (to Adam) that Matt doesn't have a chance in hell to stay and that he is might as well be good as gone:
(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

Later on, Sheila (feeling like she has power again since she was pulled from the block), decides to talk shit again and then give Matt some advice (ya, like she's one to give advice!)
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

*sigh* Why couldn't she be going home this week?!

Stay tuned...

Matt crying...Nat crying..(vid)

Wow, Matt took the news much more differently than I thought he would...he actually cried..for awhile!! :-( It's sad that now we finally get to see a non-asshole side to him (and I'm starting to like him actually!) and he'll probably be the one going home. Go figure.

(Video courtesy of Teslad)

Right after that, Matt & Nat got their game faces on and they are both going to do WHATEVER it takes to stay in the game!! Now THIS is why I signed up for the live feeds!!! :-D I will be glued to the feeds ALL NIGHT tonight taking videos and screenshots galore, so keep checking back!!

It's gonna be one hell of a fucking ride tonight! ;-)

Stay tuned...

The POV Ceremony was held...(spoiler!!)

The POV ceremony was held today and here are the results:

James, the POV winner, decided to *use* the POV!!
He took Sheila off the block & the new nom'ed HG is....


Wow!!!! Ryan VS Matt now, aye?! The next few days are going to be INTENSE on the live feeds!!!

MANY more updates coming right up, so...

Stay tuned...

The HG's are up! Sheila had a dream/premonition (vid)

The HG's are finally up and moving about!! They woke up about 10am BBT. The girls (and Josh) were in the bathroom getting their makeup on and getting ready for the day.

Sheila had a weird dream last night (and possibly a premonition!):

She was telling Natalie that her (Nat) and Matt got into an accident and that Nat was bleeding really bad & Matt was bleeding too, but not as bad as Natalie. And then Adam was trying to hug Nat and make sure she's okay and Nat flipped out on him telling him not to touch her and etc. James thinks it's more of a premonition than a dream. Could it be? Hmm!! We shall see because today is the POV Ceremony where we will see if James backdoors anyone!! Though James thinks it might be more than a dream (and by the look on Josh's face, he thinks so too), Sheila was still saying that she has a "gut feeling" that she will be going home this week. James told her to "go with her gut feeling, then." lol

Oh, the POV Ceremony will begin between Noon-1pm BBT today.

Stay tuned...

Who's still pissed at CBS? (petition + poll)

Okay, so who is still pissed at CBS for pulling that bullshit this past Wednesday? I'm surprised to find that many of you guys/gals are! While I was more than upset at first, I have calmed down a little bit. I still think it was/is shitty of CBS to mislead all of us into thinking that we were actually voting somebody back in. If they would have described that there "might be a chance" and gave us the 2 options of what could happen, then all of this could have been avoided. Just another ploy by CBS to rake in $$ and more viewers via interaction. What a crock!!

There's an online petition (if you wanna sign it) where you can voice your opinion:

Edit: I was just informed by a BB9 Blog fan that Alex is actually NOT in sequester anymore, and that he is home! Okay, now I'm back to being pissed off at CBS!! This is what he wrote in his blog on myspace:

"First and foremost I want to thank everyone for their incredible support. From what I hear the voting was pretty overwhelming and I am taken back at the response I have gotten from the Big Brother fans. For all of you who took the time out of your days this past week to try and help me get back in... I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m sorry it didn’t lead to anything in the game but just know that it honestly touches my heart. I obviously have some feelings about the whole ordeal that took place but I’m going to save that for another time. Only positive thoughts in this blog lol

I only wish I had a chance to play the game as a single because I think you would have saw a totally different Alex in there. I do think its funny though that many people thought if I got back in the game I would be re-aligning with Matt.... I had a different plan in mind but yet again that doesn’t really matter at this point. Overall the BB experience was amazing and I don’t regret it for a second.

Last night I came home to many family members and friends welcoming me home and it was pretty amazing. I’m already getting back into the swing of things as far as my regular life goes.

I am going to take a much needed vacation next week to enjoy some R&R. (living with Amanda in a sequester house absolutely doesn’t count lol) So this will be a good chance to get away from the game (and talking about the game) for a little while.

Once again I want to thank everybody so much. Hopefully when Big Brother All-Stars 2 comes rolling around you can pull off an even bigger voting miracle and I’ll get my second chance at winning this thing.

One Love

Alex C.
Big Brother 9"


(Thank you to the fan who posted the link in a comment!! :-) )

So, will you sign the petition? Or are you over the whole thing?

Let us know what you think, leave a comment below!!

Time for some NAKEDNESS!!! (pics)

Chelsia and James naked..what more could C/J fans ask for? ;-)


..and for you guys Natalie fans out there, here's a little side-tit action for ya (this was late Friday night that I captured on the live feeds. Matt has been giving her a massage EVERY night and will continue to do so every night for a whole week.):

More posts coming!!

Stay tuned...

Saturday's happenings (long post)

Hey everyone!! Sorry, I just wasn't able to reach the computer in the past 24 hours and update ya on yesterday's happenings. :P Most of the time, I'm glued to the computer, but not every day. If you've ever got married, then you know how long it takes to do your gift registry at three different stores within 1 day, and that's what I had to do yesterday (I had no clue how long it would take). It's exhausting!!!!

Okay, let me first get ya'll caught up on what went down on Friday late night...and yes...I am referring to Natalie!!! ;-)

Alright, so on late Friday night, around 1am BBT, the boys (Matt, James, Adam, and later on..Matt) gathered around the breakfast nook in the kitchen and were talking about good old fashioned guy talk (aka sex). The boys (playfully) harped on Matt not letting Natalie 'go downtown' on him, while Adam made fun of Sheila:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

And Natalie did end up getting her desires fullfilled (and her mouth!)..Matt let her give him head!!
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

(If the video doesn't work, go here.)

On Saturday morning, James was toying with the idea of taking Ryan off the block. He talked to Ryan and told him that he was taking him off of the block and to just "watch his watch" later on down the line in the game and to not tell anyone in the house what his plans are. Ryan thanked him over and over again and promised to keep it hush-hush.

Meanwhile, Sheila planned a talk with James in hopes of getting herself off of the block, all while throwing Adam under the bus (so to speak) and get him up as her replacement nom.

Come Saturday night, James and Sharon were up in the HOH room talking and James had a new target in mind! There was alot of flip/flopping happening last night on what James is going to do with the POV. His plan: to take Sheila off the block and replace her with Matt. While James knows for a fact that this would cause a ton of shit in the house and shake things up a bit, he knows it would be a good (but ballsy) move in the game. And since the whole house is against Sheila at this point, they (Sharon & James) talk about how they could easily get her to vote anyway they want her to.

Next on James' list of people to talk to about putting up Matty, is Adam. Adam joins James in the HOH room to talk about what he's been thinking. James spits the idea to Adam about putting up Matty, and Adam tells him either Ryan or Matty have to go this week and frankly, he doesn't care which one it is.

Matt all of a sudden got paranoid (maybe from people in the house acting differently? Diary room sessions? Who knows!) and flat out asked James if he was putting him on the block. James' response? "No."

I wanna give a shout-out to a good friend of mine, Dr. Detroit over at BB Couch Potatoes for a couple of reasons: He's the one who captures all of the awesome videos (including the naughty ones) and when I'm not home on certain days or nights (which is very rare for me to not be by a comptuer lol), then he is the reason that I can give you guys & gals updates through his kick-ass vids!! Also, if you're into podcasts, check him out! He even mentioned this blog in his very first podcast (Thanks sweetie!! ;-) )!!

I'll be posting updates and such all morning but I have to leave again for just a couple of hours in the early afternoon, but I will most def be back in time for the show tonight that airs on CBS!

Stay tuned...