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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday's Report-April 5th

Hey everyone! Here's your update on what the HG's have been up to today:

Well, nothing really. The feeds have been rather boring since James is scheduled to exit the BB house on wednesday.

Late last night, Sharon was in the hot tub and talking to Ryan. She outed her "Girl Power" alliance to him and it seems that they (Ryan & Sharon) have an alliance together. When the hell did that happen?? I asked around and nobody else seems to know about this, so I don't know if this is a new thing or what. Either way, Sharon was talking about this week being a possible double eviction (which it will be) and Ryan was saying he doesn't think so. They talked about possible scenarios and such since when it happens, they'll have less than a minute to make a decision on who to put on the block. If Ryan or Sharon win the double-eviction HOH, they're gonna put up Natalie & Adam.'s part 2 of their talk:

So, how many alliances does that make for Sharon now? The "Girls Power" alliance, the "Team Christ" alliance, and she's still on James' side from their previous alliance, and now this one with Ryan. Arghh, I can't keep track of this girl. *sigh*


Natalie has been denying, left and right, that she ever gave Matt blowjobs. Why she can't just admit it, I dunno.

Moving on...

So, about the whole James going home thing: I wish we could see Adam's diary room sessions (and James' as well) because I think BOTH of them have something up their sleeves! I think James is laying low until the POV ceremony tomorrow to see what happens (smart!) and I would not be shocked if Adam put up Natalie instead of James. The word of the girls alliance is circulating around the house and it doesn't take a genius to look around and see that once James is gone, it's gonna be 3 girls vs 2 guys. He talks about wanting the competition gone, well...after Adam & James had that heart to heart the other day, I wouldn't be surprised if he teamed up with James (a strong competitor) instead of playing AGAINST Natalie (which he would know he would have to do if not now, then very soon). Or, Adam could do nothing at all and evict James. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking that Adam will shake the house up a bit. We'll find out tomorrow!!

Speaking of Adam, he talked to the camera in the backyard around 12pm BBT, kinda funny lol

In other news, the HG's FINALLY got their "Outside Toys" that they won during the food comp. They got a put-put golf thing, a Q & A game, and some radio controlled monster trucks...which ran out of batteries minutes later lol

More of them playing with toys:

And here's a clip of them playing the Q & A Table Topic game (though it's not a game, its just cards with questions on them):

Here's something funny: Adam & Sheila had a verbal fight today lol Adam told her that the HG's are sick of her talking all the time! Haha!

And this is a personal favorite of mine: Natalie gets busted talking shit on Sheila! LOL (Thanks to Adam! ;-) )

In other random news, Ryan pulled a muscle and the D.R. told him "no phsyical activity" for the next 48 hours, so he's pretty much out of commission until monday night. I think it's a muscle in his chest that he pulled, but I'm not sure cuz he never did really say what happened. Probably an injury from over-eating or something.

And that concludes your saturday report!! A whole lotta nothin' going on. Tomorrow will either be VERY interesting, or very boring. We shall see. :)

Until then..

Stay tuned...

Friday, April 4, 2008

"James will be surprised if the vote isn't 3-0 to evict him."

Here's a small clip I captured from the live feeds tonight around 9pm BBT.

Sharon and Adam are talking and Sharon mentions that not only does James know he's getting evicted, but that he said he'd be surprised if the votes weren't 3-0 to evict him.

Stay tuned...

James to go home (vids)

If you're not a James fan, then you'll be happy to know that as of right now, James is going home. James knows it and he's looking forward to spending time with Chelsia in the sequester house..kinda like going on vacation for a couple of weeks. He's sad, but he's fine with going home at the same time. No campaigning or deals will be made (unless something changes on Sunday during the POV ceremony).

Here's a short clip of James playing chess with Ryan.

Here's everybody else whisper-talking about James leaving:

And Adam is back with his "crew" again. Same bullshit, different week.

THe 'crew', or as they call themselves, "Team Christ", are joking and laughing now that James is going home.

And that's that. We'll see what happens on Sunday but expect James to go on the block and go home on Wednesday.

Stay tuned...

The winner of the Power of Veto is...

The feeds just came back....

Winner of the POV is:


Stay tuned...

Adam tells his crew the Diary Room conned him

In an effort to save face, Adam blamed him NOT nominating James on the Diary Room "people" by saying they wouldn't let him leave to go talk to Ryan & Natalie (which is bullshit). However, the Diary Room *did* play a little bit of a part by calling Natalie to the D.R. when James & Adam built their alliance and were crying.

Adam: "They kept saying 'it's best for you! it's best for you!'"

Here's the video of Adam blaming the D.R. to Ryan yesterday:

Then Adam told Ryan that he made a big mistake by not nom'ing James and once again, brings the D.R. into the convo:

Then he told the same story to Natalie and Sharon:

Part of the deal that James made with Adam (to gain James' trust) is that if James DOES win POV, to not use it. Adam's first move of gaining trust (with James) was to NOT nominate him for eviction. Now it's James' turn to return the favor by NOT using the POV if he wins it (but I actually think he will...either way, I think James just screwed himself with that deal. If he uses it, he's safe for the week. But if he doesn't, Adam could backdoor him. We'll see if he wins it or not and what he actually does with it if he does win it.)

Here is James telling Sharon that if he does win the POV, he will not use it (though who knows, he might):

If James wins the POV, and uses it, then either Ryan or Natalie would have to be nom'ed and one of them would most likely go home. Obviously for those reasons, Nat & Ryan are scared shitless:

Adam talked with James and told him that he thinks he DID make the right move. Arghhhh...what I wouldn't give to see Adam's diary room sessions right now!!!

Sheila complains to Adam that she doesn't "get it" and is disappointed that he, of all people, put her on the block (she thought they were closer than what they actually are):

Natalie finally figures out why Adam did what he did, and her & Ryan talk about it and they are NOT happy about it.

Is your head spinning like mine is? lol Phewwww!! :-P It ALL comes down to who will win the POV today!!!

Stay tuned...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nominated for Eviction are...

The HG's were ordered outside for an exterior lockdown and Adam was still in the D.R., and the live feeds have switched to trivia. All this means that it is now time for the nomination ceremony!!!

The last minute plan for Adam was to throw Sharon and Sheila on the block. We'll see what Adam actually does very shortly!!!

Nominated for Eviction are:

Sheila & Sharon

Ryan is pissed!!!!!!! He called Adam a pussy (to Sheila).

Stay tuned...

Adam flips the house upside down!!!! JAMES & ADAM ALLIGN!!!!

James went up to the HOH room to campaign to Adam one more time. Natalie was in there as well and eventually, James broke down crying!!

Natalie got called into the D.R. and Adam started to cry as James was crying. They both talk about starting over with a clean slate between the both of them and allign themselves together!!

Adam: "Fuck'em!! Fuck'em, dude! Fuck'em!! They're gonna be pissed."

Now Sharon is worried that she will be put up on the block..and she's right!! Adam plans to nominate Sharon & Sheila! Natalie & Ryan are now worried as well.

Stay tuned...

James campaigns to Adam...Ryan gets pissed at Adam..

The feeds are ALIVE!!!! They're actually TOO alive, it's hard to keep up with videos and such.

Okay, so after the food comp, James campaigned to Adam and was telling him that he has NEVER fucked him over and Adam agrees.

Then Adam and Ryan were in the HOH room and Ryan was getting PISSED at Adam because he was saying he doesn't wanna put up James. Ryan went so far as to say "Don't puss out, dude." Ryan is pissed only because he's not running Adam's HOH like he and Natalie normally do and Ryan would be at risk if James didn't go on the block.

Then Natalie joins in and they team up on Adam for a long time (30+ minutes):

Then Sheila joins in...

Then Natalie campaigns to Adam some more in the HOH room..

More updates coming up!! Right now, Natalie and Adam are listening to James in the HOH room. It's not a pleasant conversation.

Stay tuned...

Food comp is over now! (video)

As the food comp was happening, Big Brother let us live feeds viewers see what was going on!

The food comp was a messy one, and it looked hard (everyone seemed to be struggling pretty good). Take a look for yourself:

April 3rd Food Comp Live Feeds Leak:

The feeds then went back to flames.

Just a few moments ago, the feeds came back and the girls were showering and brushing their teeth, as Ryan was on a mission to get some band-aids for Adam. Everyone was telling Sheila how good of a job she did during the comp...wait a minute...Sheila actually did something this season??? It was probably by accident lol

Alright, so the HG's are NOT on slop this week (and they're pretty happy that! lol). Ryan said that they don't have fruits or vegggies for the week, but they did get carbs/breads and pastas, meats & fish, an outdoor grill (the boys will love that I'm sure!!), desserts and some snacks. They are set for this week! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Who was the HOH comp designed for?

I originally thought that last night's HOH comp was designed for Natalie since she's the counting queen, but Adam, Ryan, Sharon, and Natalie were talking late last night about how the HOH comp was designed for James to win.

(Video courtesy of DreamersVids)

What do you think??

Stay tuned...

More of Sheila complaining of feeling "threatened"

I'm sorry, but for being 45 yrs old, she sure does whine like a baby!

She was telling Adam last night that if he puts James on the block, the James will go off and that she will feel threatened and that she will sleep in the HOH room with Adam. Adam responded with "I'm not your protector."

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

James to go home this week (vid)

Once again, it's the house vs James this week.

James made a big mistake tonight. He told Sharon that he thinks Adam will nominate Sheila and himself tomorrow and if that is the case, he wants Sharon to try to win POV to take him off the block (if he doesn't win it himself). Well, Sharon went and told Adam, Ryan, and Natalie what he said and now Adam plans to nom James & Sharon together so that the ONLY way James could stay in the house is if he wins POV. If James doesn't win, he's going home. No questions asked.

Ryan was in the spa room laying down (he wasn't feeling well cuz he ate too much pizza..shocker.) and Adam came in and they had a talk about how it's time for James to go home now. Ryan was rather harsh about it by saying that he's going to homeless again and how funny that was to him. My opinion of Ryan changed from this convo. That and the fact that every other word is either "dude" of "fuckin'" is getting on my nerves.

Video courtesy of yours truly:

Stay tuned...

James isn't doing so good...Sharon is pissed.

Well, the feeds are back. James & Sharon are in the their bedroom (which looks so empty without Chelsia & Josh now). James isn't doing so well. He thinks Adam will nom him and that the only way he'll stay is by winning the POV again. It's the same shit every week for him.

"Same fucking shit, different week."

And Sharon isn't so happy either.

"I hate this place."

More updates to come!

Stay tuned...

The New HOH is...

The New HOH is:


Live Eviction show has begun!!!!

8:08pm: Right now, they're showing Josh's fake crying scene to Adam...
8:11pm: Nat tells Sharon & Sheila that James & Josh are trying to get Adam/Ryan to vote Sharon out. "We have to stick together!" says Sheila.
8:12pm:Nat talks to Ryan privately, Ryan tells Nat that Sharon can't be trusted!
8:13pm: Nat tells Sharon that Ryan can't "trust her". Sharon then tells Ryan that they are all "fucked" if Josh stays cuz they'll gun after Ryan & Adam.
8:14pm: Ryan promises Sharon that she will be safe and he'll vote out Josh instead.
8:15pm: Nat works on Adam, Ryan walks in and they all plan on getting Josh out.
8:17pm: James & Josh talk in the jacuzzi. James said "Sharon is gonna be blindsided (when she gets voted out)."


8:22pm: Julie chit-chats with houseguests, Sheila said James is smart & playing a good game (when asked what her thoughts are about him after he went off on her).
8:23pm: "It's hard to campaign against such a great person." says Sharon
8:23pm: "I loved him since day 1 and we'll be best friends outside this house!" says Sharon
8:24pm: THey're showing Josh's parents, they're not happy with his harsh words and they say that is not "the real Josh" and they think it's just his strategy. He's normally a very sweet and loving guy.
8:26pm: Adam (in the Diary Room) "If Sharon stays in the house, it's gonna be girls vs guys. But there's something fishy about Josh, you can't trust his word at all!"


8:30pm:Julie talking to Nat in the HOH room. She thinks Matt was very happy to see Chelsia walk into sequester. "Matty's not my boyfriend or anything, they can do whatever they want but I do care for him." She says Ryan is her closest friend in the house and she trusts him. Nat says "God talked to me when I was little and told me that I am the glue to my family" (Julie asked about her letters from home)

8:32pm: Sharon & Josh are saying their "Keep me because..." speeches.
8:33pm: Voting begins!!!

Evicted from the BB house is:


(James was the only vote to keep Josh)

Julie will tell Josh that he is evicted right after commercial...
..back from commerical now..

Josh told everyone, as his goodbye speech, to "Be true to yourself. I am proud of being Josh! Be true to who you are and you will go far in the game and in life."

(It was a very nice speech! :))


HOH comp is starting and another stupid Q & A comp (wtf??!)

Stay tuned...

I think Josh will stay, and here's why...(vid)

I know alot of you think that Josh will get evicted tonight, but I think he will stay and here's why:

Ryan & Josh have a secret alliance with each other.

Natalie told Sheila (in the vid below, which happened about 2 hrs ago) that if the votes are a tie, Natalie will vote to KEEP Josh. Sheila wasn't happy about it, but she eventually understood that it's best for Nat.

Ryan told Natalie that he will NOT keep Josh in the house and that if the votes come to a tie, then it was Adam that flipped, not him. (Sounds like he's going to vote for Josh to stay and then pin it on Adam after the fact!!!)

Here's the video of Sheila & Natalie talking about the votes around 1pm BBT:

What do you guys think?? Leave a comment!!

Stay tuned...

Live Eviction tonight: Who will go home?

Good afternoon, kids!!! Well, today is D-Day for either Sharon or Josh, but it looks more like Josh at this point. While Natalie is keeping her promise to keep Josh in the house if it does go to a tie (and even telling Sheila that she will keep him because it's in her best interest), it seems that Adam & Ryan will be voting to get rid of Josh....but then again, you never know. Will Ryan hold up his end of the secret alliance with Josh and keep him? Will Adam, who changes his mind every hour, flip again and vote to keep Josh? We'll find out tonight!

The HG's seem to think it will be an endurance comp today. Even Adam was trying to build up his endurance yesterday in the pool by swimming laps and with Natalie coaching him into how to build it up. If it is an endurance comp, then it *will* be shown on the live feeds!!! CBS will show about 3 minutes of it live on the air, but you can see it all unfold on the feeds minutes later. These are the times that feeds really pay off! I LOVE watching endurance comps!! I have my potato chips on standby for tonight! ;-) lol

Right now, at 12:46pm BBT, the feeds are showing Adam & Natalie reading the bible. Ryan is laying down in the bed next to them, and I'm not sure what everyone else is doing since all 4 feeds are on Adam & Natalie laying side by side in bed reading the bible. (Helllooo!! Control room people, wake up and change the feed now!!!!)

I'll be here reporting all day what's going on. The feeds should switch to standby mode about 2 hours before the live show begins at 8pm EST but I'll report any last minute happenings until then!!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Josh goes off on Sheila!!! (vids)

Josh has been hearing Sheila campaign AGAINST him all day today and he finally had enough of her bullshit! He went into the Spa Room as Sheila was trying to convince Natalie that they should get out Sharon, not Josh. This pissed Josh off because every week, Sheila campaigns for HERSELF and to further herself in the game, but it's not helping her like she thinks it is, it's just pissing people off and they're on to her little game.

Josh, who has been extra nice lately, couldn't take it anymore and he blew up at her. Her defense? "I'm gonna go tell the diary room that you're threating me!!" Gawwd, she is such a freakin' baby!!! Not 1 houseguest thought he was threating her (and they were around when shit went down and heard everything).

Josh: "This isn't your fucking battle, Sheila!!!"

(Videos courtesy of Quirkydude)

Notice how Natalie was on Josh's side? And while in front of everybody? She's not being too sly about being on Josh's side lol ;-)

More to come!!
Stay tuned...

Josh campaigns to Natalie (vids)

In the early afternoon, Josh went up to the HOH room to campaign to Natalie for her vote to stay in the house if the vote was a tie and she needed to break it. He swear on the bible (which is major in Natalie's eyes) that he would throw the next HOH comp and POV and that he wouldn't gun after her next week. He also pointed out that it would be in her best interest to keep him around instead of Sharon for various reasons:

Part 1:

Part 2:

More updates coming right up!!

Also, if everything is the way it seems, then Josh WILL stay in the house! He has a secret alliance with Ryan, but you can never trust in that so we'll see!! But if Ryan remains true, then he would Ryan's vote to stay, James' vote to stay, and Adam is leaning towards keeping him as well. Plus he would have Natalie as a tie breaker vote just in case (if she holds true to her word.)

Stay tuned...

Crazy James naked again + Josh & James late night chat

Last night was a rather boring night on the live feeds. As Josh was saying to James last night, every season of Big Brother gets boring right around this time (with only 6 or 7 HG's left in the house). It's exciting before, and exciting after (when it's the final 4) but this is the "boring time". That was true last year for sure. Remember the LNC playing beer pong every night? Now, what Josh doesn't know is that a double eviction will be happening either tomorrow or next week and the feeds will surely come alive then! ;-) Alliances will be shaken up, if not broken, and shock will hit the remaining HG's as they have to scramble to make new deals and alliances and "promises" of making it to the Final 2 with someone.

Josh also said something that I personally agree with:

Josh: (talking to James) "If me or you leave this house, the feeds and showtime are going to bboooorrrinnng. What are they gonna do, watch Sharon read her bible, or hear Sheila repeat another one of her boring stories or talk about her son? Or watch Ryan eat? Ughh." *rolls eyes*

Like'em or hate'em, Josh & James do bring humor, fun, and entertainment to the show!

Anyways, the HG's had fun playing with their new crafts and games that Big Brother gave them last night. Josh & James were in bed sleeping, but then James woke up and Josh woke up a little bit later and they decided to go into the sauna in the Spa Room.

For all you James fans who love to see him naked (and I know you're out there because ya'll have emailed me asking for more naked pics/vids! lol), here are some pics of James naked again from when he was changing into boxers right before going into the sauna with Josh:

Josh & James then sat in the sauna talking about how the votes are as of that moment, and who Josh needs to talk to for votes. As it stands, Josh has 2 votes to stay (1 from James, 1 from Adam). Adam tried to convince Ryan yesterday to keep Josh but he wouldn't budge. Now, if Josh can convince either Ryan or Natalie to keep him, then he'll stay. But if not, it's bye-bye Joshy.

The talk then moved to the jacuzzi. This was at 1am BBT:

So that's basically all that happened last night. I expect 2 things to happen today:

1) Josh campaigning to stay (includes making deals, convincing, promises, etc)
2) Adam will try to sway Ryan to vote to keep Josh

Adam & Josh are both waiting to see when interior lockdown will start. If it starts before tomorrow morning, then they know for sure that it will be a physical HOH comp. If that's the case, then they will pitch the idea to Natalie & Ryan that Josh sucks at physical comps and Sharon is good at them & why would they want to keep someone around that could win HOH over them. Good thinking! :) But it probably wouldn't work on Natalie considering that Nat & Sharon are part of the "Girls Power" alliance and she would actually want Sharon to win HOH since she can't play for it this week. Words have been tossed around the house that it will be a Girls vs Boys house soon, but Ryan doesn't believe that. If he did, then he would want to keep Josh! So basically, Josh needs to work wonders on Ryan (and he'll need help from Adam to do so!)

James also said last night while in the jacuzzi with Josh that if BB puts them all on interior lockdown for a long time, and everyone thinks it's a physical comp but then they find out tomorrow it's just a Q & A comp but Josh is already gone, that he would laugh his off. lol

Alright, I'll be updating all day today on what's going on in the BB house. It should be an exciting day with all that scheming that Josh plans on doing today! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Monday, March 31, 2008

The HG's got games tonight + Contest Winner!!

Big Brother brought a seemingly dead/lethargic house back to life tonight by giving them all games & crafts to do! Natalie was sleeping up in the HOH room, but everyone else made the most out of the games and crafts. They got molding clay, floam, cards, chess and a couple of other things.

And now it's time to announce the winner of the 1 Month Free Live Feeds contest!!!! The entries consisted of those who signed up for the live feeds today and, as promised, those that guessed the correct door & number of easter eggs from the previous contest. It took me about an hour to gather all the names, print them out, and do a drawing of the winner, so that's why the announcement is about an hour late.

Alright, let's get to it!! :-D

The Winner of the 1 Month Free Live Feeds is...

Samantha Smit!!!

Congrats, Samantha!! :-D You won 1 month of free live Big Brother internet feeds!!! I will send you a confirmation email shortly!

To those of you who entered: Thank you for entering the contest today!! Without you guys & gals, this blog would be nothing. I appreciate each and every one of you Big Brother 9 Blog fans!!!!!!!

I will be doing 1 more contest in about 3 weeks, and that will be for a CASH PRIZE!!!!! It will be a end of the season drawing and that will something that EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU CAN ENTER!!

More BB9 updates coming right up! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Josh almost hits the Panic button

Josh is breaking down and this time, it's real. He almost hit the panic button tonight, but then didn't & instead, he went into the D.R. to talk.

Right now, he's talking with Sharon saying that he knows he's going home and that he can't take the house anymore.

What is the panic button?
The panic button is a red button that any HG can push if they want to quit the game at any time.
Stay tuned...

Josh fakes a breakdown to Adam (vid)

Since Josh can't eat food (he'll get a penalty VOTE, not a penalty nom for next week because he's already on the block), he decided to play a different game; pretend that he's about breakdown and eat real food!!

Here he is setting up for the pretend-meltdown, and then kicking it into full gear as soon as Adam walks in the kitchen from outside:
Video courtesy of yours truly:

After all of that work, NATALIE TOLD ADAM THE SECRET that Josh was planning on eating to get a penalty nom. Gee, there's a shocker...Natalie told a secret. She held out about 12 hours longer than I thought she would.

Anyways, so Natalie is trying to get Josh out and she's trying to pin it on Adam & Ryan by telling Adam that they (Adam and Ryan) MUST vote the same so that it's not a tie because Natalie doesn't want to break the tie. Adam told her that it's her job to break ties, and Natalie responded with "No it's not! It's my job to put them on the block, it's you guys' job to vote them out!" Adam wasn't buying it.
(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

And here's more of Adam telling Natalie that it would be in *his* best interest if the tie was broken by her, not him & Ryan. (and he's right!)

Stay tuned...


It's the end of the month and to celebrate March's last day this year, let's go out with a bang! IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER CONTEST!!! :-D

This one is an easy one!!! Also, since there is less than 1 month of the show left, you can sign up for the live feeds for just the 1 month (and 2 of those weeks are free!)

The Prize: 1-Month of Live Feeds

Here's how you enter:

1) Sign up for the Free 2 Week Trial of the live feeds.
2) Forward your live feeds confirmation email to [edited]
3) Bookmark us & then check back tonight @ 12am EST to see if you won!!

Your confirmation email is your ticket into the drawing and it costs you nothing!! So what do ya have to lose? Take a chance and enter the contest today!! :-D



Stay tuned...

Josh's plan is now off (vid)

The D.R. told him that it can't be done. The whole penalty nom thing won't work because it's not allowed to be used as strategy. I was watching the feeds when Josh told James this in the jacuzzi, but I think it was also during the time of Showtime's After Dark show.

Anyways, Natalie found the rule book last night and was reading it to Sheila up in the HOH room. The plan is a no-go and here's why:

As it is stated in the Big Brother rule book:

"If the producers learn that 1 houseguest is attempting to bait another in such a way that they get a penalty nomination, the producers may in fact issue one to the houseguest who is doing the baiting."

Here's the video of Sheila & Natalie reading the rule book:

Natalie: "who's the bait, and who's the baitee?"
Sheila: "I dunno..."


Stay tuned...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Josh's plan for the penalty nom (vids)

Well, Josh told James his plan for the penalty nom! And I'm happy to report that Natalie has not "spilled the beans" yet about Josh's little plan. However, she has been hinting towards it around the other HG's and even breaking out the rule book with Sheila to see what the rules & penalties are for eating food while on slop. I give it about 2 more hours before she cracks & tells everyone..that girl can't keep a secret for shit! Anytime a HG tells Natalie something, they might as well just say it into a megaphone. lol

Here's the vid, courtesy of Quirkydude:

More live feeds updates coming up!!!

Stay tuned...

The boys toliet paper Sheila's room! (vid)

This happened Saturday night, but I forgot to post this in the Saturday Report and I figured I'd post it seperatley! lol :-D

The boys were bored and decided to toliet paper Sheila's bedroom:
(Video courtesy of DreamersVids)

...and here's Sheila finding out that her room has just been toliet papered! LOL
(Video courtesy of DreamersVids)

Stay tuned...

Sunday March 30th: POV ceremony + Josh plans to get penalty nom!!

Okay, let's get the POV ceremony results out of the way first.

James, who won the POV and is on the block, decided to take himself off. The replacement nom is:


(that was the plan all along, for Sharon to be the replacement nom.)

In a strategic (or possibly stupid) move, Josh came up with a plan to get Natalie to keep him this week and get rid of Sharon instead:

Since Josh is on slop, he wants to eat a hamburger so that he can get an automatic penalty nom. A penalty nom would ensure that he could not play for HOH next week nor the POV. So what does this all mean? Well, this would mean that he would be a 'sitting duck' and easy to get out next week by all the HG's. But if James were to win HOH, he'd be safe (hopefully). It's a bold move for sure, but it would get Sharon out this week because why would you vote out someone that is GURANTEED to not win HOH or POV the following week, compared to keeping around a smart player like Sharon? This could be an excellent move in the game for Josh! Or it could come back to bite him in the ass! Here's the video of Josh explaining it to Natalie:

Part 2 of their convo:

Part 3 of their convo:

Josh told Natalie to NOT say anything to anyone (especially the boys in the house) about his master plan. Nat keep a secret?? Oh boy. Well, to her credit, she DID keep the secret from Ryan minutes later, but will it last? :

Alright kids, now you're all caught up to whats going on! I'll be updating tonight some more as shit unfolds, so....

Stay tuned...

Saturday's Report-March 30th

Alright, here's everything that went down on Saturday:

The pranks continued on Sheila. This time, James dumped a glass of flour on her as she was sunbathing. She was NOT a happy camper by any means! lol

...more of Sheila being pissed off and the guys are laughing:

Sheila was complaining and saying that she wants to talk to the D.R. about it. Why is it that every time something happens, she has to run to the D.R.? Argh. She should just loosen up and prank'em back! She could have so much fun if she wasn't such a prude.

Actually, Big Brother joined in the pranks!!! First it was shutting off the water during Sheila's shower (LOLLLL!!!):

..then they scared Josh TWICE during the day by shinning a light on a halloween mask behind the mirrors in the house LOL

Here's the 1st BB prank on Josh:

And here's the 2nd one & you can actually see the guy in the mask with a flashlight in the reflection):

Next on Big Brother's prank list, a rat in the fridge (which was found by Josh):

Ahhhh what a fun day of pranks! lol

Alright, next up is today, Sunday's, report!!!

Friday Late Night Report-March 28th

Hey everyone!!! So sorry I was away a bit longer than expected, but I'M BACK and in full reporting mode!! ;-)

Alright, let's start ya'll off with the happenings that went down on late Friday night and then I'll follow up with Saturday's report and then today's report for Sunday:

Late Friday night, Adam pranked Sheila by taking one of her O.B. tampons, put salsa on it (to simulate blood), and put in the downstairs bathroom:

Natalie was told by the boys to 'go use the bathroom' to discover the prank and she did:

Next to find the tampon, James and Josh...and Adam rolls on the ground laughing (lol):

Later on, they put the tampon in Sheila's room and she found it & laughed it off.

Then after that, James poured water on Sheila's head (he was standing near the HOH room and Sheila was downstairs):

OKay, the Saturday report is coming right up!!

Stay tuned...