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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Laaaazy Saturday

I think the whole world is taking the day off today. Nobody (including me, the houseguests, and others) are feeling up to doing much of anything today it seems. Just 1 big day of rest. *siiiighhh* And it feels good! :)

Alright, let's get ya'll up to speed and cut through the bullshit of the past so many hours:

The target is still James. Sheila & Nat are now part of the "Bros Alliance". Josh & Sharon and Chelsia & James are still in a secret alliance together and they have no clue that the target is now James (and not Matt).

And that's pretty much it! Exciting, huh?! ;-) lol

Okay, so apart from that, I see Sheila getting her butt kicked out very soon for being two-faced (and not being sly about all!) and for being a snitch (she runs and tells Natalie everything and Natalie tells the "Bro Alliance" everything.) Keep digging that hole deeper, Sheila!

Since the BB house has flipped/flopped in the past 24 hours with mind-swirling game talk, I'm going to give it a rest for today because it won't matter until tomorrow anyways. Usually things change the day of the POV ceremony, so I'm just going to bypass all the bullshit today (not that there's much of anything going on today, except alot of napping.)

As of 4pm BBT, here is what the HG's were up to:

Josh is chilling out and re-reading his letter from home for the hundreth time:

Natalie is doing her hair...

...while Sheila is in the bathroom with her and talking about stupid shit:

Sharon is roaming around the house. She was just with the boys in the backyard watching them play pool and talking about tattoos, then went in the house for a minute:

And Chelsia is sleeping like a baby (here's the Quad Cam view):

Oh, and off topic:
Someone left a comment today asking if that huge pool table-like thing was used for the POV yesterday, and the answer is yes it was.

If you don't have the live feeds yet, tonight is a great time to get them because there's not much going on and this way you can get them all set up and learn how to switch camera's and etc. PLUS, there will be 1 houseguest coming back to the show this Wednesday and you're going to want to have the live feeds for after the show!! I know I'll be watching them and enjoying them that night, and reporting later on in the evening. Sometimes I have to stop reporting and just enjoy the feeds for a change and embrace the drama and action! lol ;-)

Get the Live Feeds!!

Alright kids, I'm off for the night. If anything major happens, I'll let ya'll know though. Go out and enjoy your Saturday! :-)

Stay tuned...

Friday, March 7, 2008

Ryan plans on proposing to Jen

Ryan plans on proposing to Jen at the wrap party. Sheila told Josh & Chelsia that tonight and how they could use that $10,000 he won today during the POV/Luxary comp.

Love. It's a motherfucker. lol
Oh Ry.

Stay tuned...

James now the target??


Video courtesy of xx2OOxx:

Meanwhile, Josh & Sharon still think Matt is going home and THEY are going to target Natalie next, and then the house is theirs (oh, how clueless they really are to what has been happening).

Video courtesy of Scootie668:

Matt is like a kid in a candy store because he's no longer the target, so he's just excited to be talking about anyone but him going up on the block. Almost too happy (like annoying happy lol) Ehh, can't blame the kid though.

If you have the live feeds, spark'em up!! This is going to be a loooooong 2 days until the POV ceremony!!!

Stay tuned...

Josh now the target!

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a few hours but I needed to take care of a ton more wedding stuff and things just kinda snowballed from there. Ya, it's been one of those days. *sigh*

Anyways, so here's the deal:

The original plan was to backdoor Matt. However, probably the most underestimated girl in the game has stepped up the plate in hopes of knocking Josh 'outta the park'.

Okay, so Sheila approached Ryan in the backyard and basically is going with the boys (Adam, Matt, & Ryan) right now and trying to get Josh evicted. I'm not so sure that's a smart move though on Sheila's behalf, considering that the boys wanted to stick together ("Bros Alliance" and "Smokers Alliance", anyone?) and they wanted to start kicking out the girls. Little do they know that another HG will be returning next week and it's going to fuck up ALL their plans.

That's neither here nor there right now, so I digress. ;-)

Sheila worked her magic and convinced Ryan to gun for Josh instead of Matt.

Here's the 3 videos, all of them courtesy of xx2OOxx:

Ummm...can somebody please tell Sheila that she doesn't HAVE a partner anymore? Cbs, can you do that please? K, thanks. ;-)

and here is Part 2:

and here is Part 3:

I have a feeling that Sheila just put a target on her back now all because she's pissed that her "best friend" Allison is gone. I think this is the wrongest move that Sheila could make in this game at this point. Just my opinion.

What do you guys & gals think? Leave a comment below!!!

Stay tuned...

The winner of the POV is...(spoiler!)

***WARNING: Spoiler!!!***

The Winner of the POV is:


The backdooring of Matt will continues as planned! ;-) Bye, bye Matty!!

The POV comp was ALSO a luxury comp!! Remember last year how Jen had to (happily) wear that red unitard? Well, now it's Sheila's turn! lol Poor Sheila. Eh...she has a smokin' body, so she'll be just fine! :-)

Alright, on to the prizes now:

Ryan won a shitload of cash: $10,000 to be exact!
Adam won a bike (what kind? No clue! Haven't heard anything yet)
Sharon won a slop pass
Josh got a great prize as well; a letter from home. :)

Of all the people in the house, Josh needed a letter from home the most. He has been mentally breaking down and stressing out, and support from his loved ones will most def give him that extra boost to move full-steam ahead in this game!!

Alright, I have to get offline for about 30 mins to do wedding related stuff (phone calls, mail out stuff, etc) but I'll update WITH PICS as soon as I get back!!

Stay tuned...

Veto Comp BEGINS!!

Alright, let's bring ya'll up to speed:

Major shifts in power developed late last night! The "girls" club, consisting of Natalie, Sheila, Sharon, and Josh lol) put together a plan to pitch to Ryan. The plan? To backdoor Matt!

It sounded good, until Natalie "spilled the beans" to Matt, even after she spent an hour claiming to be "done with Matty!" (I think we all know she will NEVER "be done" with him!)

Josh goes up to the HOH and pitches the plan, only for Ryan to say he heard that "plan" from Matt...who was told by Natalie.

The "girls club" had to regroup & add in Chelsia & James into the plan and decides to keep Natalie out of the plan altogether, and then re-pitch it to Ryan.

Josh goes and pitches the new plan to Ryan, as Sharon is distracting Matt downstairs (Matt was in the downstairs bathroom shaving). The plan would ultimitly guarentee Ryan 3 weeks of being safe (this week of HOH plus 2 extra weeks of not being nom'ed)...if he backdoors Matt this week. If Ryan goes against this plan, then he will become a target for going against the house. It's really an offer that he can't refuse and he accepts it!!

Matt went up to HOH and questioned Ryan on if Josh has pitched their (original) plan to him and he said "no."...this is HUGE, folks!! Ryan is keeping the plan a secret from Matt!!


Okay, let's see what happens after the Veto Comp is over and who actually won it & take it from there!

The players in the comp are:
Ryan (HOH)
Sharon (Nom'ed)
Chelsia (Nom'ed)
and the...
Josh or James, Sheila, and Adam.

(and I missed who else was choosen..if any of you guys know, leave a comment!)
Update: Thanks for the other 3 veto comp players, Ashley!!

Update #2: "I think the 6th player in the POV is James not Josh. Not 100% though."-Annon.

(Okay, so we still don't know for sure who's all playing in the veto lol)

As soon as the Veto Comp is over, I'll report it!!

Stay tuned...

Quick Overnight Report

Hey everyone! Since I was up till 3am posting happenings in the BB house, I'll make this "Overnight Report" short & sweet:

The POV was not played last night, as Sharon first suspected. It will be held today (more info on that coming up, so hang tight!)

James & Chelsia took some more time out of the day to get in some more cuddling...

...and then James left the bathroom, but quickly returned to get in a good passionate kiss! (Awww!)

Then we had Natalie up in the HOH room showing us all how to give birth (video is in previous post, she was just doing a "skit" for fun):

And as preivously posted, the houseguests all got a surprise in the backyard late last night! If you were watching the Showtime "After Dark" show, then you saw it already.

The HG's were up all night playing/practicing.

They're thinking it will be used for the POV later on today. We'll see!!

Okay, stick around, I'm going to be posting an update on today's events in just a few minutes!!

Stay tuned...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

POV will happen...tonight???? (video)

Sharon seems to think so!!

She told Josh that Mike O. being there that late (he's the guy that spoke over the loudspeakers in the previous video) is odd, and the fact that there are cameras set up all over the place.


I'm glued to the feeds tonight, so if anything happens before I go to bed, I'll let you guys & gals know!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Natalie giving birth lol (video)

Natalie was proving her acting skills tonight to James, Chelsia, Matt and Ryan up in the HOH room.

Afterwards, they all made fun of her and she left pissed and sad (rightfully so!!). Poor Natalie. :-( She is such a fun sweetheart and she gets made fun for being silly and doing what they wanted her to do.

Alex can't come back fast enough!!!!! The only gentleman to roam the house.


Stay tuned...

Checking in on the HG's (8pm BBT)

The HG's have been doing the usual "if [fill in name] wins POV tomorrow, then [this] will happen. I try to avoid Thursday nights on the feeds because it's too much to take in, and everything changes from hour to hour anyways. And even after all of that, EVERYTHING changes again after the POV comp, so there's not much use for sitting here for hours just to get a headache. lol

James told Josh what Ryan's plans are: he wants Sharon gone. Josh went & got dressed (he was fresh out of the shower) and went looking for Sharon to tell her and now Sharon is taking that info and thinking up a storm on possibilities and what to do now. Here she is talking to Josh again about everything as he's laying down:

Meanwhile, Chelsia is teaching "Baller" (Adam) how to do ballet in the main bathroom lol:

And then Chelsia & James continue on with another snuggle-fest:

And this next pic, I love. It's Matt & Adam chillin' out and both having a hand down their pants:

That's about all that's going on. The live feeds aren't that exciting tonight, which I'm happy about because I can actually get caught up with a ton of offline stuff that I need to do.

I'll post 1 more time before I go to bed. Until then...

Stay tuned...

Nominated for Eviction are....(spoiler!!!)

As of 4:30pm BBT (which is 7:30pm EST), the feeds have been on trivia, which means that the Nomination Ceremony is going on!!

As my previous post stated, the noms will most likely be Sharon (target) & Chelsia (pawn). But you never know, we'll see in just a short while! It's been nearly 1 hour & 30 mins that the feeds have been on trivia, so I expect them to come back very soon.

***WARNING: Spoiler!!!!***

Okay, the feeds are back!!!

Nominated for Eviction are:

Sharon & Chelsia

Sharon is worried (rightfully so..)

and Chelsia is unphased (since she knows she's just a pawn):

Poor Josh looks like he was just nominated lol

Stay tuned...

Chelsia & Sharon will be nom'ed

Ryan pulled Chelsia into the HOH room and told her that she will go up on the block, but as a pawn. They're really targeting Sharon.

(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Ryan assures her that she has the votes to stay in and that those who don't vote to keep her in, will be targeted next week. (ya right.)

Stay tuned...

Who to put up on the block? Hmmm!!

Sounds like Sheila & Sharon might go up on the block. Ryan would tell Sharon she's a pawn, even though she would be the one he's gunning after).

Matt is feeding Ryan all these ideas. They figure that sheila won't win shit anyways
but that Sharon would have votes to stay from Chelsia, Josh, and possibly James. Okay, I don't see this "Bro Alliance" working out well! lol

Then they toy with the idea of putting up Natalie, then quickly say 'no' to that because they are going to use her for now. She's a great player to have in their "pocket" and will use her when they need her (for comps, info, etc).

Matt is also feeding Ryan the idea of putting up Josh. He said "get rid of josh, he was last weeks target!" and Ryan is listening to a puppet on a string! *sigh*

They also said that they will keep chelsia around for a little while long because she's not a strong player by any means.

Matt is INSISTING to put up Josh & Sharon: Matt-"he (Josh) made your life a living hell for you and your partner!"

I'm hoping that Ryan is just playing along with Matt and will backdoor him for being two-faced last week and for now trying to make him make put up the people HE wants to see go up. He's acting like the HOH, and that has got to piss of the current HOH, right? I would think so! Unless he's blind. But I give Ryan more credit than that. He's not stupid.

James then walked in the HOH room and asked Ryan who he's thinking of putting up on the block.

They all agree that Sheila can be used as a "buffer" later on in the game. (ex: if Matt goes on the block and they want him to stay, they'd put up Sheila to ensure he stays in the house).

Ooooo how the scenario's are just flying today!!!

Thanks to our good friend, John from Pennsylvania, we now know who the winners of the Food Comp are:


Thanks John! I missed that on the live feeds when I was busy uploading the food comp vid and re-uploading the Natalie vid that YouTube took a big thanks to you!!

Update: Thanks for the correction, Lyndsey!!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Today's Food Comp LEAKED!!!! (video)

I had the live feeds in the background as trivia played on them during the Food Comp, when all of a sudden, I heard the food comp going on!! I looked at the feeds, and there it was; today's food comp being leaked!!!!!!

And I got it all on video for ya'll ;-)

[youtube pulled this video..twice! i uploaded it twice, and it was pulled twice. other youtube'ers have had their food comp vids pulled as well. I think it's CBS that is cockblocking all of us BB9 youtube'ers]

After the comp, all the HG's showered off the goo that they had to slide down into, and the feed watchers got a great look at Natalie's if we're never seen it before lol Either way, enjoy!! :-)

Speaking of Natalie:
The "Bro Alliance" (made up of Adam, James, Ryan, & Matt) and Chelsia are in the HOH room talking shit on Natalie. Matt is trying somewhat to defend her, I'll give him that much credit, by saying that she's just "different" because she's creative and an artist. Will Nat go up on the block today? Hmm!!!!

Update: Josh is on slop and not happy about it at all! lol It's fucking with his diet. He has lost a lot of weight and toned up since the show started..I'm impressed!!! Amazing what a person can do in just 4 weeks to lose weight and tone up!

Stay tuned...

Nat to Matt: "I'm not your bitch!!"

Last night, I recorded about 1 minute of the live feeds where Matt told Natalie to throw something away for him, and she FINALLY said "no" to him!! I wanted to upload this clip last night, but YouTube was down for "maintance" for HOURS and I couldn't upload it until just a few minutes ago.

I love that chicky, she rocks! lol :-D

Stay tuned...

"Good morning, Houseguests!"-March 6th

Goooooooooooood morning!! :-P It is now 1:42pm EST (or 11:42am BBT).

The houseguests are doing their food comp right now (the feeds are trivia). I was just watching Housecalls with Evel Dick and Gretchen and at the end of the show, they showed a live shot of what was going on inside the house. All the girls are in bikinis and they all have different color bandanna's on their wrists and I caught a glimpse of Sheila (in a red bikini) doing some stretches and preparing for the food comp. Once the live feeds come back, I'll update ya'll on what's going on.

I'm not going to do an overnight report since I was up all night..again!..and reported everything until the time they went to bed, and even into their bedtime, too. Basically, the HG's are still coming to terms with the fact that they are not playing as couples anymore. Josh & James think they are going on the block (I personally think it will either be Josh & Matt, or Josh & James and backdooring Matt).

We'll see!! Today is nominations day!! I'm guessing that will happen around 5pm'ish EST. Seems to be the time they do noms now. As always, I'll keep ya'll posted. ;-)

Stay tuned...

*Zzzzz* Time for bed!! (pics)

This day has been nothing short of exhausting for both the houseguests and me! As Julie said, it's a whole new game! While I'm having trouble "separating" the couples in my mind, I think the HG's are too.

Everyone chose to continue sleeping together. Everyone except Adam & Sheila. lol Poor Sheila. She couldn't hack one more night with snoring Baller (Adam) next to her.

James & Chelsia are still very much an "item" and they were caught kissing & snuggling again..and I think even a handjob or a little sex..couldn't tell from the camera being on the opposite side of the room. I saw blankets moving, them kissing, and James' hand moving Chelsia's hand under the covers & behind her ass (they were spooning at the time). James looks like he's in love with Chelsia, while Chelsia looks more like a 'ya..whatever.' kind of gal anymore. Just seems like he likes her more than her. Or maybe she's just not getting close so that she can keep her head in the game. Who knows. Anyways, here they are kissing:

Ryan looks happy..but bored at the same time. Almost like he has too much time on his hands. Here he is roaming aimlessly in the HOH room, as the other HG's are sleeping downstairs.

Speaking of sleeping houseguests, I think Matt just jerked off in bed lol I saw him moving around while I had the Quad Cam going, so I switched on over to channel 3 and the covers were conviently placed so that you couldn't see that much of movement 'down there' but there was definite movement!

About 5 minutes later, I saw Matt wiping something off of his hand onto the side of the bed sheets. Umm...I think we can guess what happened. ;-)

So that's what happened tonight! Now that the HG's are all tucked in their beds, I'm going to do the same. See ya'll in the morning!!

Until then,
Stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Josh is the "Hot Slut of the Day"!!

Oh, what a proud day it is for Mr. Joshua! He is the "Hot Slut of the Day" over at!!! :-D

And what a hot slut he is, indeed! ;-) found the naked pics of Josh here on the blog and that is what crowned him the title of being today's "Hot Slut". Thanks for checking us out, Dlisted!!! :-D

If you've never been to before, it's a website that blogs about celebs and's like TMZ, only better! ;-) Check it out!!

Josh is scared, Sharon & James are not happy..

Josh thinks he's going to go up on the block, and he actually may be right about that. I personally think Ryan will nominate Matt for being two-faced when he told Ryan that he had his vote, meanwhile Matt told Sheila & Adam the same thing and James called him out on it. We'll find out tomorrow!! For now, the live feeds are buzzing with fear, sucking up to Ryan, and all kinds of convo's. Spark'em up if ya got'em!...the feeds, that is. ;-)

Okay, so here is Sharon looking not-so-happy & talking to Josh:

James was in the kitchen telling Sheila that he's not happy that he can't trust Chelsia now that everyone is playing individually:

..and here he is expressing how unhappy he is to Josh & Sharon in one of the bedrooms:

Stay tuned...

The *NEW* King of the Castle (pics)

Welcome the new king of the BB castle, Ryan!!!

Sure looks like a happy camper, doesn't he?! :-D

..and here's a picture of his dog, Jada (awwww!! so adorable!!)

Josh & Sharon are in a whisper-convo..wait...Adam just walked in and interupted them. Be back when I get some juicy details!! :-D

Oh, and there's a *NEW POLL* over there: -------------->

Stay tuned...

Vote for your favorite HG to return!!!

Vote your favorite houseguest back in (hopefully it's Alex!!!!!):

Vote for your fav HG!!

Stay tuned...

New Twist!!!!

Julie is about to announce a NEW twist and America will be involved!!!

Okay, so here's the new twist:


You get your choice of:


Oh gawwd, here we go with this Allison-might-return bullshit! Can't BB just leave that girl out of the show?? Seriously! BUT, the good news is that Alex has a TON of fans that felt that his time was cute wayyyyyyyyy too short in the house, so I predict him coming back!! :-D w00t w00t!!

I tried to go to but they're getting slammed right now and their servers are down lol

Back to the live feeds I go! :-D

Leave your comments below on what you thought of tonights episode and who YOU will vote to go back into the BB house!!

Stay tuned...

Live Eviction/Twist/Siren (live spoliers!!!)

The show is starting!!!

*****WARNING: Spoiler!!*****

The show has started and they are reviewing the last episode (and about the siren), which makes me believe that it will happen during tonights episode!!!

8:03pm: Julie talking...confirms that a twist WILL happen TONIGHT!! (siren?)
8:04pm: Review of the POV ceremony...
8:05pm: Allison saying it's time to split ways with Sheila..Matt says "whoever stays in the house, owes me a favor next week!"
8:06pm: showing the HG's talking about the siren the past couple of days..
8:06pm: Natalie thinks past HG's will be coming back..Matt doesn't think they'll split up in groups (others do).
8:07pm: showing Josh freaking out on Monday (lol)
8:08pm: Allison tells Ryan she doesn't trust Matt or Nat at all..Ryan talks to Matt.
8:08pm: Matt lying to Ryan, saying he'll stay in the game...
8:08pm: showing Matt assuring Ryan & Allison and Adam and Sheila of his votes
8:08pm: Allison believes Matt will vote for her & Adam to stay..
8:09pm: Allison trying to see who James & Chelsia will vote for...
8:10pm: James & Sheila in spa room, talking about not letting anyone know who they're going to vote to stay in the house...
8:11pm: James figures out that Matt is, indeed, playing both Alli & Ryan and Sheila & Adam.
8:11pm: showing James confronting Matt on his lies (their huge fight)
8:12pm: this is when Matt gets pissed for being called out in front of both couples he has promised his votes for..

8:12pm: Julie JUST ANNOUNCED that she will TELL US, THE VIEWERS, WHAT THE SIREN WILL MEAN WHEN IT SOUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:13pm: ..and commercial.

(hang tight, folks! :-D )

8:17pm: back from commercial...checking in LIVE with the HG's!
8:18pm: getting their take on what they think the siren means
8:18pm: talking to Sharon about Jacob...then Joshua...
8:18pm: Sharon said she "never know" about getting back w/ Jacob
8:19pm: showed clip of Nat & Matt winning HOH (funny and cute hehe)
8:20pm: Julie talking about Matt & Nat's non-existant relationship that Nat wants so bad.
8:21pm: showing Matt & Nat talking (a couple days ago) in hammock
8:21pm: showing the coffee shop where Nat works..and some of her art work (she's really talented, actually! wow!)
8:22pm: Nat's co-workers are talking about not liking Matt for her..
8:22pm: showing Matt's "Boston Boys" back home...

8:13pm: ..and commercial.


The HG's will play as individuals now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This post is gonna be hang tight...

Okay, this is what's going down:

As Allison & Ryan were trying to leave (the door was locked) and then siren went off!! The HG's went to the living room and were told that they are NO LONGER COUPLES and will be playing as individuals in the game (the look on their faces was shocked and I could actually SEE Josh having a heart attack lol)

Now the HG's have until commercial break to evict either RYAN or ALLISON...

Gueeesssss who's going hhhoooommmeee.....*does happy dance* LOL :-D We'll find out in the minute...

1 vote Allison to leave (by Adam)...
1 vote Allison to leave (by Chelsia)...
1 vote Allison to leave (by Matt)....
1 vote Allison to leave (by Sheila)...

ALLISON IS EVICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU, BIG BROTHER GODS!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! w00t w00t!!!!

happy feet...I got HAPPY FEEET!!!!!

lollll :-D

Okay, time for the HOH comp...its a questions comp...

The New & First Single HOH is....


(go Ryan!! You deserve it, buddy!! :-D )

The live feeds came back for a moment...

For a brief momemnt (a couple of minutes), the live feeds came back from trivia! It was Ryan & Matt talking about how BB won't let them see the HOH comp set up outside (usually the do a walk-thru so that everyone understands what to do and there's no confusion during the live show).

They think that everyone is going to be playing as individuals. This is interesting: I'm wondering if the whole Jericho virus thing is that the virus "killed" them as couples and they now have to play as individuals...hmm!! And I'm REALLY hoping that either (A) they bring a couple back (which I am positive they will since everyone has been in sequester since the first eviction)...or...(B) they evict Allison but keep Ryan. I love Ryan, he's a great guy and he's done a great job in the game..until "Allison Two Times" opened up her mouth and screwed them both over.

And as I posted a few days ago (when Natalie thought this would be a short season), the HG's were talking about they are, indeed, going to have a FULL season of BB (until May 3rd).

Okay kids, the time is now 7:32pm EST and the show starts in just 28 minutes!!! Folks, this is going to be one of the most talked about Big Brother shows in the history of BB and you're not gonna wanna miss it!! But, if you are away from your tv (stuck at work, or a place where you have only an internet connection and no tv), then this is the spot to be at because I will be reporting LIVE, play by play, what is going on!!

Stay tuned...

Feeds on Trivia (2 hours until show time!)

Okay, around 2pm BBT, the feeds switched to trivia and the live feeds most likely won't be back until AFTER the show!

Tonight is THE PERFECT NIGHT to get the live feeds if you don't already have them! No matter what happens tonight, there is going to be MAJOR DRAMA in the house..that's a guarantee!! If the siren goes off, there'll be drama. If it doesn't, there'll be drama/anticipation. If Allison & Ryan are not evicted, there will be MAJOR DRAMA! Any way you slice it, there will be drama on the feeds and PLENTY of action to watch!!

Don't have the live feeds yet?


The trial is for 2 weeks and just $15 bucks a month after that.

If you don't plan on buying the live feeds and you plan on using this blog for updates, keep these things in mind:

I cut through all the crap on the feeds (boring moments, etc) and bring you guys only the stuff you would want to see! Nakedness, fights, kissing, flirting, scheming; I cover it all & add in videos & pics. I don't get paid to do this, it's something that I enjoy..but it doesn't pay the bills sadly. So if you plan on being with us for the whole season (which would be AWESOME!!), I only ask that you spare a dollar or two for my time & effort. Hey, it's hella cheaper than the feeds for 3 months (which I pay for out of my own pocket) and even if you do have the feeds and you can't watch them all the time, let me do it for you!! I hope ya'll think that all my time & effort that I put into the blog is totally worth a dollar or two, and if nothing else, you would be helping me pay for my wedding in June! :-D

Thanks everyone!!!

Stay tuned...

Here's the controversial commercial:

Thanks to a Big Brother 9 Blog fan (many thanks to you!!!), we now have the commercial!!!

Take a look for yourself:

OOooooooo!!! I'm really hoping they will keep Ryan but still boot "Allison Two Time" to the curb!

Stay tuned...

"Good morning, Houseguests!"-March 5th

The HG's are up (they've been up, I haven't lol). Since I didn't get to bed until around 5am EST from all the updates I was doing overnight for you guys, I haven't been up until an hour ago.

The siren hasn't sounded yet, my guess is it will happen during the live show tonight. A Big Brother 9 Blog fan posted a comment this morning that he noticed on that the pics of the houseguests are all in color: the evicted HG's pics used to be greyed out, but not today. Interesting! Also, there is a new BB commercial saying something about "2 houseguests will be evicted, but will big brother let them leave?" I'm trying to find the commercial but I haven't found it yet. Not sure if it's even online.

Matt & Allison got into it this morning. Matt told her that it is *her* fault that she is where she is (on the block and going home) and that she has nobody else to blame but herself. THANK YOU, MATT!! Finally somebody told her!! There WAS a video of it, but now the video says its "unavilable" so I have no clue what happened.

But here's a video of Ryan & Allison after the whole Matt vs Allison argument. Matt & Ryan make fun of her "game play" that she is so proud of:
(Video courtesy of All4bb8)

Right now, the HG's are on lockdown in the HOH room and they're going to remain that way for most of the day until tonights live eviction. They are all talking about mindless chatter (weddings, birthdays, etc etc)

The voting (to evict Allison/Ryan) will be pre-taped today, and the HG's think it's so that they have more time for a physical HOH comp later. I personally think it's to have more time for the whole siren thing. We'll see!! Only 6 more hours to go!!

Stay tuned...

Last set of screenshots for the night (pics)

As Sharon was looking at a picture of her and Jacob in the HOH room, the lay started to fall off and as she put it back on, the picture fell and the glass broke everywhere! She thinks its a "sign"...a bad sign! And she's totally stressing about it right now (and for the past 20 mins):

Josh got out of the tub (he took a bubble bath), got dressed, and started to eat some food but he didn't eat too much. Too much stress=no appetite.

About 10 mins before curfew (1am BBT), Josh decided to take 1 more stroll downstairs. He ran into James for a second (who was in pink underwear) but then James went to bed when BB told him to put on his mic.

Josh remained downstairs and had some (stressful) quiet time by himself.

..and then he stared at the front door (and probably prayed that noone would come through it when the siren sounds off):

Josh & Sharon are now in bed, stressing out together..

..but with each passing minute, they are calming down and talking trash on other HG's. Right now, they're talking about Natalie's vagina & ass always being shown, and how Chelsia needs to get a bathing suit that actually fits her (the bottoms of her bikini's are always wayyy too big on her). lol

Alright kids, it's 4:30am EST and I'm off for the night. I took off of work tonight (I'm an online freelancer) to bring ya'll all these updates & such, so I'm going to have to work early in the morning instead. Sooo, with that being said...

G'dnight!! :-)

Josh is getting his "first period" (funny short vid)

PRICELESS!! lolllllll

(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Only 33 more minutes until curfew & the HG's have to go to bed!!

Right now, Josh is taking a warm bubble bath and is calm now. He's talking to Sharon about votes and whatnot.

(Screenshots taken @ 12:31am BBT)

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Josh still freaking out...HG's have 1am curfew tonight

The curfew isn't anything new, it's every night before a live eviction. The HG's are getting ready for bed, except for Josh..

He's pretty much still freaking out LOL

While some HG's think the siren will go off between midnight & 6am, others think it will go off right after the live eviction takes place.

Update: 12:01am BBT

We got flames on the feeds!!!!!!!! WTF is going on??!!

Update: 12:05am BBT
..false alarm lol The feeds are back. The D.R. made Natalie give back a napkin that she's been writting notes on (with nail polish) just a minute ago.

Update: 12:18am BBT
The Diary Room let Natalie keep her sign after all. Now she's going over it with many things are in the house (glasses, logs on the walls, books, etc etc)

JUST ADDED: A video of Natalie's napkin
(Video courtesy of Teslad)

Stay tuned...

The houseguests are FREAKING OUT!! lol (video)

Big Brother and that siren are driving the HG's insane! lol

Josh is FREAKING OUT over the siren AND the possibility that Allison could stay in the house if the twist involves her somehow.

This video needs no intro, just WATCH IT!!!

Video courtesy of yours truly! ;-)
(I'm working overtime for ya'll tonight!)

Also, Allison has got on EVERYONE's last nerve tonight!! With Allison going from person to person bugging them to tell her what their votes will be, the house has had ENOUGH and BLEW UP at Allison!!! All the guys, even her partner Ryan, blew up at her and told her to STOP!!!

Speaking of, here is "Allison Two-Time" doing a little stalking of her own tonight while showering:

UPDATE (11:28pm BBT):
Sheila: "Big Brother said that we have to be available (for the show) the whole way up until May 3rd. It's not a short season this season!"


Stay tuned...

Uh oh....another CLUE to the siren??

Too many things are pointing towards the siren going off TONIGHT!!

This video was *just* taken at 1:20am EST

(Video courtesy of...ME! :P)

So far, here are the clues:

*HOH remote is missing (BB take it?)
*Without remote, HOH tv doesn't work
*Since HOH tv doesn't work, the HOH's can't view the living room cam
*The living room is *the* place the HG's need to go when siren goes off
*Announcer on tonights show said to "tune in tomorrow" to find out what the siren is all about
*Couples are being called into the Diary Room REALLY late (that has NEVER happened before!!)

The HG's are BUZZZZZING with exctiment and nerves tonight! Sharon is freaking the fuck out (hardcore! lol) and Josh is very anxious and can't sit still.

Folks, I'm tellin' ya, it's going to happen tonight!!

Unless BB is just fucking with us....damn them! Now I'M anxious!!!!

Stay tuned...

Allison *still* trying to figure out the votes

Allison is still pushing HG's to see who's voting for who to stay. Thank the Big Brother Gods that she will (hopefully) be out in 20 hours!!! w00t!

Allison pressing Sheila for votes...
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Allison pressing Matt for votes...
(Video courtesy of Scootie668)

Oh, and just fun, I made 2 animated gif's of Allison making those stupid facial expessions that she always makes. lol Do what you want with them! Pass'em along, email'em to friends & family..whatever!

Stay tuned...

Big Brother to sound the siren..tonight??

Earlier on the feeds (as Sharon was packing her stuff), she couldn't find the HOH remote. I didn't think anything of it, I thought maybe it was just lost in the sea of covers on the HOH bed. But now, the HG's (and me!) think it's a sign that the siren will go off TONIGHT!!!!

The HOH tv won't turn on without the remote, and the remote is gone. Did Big Brother take it? Remember, the letter said to "meet in the living room" when the siren sounds. The other night, when Josh was paranoid about the siren going off, he turned the HOH tv onto the living room camera so if the siren sounded, they could have a first glimpse of it.

Something fishy is going onnnnnnn!!!!!

Also, tonight's episode on CBS showed the whole siren thing, and at the VERY end of the show, the guy announcer voice said to tune into tomorrow to find out what the siren is all about (or something to that effect).

If you have the live feeds, SPARK'EM UP and keep them going all night!! I'm betting the siren thingy will happen tonight! And I PRAY TO THE GODS OF BIG BROTHER that it doesn't do ANYTHING to keep Allison in the game! If anything, I'm hoping that it kicks her out EARLY! lol

About the siren:
The siren is from the show Jericho. It's rumored that when the siren went off, 4 people came back to the town. 4 people...(two teams)...coming back into the BB house? And will it happen tonight? And will it kick Allison's ass out early???

OOooooooo the suspense is KILLING ME!!!! OKay, I'm going to go get some coffee and goodies for the night, I am going to be GLUED to the feeds all night reporting for you guys!!

If you wanna help buy some goodies for me to snack on while I'm up all night watching the feeds, please feel free to send a donation of any size and help me restock my pantry (and freezer with coffee beans!):

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Okay, I'll be right back guys & dolls!!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Big Brother 9 Joshua (aka Josh)..NAKED!!! (pics)

Some of ya'll will love this post, and some of ya'll might wanna just ignore it lol Either way, here are screencaps of Josh naked fresh out of the shower!!!

Taken @ 5:15pm BBT:

Enjoy the pics?? Leave a little something in the "Tip Jar"! ;-)
(located on the left)

I feel like I should say "you're welcome" or "I'm sorry" (depending on if you liked the pics or pick one that suits you properly. lol ;-) )

Other than a naked Josh on the live feeds, Sharon is packing up her clothes...

....her & Josh have to leave the HOH room after tonight. Everyone else is just bullshitting downstairs. Still a very calm night.

Oh, and James & Chelsia snuck in a cute little kiss while James was in the shower (Awwww!!!)

Don't forget, the CBS show is coming on @ 9pm EST!! That's in 20 mins from now. It's the Veto Comp & Ceremony episode.

Stay tuned...