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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thank you!!!

I want to take some time in between posts to show my thanks for ALL THE SUPPORT that you guys & gals have shown!!!

I want to post a few comments that I've received and share them with everyone (if I had enough space to put them all, I would!)

*I look so forward to your updates!!! I even "sneak" in a couple of times during the day at work to see what is happening. First thing I do in the morning, and last thing I do at night is check to see what you have written. And I keep telling my husband about little things like James being bi ... and he keeps asking me how I know and I won't tell him. You are the best blogger I have read. Keep up the good work! Keep on blogging ....


(Thank you Monica!! Hope you don't get in trouble at work! ;-) haha!)

*Thanks for the up-to-date info with the house guests. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

(Thanks Melina!! You're a Big Brother 9 Blog fan, and therefore, you're awesome! :-D )

*I just want to take the time to thank you personally for all the updates you do during the day. Your the first place I go every morning when I wake up. Congrats on the BEST MYSPACE BLOG OUT THERE!! YOU ROCK

(Thanks for the support, Suebee!! You rock, too!!)

*Love your blog! Keep up the great work!!

(Thanks Ashlea!! You're too sweet!:-D )

*You are doing an awesome job! I love your site! Thanks for all the updates!
Keep up the good work!

(Thanks BeckyBear!! XOXOXOXO!!!!)

Thank you to those of you who have left comments here on the website, myspace, and through emails! I am truly humbled by EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!

Those of you who have given a Donation through paypal or who have signed up for the live feeds through us, THANK YOU!!! Words can not even begin to express how thankful and truly grateful I really am that you all continue to support the Big Brother 9 Blog and keep it alive!!

To each and every one of you: THANK YOU!!!!!

Jamie :-)

More updates on the HG's coming up!!!

Stay tuned...

Allison trying to stir the pot, Ryan tells her to stop it

She is relentless, I'll give her that much.

So I came up with a name for Allison: "Allison Two-Times"! If you've ever seen the movie "Goodfella's", then you know about the character Jimmy "Two Times". Haven't seen the movie? Watch this 1 minute clip and you'll see what I'm talking about. Allison always says things twice. "I don't care. I don't." or "Why are you mad? Why you mad?" "Seriously, I don't even know. Seriously." These are all a part of Allison's vocabulary lol Drives me up the damn wall!!! Arghh!!!

Moving on...

Allison tried to stir shit up by trying to pick a fight with Josh. The only problem is, Josh knows how she works and wasn't going to play along. Kudos to Josh! :)

Here's the vid, courtesy of xx2OOxx

..and here's Ryan (@ 11:30pm EST) telling her to cut her shit out already! (THANK YOU, RYAN!!!)
Video courtesy of Quirkydude:

More updates to come, so..

Stay tuned...


Nothing much has been happening on the feeds all day. Everyone is in chill-mode, except Allison who is trying to get herself & Ryan to stay in the game (by the way, nobody is buying it and it's rather funny to see Allison try so hard at something that is impossible to get.)

So, the HG's were on exterior lockdown and when it was over, they found a letter on the dining room table! The letter says:

Houseguests, I have an important announcement:
Sometime in the coming weeks you will hear a distinct sound over the house PA. When you hear the sound, you will need to gather immediatley here in the living room and follow the instructions given, and be prepared, this could happen at any moment...

Expect the unexpected!
Big Brother

The sound is like a low-key emergancy siren. Here, watch the video:

As Matt said in the background, I'm guessing it has to do with the whole Jericho "virus" thing?? I'm not sure since I don't watch the show.


OMG, I am so excited!! What could it be? Is it 1 houseguest coming back?? Is it 2? Is it going to be a comp? Oooo....THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Allison guilt tripping Nat & backstabbing Sheila (video)

Within 30 minutes of getting up (at 10am BBT), Allison was already trying to work Natalie into helping her and Ryan stay in the house.

(Video courtesy of yours truly ;-) )

Allison already tried doing this to Natalie and Nat went and told everyone last night in the HOH room (Josh, Sharon, Chelsia and James were in the HOH room at the time). So Allison's plan isn't going to work, but I think this is just a sign of what's to come in the days leading up until the live eviction on Wednesday; game talk, manipulation, and backstabbing. If anything, I think it's going to make the decision to evict Allison even that much more easier! Allison doesn't know that EVERYBODY in the house wants her gone and they all tell each other what she is saying to other HG's.

If this is what is happening in the first few minutes of the day, then the live feeds are going to be buzzing all day long!!

More updates to come all afternoon, so..

Stay tuned...

"Houseguests, time to wake up!" (video)

Good afternoon BB9 blog fans!!! Hope you slept well and you are all nursing your hangovers today. ;-)

There isn't going to be an overnight report because, well, I already reported everything that happened overnight. lol The HG's went to bed early last night and nothing else happened (surprisingly). Sheila and Adam kind of got everything out on the table as far why they were paired up together and I think they were just trying to figure each other out since they haven't really had the time to do that.

Okay, so Matt woke up about 15 mins ago...

...brushed his teeth and did something else...

I'm calling this the "Eww Moment of the Day"
(Video by yours truly ;-) ):

Oh how an attractive man can seem soooo unattractive in the morning lol

Right now, BB is waking up all the houseguests and they're all up getting ready for the day:

Stay tuned...

Friday, February 29, 2008

Geez!! Now Matt wants to eat out Allison! (video)

The topic of the night for every houseguest is sex!

Earlier I showed you guys the video of Allison saying that she will do "anything" to stay in the BB house..and I think fucking Matt, or at least letting him go down on her, falls into that category.

Once again, self-proclaimed "America's Playa", is trying to work his magic yet another female houseguest.

Listen to their convo & see Matt almost "practice" his oral skills on Ali:
(Video courtesy of yours truly ;-) )

And has anyone noticed how Allison repeats everything twice in a row? And she also says "like" a lot.

Ex: "Like, I'm seriously tired. Seriously. I'm like, tired." (Arghh!!!)

T-minus 5 days until I don't have to hear her on the live feeds!! w00t w00t!!

By the way, if I had to guess, Allison and Matt are TOTALLY gonna hook up this week. When a woman tells a guy HOW she has sex, what she LIKES during sex, and that she needs breaks in between orgasms..umm..ya...they're gonna hook up for sure!! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Matt & Sharon kiss!!! (video)

Sharon is playing Matt, and Matt is playing Sharon: both don't have a CLUE that they're both playing each other (lol!!)

Here is Matt and Sharon kissing and then Josh walks in on them:
Video courtesy of Quirkydude

Oh, and I forgot to mention in the previous post that James was supposidly visiting Chelsia's "southern region" in the sauna (Allison caught them).

I think sex in the air in the BB house this week!!

Stay tuned...

Here we go! Allison will "do anything to stay!"

..and so the drama starts.

Allison was telling Ryan (at 10pm BBT) that she will "do anything to stay" in the BB house and that she has 5 days.

Oh, big brother!

Watch the video to hear it straight from the horses mouth! (..pun intended ;-) )

In my previous post, I said it was either going to be a realllly interesting week, or a realllly boring week. My money is on it being interesting! lol

Stay tuned...

Allison is going home (videos)

This week is either going to be reallllly boring, or realllly interesting. Not sure just yet. Allison is going home and everyone (including Allison) knows it. Now, either the house will just relax and have a BLAST until Wednesday, or Allison is going to stir up some shit and try to manipulate her way into staying (highly doubtful) and thus creating drama, or the house is just going to be calm.

Tonight, nothing much has been going on.

Josh and Sharon were in the HOH talking about their favortie topic, Allison, and saying that she's going home:

..and if you have the stomach for it, here's Allison and Chelsia kissing. Again.

*reaches for the pepto bismal*

Odds are that Chelsia and Allison will have sex by the end of the week lol
Proof is in the pudding ,folks!!

(Allison talking about her sleeping with girls, dildos, getting oral, and etc etc)

Alright, that's it. I gotta go stock up with more pepto if this shit keeps up for the next week.

**Of all the girls in the house, why Allison, Chelsia? WHY?!!**

Be back soon! lol
Stay tuned...

Immediatley following the POV comp...(pics & vid)

While Natalie, Matt, Josh, Adam, Chelsia, and Sharon celebrated the fact that Allison did *not* win the POV....

...Allison & Ryan looked utterly defeated.

I feel really bad for Ryan. The same way that I felt for bad for Alex (and maybe just a tad for Parker even though I personally wasn't a fan of his)...they all got screwed over by their partners running their mouths.

Since it's a 99.9% chance that Ryan & Allison are going home on Wednesday, I hope that the twist will be that every partner that did good in the game but got screwed over somehow, can come back to compete..and everyone (at that point) will be competing as individuals. That is my hope. I think it will not only be fair for those who shafted with crappy partners, but it would also level out the playing field. The returning HG's would have no clue what has been going on & little to no bonding time (and would have to play from scratch)...meanwhile, the current HG's that DID bond with other HG's would have to re-strategize and play a whole new game (or as Julie Chen said, a "whole new chapter".)

What do you guys & gals think??? Leave comments below!! :-D

More updates to come, so..

Stay tuned...

The winner of the POV is...(spoiler!)

And the winner of the POV is....

*****WARNING: Spoiler!!!!*****

Winner of the POV is...

Matt & Natalie!!!

Screenshots & video coming soon!!!

Stay tuned...

The POV comp has started!

It started about an hour ago actually, but was down and I'm just now able to post about it. :(

Okay, so right before the feeds switched to this:

...we saw this:

Natalie & Sheila saying a prayer before the POV comp.

As of 7:43pm EST, the live feeds were still showing nothing but Trivia on them, which meaaannnss, the comp is still going on! ;-)

Keep checking back for updates in this post! I'll be updating every 30 mins (or when the feeds come back & I know who won the POV!)

Updated @ 8:40pm EST:
Feeds still on trivia!

Stay tuned...

Screenshots..screencaps..whatever u call'em lol

I LOVE taking screencaps of the live feeds! Gives a real in-the-moment shot, ya know?

Okay, let's start off with Natalie talking to James, and James looking dumbfounded by Natalie (and later on telling her to 'shut up' lol):

Natalie was saying that EVERYTHING in the house is a "sign" and something to pay attention, THIS I found interesting; when Natalie and James were leaving the bedroom, the camera man ZOOMED IN on this:

Is this a clue to something? Or is the camera man just having fun? Hmm!!!!

Okay, so next up is Josh:

Josh is NERVOUS AS HELL!!! He can't stop pacing the HOH room, talking about "worst case scenarios", and how much he can not wait for the POV comp to begin!

...and here's Josh praying with a rosery:

Poor Josh is freakin out!!!

Here's something that will make you guys laugh; Matt was listening to a Britney Spears CD in the HOH room and jamming out to it lol

I guess 3 weeks of no music will make even a self-proclaimed hardass & "playa" like a Britney CD! ;-)

The HG's are thinking that the POV comp will start at 3pm BBT. Keep checking back for more updates!!!

Stay tuned...

Okay, here's an update on the feeds...

Everyone in the house is on board for "Operation Gardner"..aka 'get Allison evicted' ("She planted the seeds, we're weeding them out!"-Matt)

Sharon & Josh are making Matt believe that he will not be voted out (if Allison wins the POV), buuuutttt, that's not the truth. ;-) If Allison wins, Matt & Nat will be packing their bags!!

Now, this is a great strategy on Josh & Sharon's part: they're making "friends" with Matt by making him think he's a part of a master plan to get Allison out and to save him from the block. They (Josh, Sharon, and Matt) made a deal that if its an endurance comp, and they are the last ones in the game, for Matt to just give up because he's safe anyways (he'd be a fool to do that though lol)

Ooooo how the plot thickens!!! ;-) I seriously couldn't imagine NOT having the live feeds on days like today!!!!!

Screenshots coming up in just a minute or two...hold on!! :)

Who do you want to win POV? (poll)

Okay, let's see what all you Big Brother 9 Blog fans out there are thinking about the POV comp that will take place within the next 2-3 hours!!

Who do you want to see win the POV today?

More updates on the feeds coming up!!
Just a fair warning...there will be MULTIPLE updates today so check back OFTEN so that you don't fall too behind! ;-)

Stay tuned...

The POV Ceremony..who will play?

The POV is underway!!

The feeds are on trivia:

Who will play? Who won't?



Josh & Sharon (HOH's)
Matt & Natalie (Nom'ed)
Allison & Ryan (Nom'ed)
Sheila & Adam (random)

I can not WAIT until the POV comp starts!!!!

The HG's have been saying for days that it's going to be a phsyical comp (remember, Josh & Sharon and Chelsia & James went to bed early last night to rest up for the endurance veto comp today).

It's gonna be a VERY looongg and interesting today on the live feeds!! If ya got'em, spark'em up! Game talk is already starting! ;-)

At 12:15pm BBT...
Allison: "I'm ready."

Stay tuned...

Good morning...err...afternoon!! (video)

Good morning...err..afternoon! lol The fiance had the day off today and I had to try to wrestle the laptop away from him for the past 3 hours, so I appologize for the delay in posting the overnight report and current BB house happenings (but he's alot bigger me than me so I lost lol :-P)


Alot depends on who wins the POV today..alot!! If Allison wins it, then that's really bad. If Matt & Natalie win it, then Sheila and Adam will go up as pawns to get Allison out. Either way, Matt & Natalie or Allison and Ryan will be evicted this week..unless the major twist that Julie announced last wedneday will affect the eviction. Oooo the suspense is killing me!!!

Alright, so let's move right along to...

The Overnight Report

Since I was up until 2am reporting the live feeds and getting videos & screenshots for you guys, there's nothing much to report...other than Allison and Chelsia kissing (omg, I think I just threw up in my mouth..)

Video courtesy of TrishyDoll79:

Okay, now that I got that out the way, I need to take some peto bismal for my upset stomach from watching that clip and then I'll be back to report what's happening on the feeds (complete with screenshots!!!)

Sit tight, folks! It'll just take a couple of minutes...

Stay tuned...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Matt talking shit on Natalie & Sheila on Allison (2 new vids!)

Okay, I uploaded the videos for ya'll:

Matt & the guys bashing on Natalie:

This is Part 2 & where the feeds cut to Sheila talking about Allison:

The 3rd video was rejected by youtube for being too long (oops! lol) And its already 2am and I am BEAT! So I'll re-do that vid tomorrow.

Until then, g'night kids! ;-)

(Will be back in the morning w/ a full overnight report!)

Stay tuned...

POV talk, Matt bashing Natalie, James & Chelsia kiss..

Hey BB lovers!!

I've been here the past few hours getting videos (I have 3 coming up, I just have to cut the 30 min video into 3 sections before posting them on youtube, I'll post them when I'm done!) and I've been getting the latest scoop and screenshots for ya'll!!

While it's been a drama-free night, the house is buzzing with 'if this happens, we need to do this..' talk ALL NIGHT LONG!!

Josh was talking a bath (naked hehe) while Sharon and Sheila talked to him about Allison (video of that coming soon..)

Sheila went on to say that she's playing Allison since she was screwed over by and that Allison is REALLY good at being manipulative (ya, no shit! lol). She also promised Josh & Sharon that herself & Adam will vote any way they want them to. Sheila also wanted them to know that she is not, in any way, in any kind of alliance (or even friendship) with Allison.

Tomorrow is the POV comp and, worst case scenario, if Allison wins, then Sheila & Adam will be pawns most likely and they'll gun for Matt & Natalie. Basically, all their talking is about the POV tomorrow and Josh is nervous that he won't be able to get Allison out...almost like his plan is working too good right now to get her ass out.

While still in the bathroom together, Sharon was saying about how she thinks that HG's might be coming back next week, but with a twist! She thinks that they will come back in the house, but in different pairs (ex: Parker & Amanda as 1 team, etc) Interesting concept!! Sharon told Josh that she is going to bust her ass tomorrow to win the POV so that the noms stay the same.

As Josh was getting out the tub, we got a nice look at a Josh's naked ass! ;-) hehe

After his bath, Josh and Sharon decided to chill out for the night and just get some rest because the POV is going to be a physical comp tomorrow:

Meanwhile downstairs, the feeds cut to Chelsia and James in the sauna sneaking in a little kiss (awwww!!):

Matt was outside in the backyard working out:

...then Ryan came to join him...

Matt was talking about how everyone in the house trusts Natalie the most, BUT that she is a liability to him because of the things she says sometimes and that its frustrating being her partner. (Earlier, he talked shit on her and it's in 1 of the 3 videos I will post later on!)

Later on, it was gullible Natalie's turn to get manipulated by the evil Allison in the sauna:

What was she saying? Who knows. Who cares? Literally *EVERYTHING* out of that girls mouth is bullshit, lies, and it's all uninteresting to watch. I briefly heard Allison playing the whole "he said, she said" crap. I switched to another feed about a minute later. lol

Looks like the house is winding down for the night. Chelsia and James got the same idea as Josh & Sharon; to spend the night chillaxin in bed:

..and that is all that happened (so far) tonight in the BB house!

I'll do the videos tonight and upload either tonight or tomorrow morning and I'll post them with the overnight report. Right now, its 01:33am EST and I think I'm going to head to bed soon. If anything happens between now and then, I'll definitely let you guys & gals know! ;-) Until then...

Stay tuned...

Nominated for Eviction are....(spoiler!!!)

Hey BB fans!!!

The nomination ceremony was held this afternoon and the results are in....

Nomination for Eviction are:

Allison & Ryan | Matt & Natalie

So what is Josh & Sharon's plan?
Josh: "Get Allison out...and if she wins the POV, then we get Matt & Nat out now and then get Allison out next week."

Matt is already buggin' out & telling Josh how manipulative Allison is being (by saying that she is the one who "kept" Matt & Natalie in the house this week.

Video courtesy of xx2OOxx

I'll be back in a little bit, need to run to the store (not feeling good again tonight). Hopefully some ginger ale will help me through another night of updates!

Stay tuned...

Food Comp is over & the Feeds are back!

...and the girls are in green tights and the guys are in lol

Okay, it wasn't a physical comp (for the girls), but they said "..poor Ryan, in the sun." so I'm guessing that he had to do something really phsyical and in the sun for a long time. lol

Natalie is saying that rubber comes from "cemet" and Matt is saying "..just..shut up. Don't talk." (refering to her being stupid lol)

Matt (to Natalie): "Where you homeschooled by beavers?"

Okay, this is from right after the food comp (2:19pm BBT):

Then the HG's had to go inside (outside lockdown) and the smokers of BB ignored the announcemnt:

..okay, all HG's are now inside for Lockdown.

Stay tuned...

While we're waiting for the food comp results...

I just noticed that one of our favorite youtube guys (Quirkydude) posted a new video from this morning in the BB house!!

Okay, here's the scoop:

Josh & Sharon (and the rest of the house) want Allison GONE!!! That's a no-brainer. They've all had it with her bullshit and her whining, and she's the main target this week. Sooo, Josh & Sharon want to put up Allison & Ryan, and use Matt & Natalie as a pawn. Now, like I posted last night, Matt saw this coming (him being on the block) and he just 'knew' that he was going to get evicted.

Here's a clip of everyone discussing how to make sure Allison goes home this week, and it's provided by Quirkydude:

Does Matt look scared or what? lol

There was a mini-fight between Allison and Josh 20 mins before I recorded the video I posted in my previous post: Allison was trying to be like Josh and verbally attacking him and when it wasn't working, she got in his face and Josh told her to 'get 5 feet away' from him and she responded with "BB told *you* to stay 5 feet away from *me*." I swear everyday in that house, is 1 more year younger that Allison acts. That's not good strategy..AT ALL! It's fucking annoying, its pissing EVERYBODY off in the house, and it's not going to win her the money. What the hell is she doing??? I think she "flew over the coo-coo's nest" or something and forgot where she's at.

I have to admit, though I never was a fan of Allison's, I gave her kudos for being a strong manipulator and for (trying to be) creative with the whole lesbian alliance thing. And she CAN fuck with peoples minds really good, but all of sudden, it's like she lost it or something. ::shrugs:: I dunno. Somebody on the feeds last night said "She should be strong enough and know herself well enough to *not* let verbal comments get to her. But they are. And that's whats scary." I wish I could remember who it was....damn. Anyways, whoever said that, is 100% right! She's a smart and educated girl....she should be handling herself better. And in the video I posted above, you hear Sheila saying that Allison is "mentally broke down". I agree.

I thought BB had a psychologist on stand-by? If they do, they need to pull her aside and talk to her. It's almost sad to watch her anymore.

But I digress.

I'll let you know when the live feeds come back on from the HG's doing their Food Comp! :-D

Oh, and today is NOMINATIONS DAY on the feeds!! That'll be interesting! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Food Comp + Ryan is pissed at Allison (video)

Oh where to begin...

I turned on the live feeds at Noon BBT and saw Chelsia, Ryan and Allison talking. Knowing that Allison is in cry-baby mode lately, I just started to record the feeds right away. lol

Ryan is clearly pissed, and rightfully so!! His partner (Allison) is running her mouth and they both know they're going to be gone this week if everything works out the way Josh & Sharon want them to.

Watch the video of the 3 of them talking and Ryan telling Allison how he feels, and watch Allison try to pin it all on him...again!

Video courtesy of yours truly ;-)

Right now, the HG's are doing their Food Comp. How do I know? The feeds are showing nothing but Trivia:

( The answer is A, by the way. ;-) )

That screenshot was at 12:50pm BBT (or 3:50pm/EST).

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll let ya know how the food comp went!!
Stay tuned...

O.R. Pt. 2: Chelisa plays w/ Sheilas boobs, Josh dancing + more!

So apparantly, Ryan never knew about the fake 'adopted son' that Sheila and Allison had (when they were in their "Lesbian Alliance") and Chelsia filled him on everything (Ryan was NOT happy!):

Video courtesy of xx2OOxx

And so ends the Allison & Josh saga...for now, anyways. ;-)

In other news, Matt & Natalie fought last night. I'm on Natalie's side with this one:

Everytime Natalie needs/wants to talk to Matt, he ignores her or tells her to wait (for a time that will never come) and frankly, she got sick of it and called him out on it! (Good for you, Nat!! :-) )

Have I told you guys how much I love xx2OOxx?? Cuz I do!

Phewwww!!!!!! That was enough drama to fuel a power plant! Okay, so this marks the end of the drama-posts for the Overnight Report.

Now let's get you guys & gals smiling & laughing!!

If you're in need of a good laugh, watch Joshua break it down for ya!! His dancing is hilarious, but it's meant to be funny!

Ohhhh Joshua, how I love you so!! lol

And if you want to see Chelsia playing with Sheila's boobs, then watch this 1 min clip:

And friends...concludes the overnight report!!!

Fuck, I could use a nap now! lol ;-)

The HG's should be getting up in a few hours and when they do, I'll be sure to update ya'll on what they're doing and bring you some fresh new videos!! ;-)

Until then,

Stay tuned...

Josh & Allison fight: Overnight Report Part 1

Holy moly, a lot of shit went down last night!!!!

Okay, Josh blew up at Allison when the live feeds were off, and the CBS show didn't start yet. Josh knew that Allison was easy to break down (mentally) and knowing that they had a mental comp, he wanted to break her down. Knowledge wise, Allison knew every quote on the walls that they had to answer for the HOH comp, but Allison's mind was on the fight with Josh and so she basically just choked during the comp.

(Wow, go Josh! lol)

The actual reason why Josh blew up at Allison is because allison told Natalie that Josh, Sharon, Chelsia and James all have an alliance together and that Allison wanted Josh & Sharon out this week (we all knew that, though. If Josh & Sharon didn't win the HOH, they definitely would have been up on the block this week-no doubt!)

Josh walked in on Allison telling Sheila in the downstairs bathroom that Josh called her a bitch (this is when the HUGE fight between Josh and Allison happened) and Josh confronted her and asked "What did you say?" And Allsion responded "Ya I heard you called me a bitch." Josh responded with "Actually, I called you a fucking bitch!"

Watch this video, courtesy of xx2OOxx:

Thennnnn, it was time for Round 2! lol

So, after Josh & Sharon tell Ryan what went down, he goes and asks Allison if that was true or not. Allison denys it all and has her own version of the story. She cries about how Josh threatned her (he threatned to strangle her and slice her throat open), and she went to BB and they told Josh to stay 5 feet away from Allison at all times (are you kidding me????)

As much as Allison is whinning, complaining, and bitching, she sure does like to provoke! She went outside to the hot tub where Sharon & Josh were and asked Sharon a couple of things and started to walk away...the whole time, Josh didn't say 1 word to her! It was only when Allison stopped and started boo-hoo'ing about 'I don't like my life being threatned..' crap. That's when Josh started on her again, but hey, she's the one that was just asking for it. No sympothy at all for her! Josh calmly told her to get away from him..she wouldn't. Josh spalshed water at her and said "Go away!", Allison said "No, I won't." (Ya, she seems real concerned with his threats, right? Whatever. lol)

Okay, so here's the video of all of that:
Video courtesy of the WONDERFUL xx2OOxx:

...and Round 2 is ON!!

Allison getting caught up in her own lies, drove a wedge in between her and her partner Ryan. He called her out for lying and she denied it and tried to guilt trip him (but he caught on to that, too.) Her maturity has gone down to about...hmm...age 9 now? lol ;-)

Josh must have REALLY done a number on Allison because at one point, she didn't give a shit about Big Brother or any of the HG's. Apparantly, she tried to quit (when she went into the Diary Room and bitched about Joshs' threats) so they compromised with her to get her to stay (that whole 5-ft away thing.) She goes on to bitch to Chelsia about how Big Brother is a "torture chamber" (lmao!)

The overnight report is SOOOOO BIG that I have to section it off into 2 posts...

This was Part 1, and part 2 is coming right up! ;-)

Stay tuned...


I went to lay down on the couch to rest my eyes and next thing I know, its 6am! lol :P I guess I was more tired than I thought.

Soooo, that means I have alot of updating to do! I'm going to be taking down the polls and replacing them with new ones, getting videos, and a full overnight review!!

Right now, its 8:00am/EST, I will have a full update by 9am/EST!

...just ppllleeasseee let me get some coffee first lol (I'm not much of a morning person). ;-)

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Josh blew up at Allison!!

I turned on the live feeds and started to record, and this is what I captured:

Josh blew up at Allison (so sorry I missed that!! lol), Sharon is trying to be the cool/calm/collected head in their team, and Allison is whinning to Ryan about how much she doesn't like Josh.

Allison: "Everyone in this house can go fuck themselves."

(wow, what happend to sweet lil Allison? haha! I knew she was a bitch!)

Then she goes on to say:

Allison: "I don't care. I don't care. I don't. I don't care. Seriously. I don't."

(for someone who doesn't "care", she sure does talk about not caring alot!)

Allison then went on to say:

Allison: "I know my father is fuming. FUMING!!" (about Josh blowing up at her.) "My dad will fucking RAIL him! You don't know my dad!"

She goes on to say that her daddy will beat up Josh for picking on her. old is she again? What an immature little bitch. Whoopdie-freakin'-do, you got yelled at....and you want your "daddy" to beat him up? Hahaha!


Matt walked up to Allison and said they have to talk later (to scheme/plan). Matt ALREADY thinks that not only will he be nominated for eviction, but that he's gonna go HOME! Wow, somebody lost their confidence! He was outside in the backyard telling James, Ryan and Adam that his "boys" back home are probably packing their shit and moving out in anticipation of Matt getting sent home next week. Matt also went on to say that he just hopes he doesn't get backdoored because he won't be able to fight for a chance to stay in the house then and that if he was nom'ed, that at least he could fight to stay.

Oooooo how I hope Josh and Sharon backdoor his punk ass!!! But I don't like Allison either...I could deal with Matt for 1 more week, but not Allison. She needs to go next!

Okay kids, I'm going to go watch the feeds now! I'll be posting updates and screencaps all night, so keep checking back! ;-)

Stay tuned...

1st TWIST of BB9!!!

At the end of the show, Julie Chen said the following:

"I'll be here next Wednesday at 8pm for the live eviction that you won't want to miss! The evicted couple will get a surprise that noone will see coming. And a new chapter will begin for this season of Big Brother."

OMG, I have a TON of things going through my head right now!!!

Will Alex and/or Amanda come back?

Will they start playing as individuals? ("new chapter begins")

What are *your* thoughts??

Leave a comment below!!!

I'm going to spark up the live feeds and get some screenshots and current gossip in the BB house!!!

Stay tuned...

And the new HOH team is....



The new HOH team is...


(HELL YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

CBS Show: Live Eviction (spoilers)

...and so it starts, the LIVE EVICTION on CBS!!!

8:02pm: Julie Chen "Its day 21...", "..medical emergencies.."
8:03-8:05pm: (reviewing of last week)
8:05-8:06pm: Amanda talks about her sickness
8:06pm-8:07pm: Matt gets Adam's vote
8:08pm-8:09pm: Allison talks to Adam, James, Chelsia Josh, and Alex about evicting Matt & Natalie. Adam says he's voting for Matt to stay regardless.
8:09pm-8:10pm: Matt tells Natalie to make empty promises to Josh & Sharon.."If we stay, we will not put you up on the block next week.."
8:11pm-8:11pm: Ryan and Allison talk about evicting Matt & Natalie or Alex and Amanda


8:15pm: return from commericial
8:15pm: checking in with HG's (live), Julie asks Amanda about her sickness and coming back into the house and her getting closer with the girls.
8:16pm: Julie talks to Sheila about her and Allison's fight/fallout
8:17pm: Julie praising James on being Amanda's hero...
8:18pm: Alex saying it was "great" for Amanda to come back to the house..smiles on his face.
8:18pm: Julie talks to Matt about no cups in the house, cold showers, and slop affecting HG's moods.
8:19pm: Coming up...James and Chelsia's relationship/friendship


8:23pm: return from commericial
8:23pm-8:26pm: James and Chelsia's relationship (clips of some sweet moments)
8:27pm: James and Chelsia in HOH room (live), asking about blindsiding Matt..Chelsia doesn't regret anything. James says he hates alot of the HG's! (wow!), Chelsia and James both wouldn't keep the money if they won. Chelsia would donate it, and James would use it to get others to bike around the world like him.
8:29pm: Julie Chen "we'll be right back.."


8:33pm: return from commericial
8:33pm: return to living room, talking to HG's, about to cast their votes live
8:33pm: Amanda & Alex plead their case...
8:34pm: Matt and Nat plead their case to stay...
8:35pm: live voting BEGINS!!!!!

OHHHHH!!!! If the coupels don't agree on the votes, then THAT couple goes home!!!

8:36pm: Adam & Sheila vote to evict: Amanda & Alex
8:37pm: Josh & Sharon vote to evict: Amanda & Alex (regretfully)
8:38pm: Ryan & Allison vote to evict: Amanda & Alex

Evicted from the Big Brother House is...

Alex & Amanda


8:38pm: "By a vote of 3-0, Alex & Amanda-you have been evicted from the Big Brother house..."
8:40pm: Amanda & Alex are outside the BB house, talking to Julie..
8:41pm: Josh and Sharon not happy..Amanda is crying outside the house...Alex looks pissed!
8:42pm: Alex blames himself for not campaigning.
8:43-8:44pm: the HG's goodbye messages (Matt said he will "get" the people that sent him home)


HOH Comp is up's NOT an endurance comp, its a mental comp.
(What the hell is with all these mental comps???! LAME!!!!)

8:48pm: HOH comp begins.....(see newer post for the spoiler...)

Let's have some fun!! (POLL)

T-Minus 30 minutes until Big Brother starts!!!!

In light of tonight being evicition night, and thus a new HOH team will be crowned, which team do you want to see win the HOH comp tonight?

Remember, I'll be here posting during the live eviction in 30 mins, so if you don't like spoilers, then you're on the wrong site! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Trivia on Feeds-Let the games begin!!

Updated: 6:19pm

Okay, we haven't seen the houseguests in an hour and the feeds switched over to Trivia..which means we won't see any action on the feeds until the HOH comp begins.

Don't have the live feeds?

Get'em Here!!

I'll be right here to post if the feeds magically go live again, and I'll also be here for the live eviction (for all you spoiler fans out there!)

LIVE EVICTION begins in 1 hour & 30 mins!!!

Stick with us for the rest of the night, it's going to be INTENSE!!!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Alex is PISSED!!! Updated 5:55pm/EST-Pic Added!

He's walking around with his sunglasses on, saying he's pissed.

Matt asked him if he was pissed at him, and he looked at James. Matt asked if he wanted to talk and he said no.


Alex also said something like 'fuck it, only 2 hours to go anyways' (they start earlier for test runs and such, that's why he said 2 hours).

Updated @ 5:39pm
The feeds just switched to the cute little guinea pigs...ahhhh gotta love live eviction day! Its the day that the feeds go in and out (BB is usually setting things up, talking to the HG's, etc etc..all things we're not allowed to see.)

As a side note: Sharon and Josh were talking in the storage room and Sharon was trying her best, once again, to get Josh to vote out Matt & Natalie...he wasn't budging though. *sigh*

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll update this post! ;-)

Updated: 5:55pm/EST
Still got the cute little furries on the live feeds...

Awwwwww...aren't they cute?!! :-D

Stay tuned...

HOH Lockdown (last updated at 4:55pm/EST)

Something fishy is going on in the BB house!! They never have the HG's on HOH lockdown for 3 hours.

James thinks that BB is going to remove stuff or make the house look like a disaster area (playing up to the whole Jericho theme..remember the "virus" thing from yesterdays show? That's what he was talking about.)

Josh is wondering how BB will have them cast their votes since they're going to be on lockdown (unless they let them leave to cast their votes and then remain in lockdown afterwards). However, James said that it didn't sound like that was the plan that BB had in mind. VERY INTERESTING!!!!

Okay, so as of 12:36pm BBT (or 3:29pm for all you East Coasters out there), this is what lockdown in the HOH looked like...

Nothing but mindless chatter so far...

Updated @ 3:43pm/EST:

Okay, the feeds have been on flames the past few minutes AND the feeds cut to a 2 second shot of the DR room chair (with nobody in it) and a male voice was heard saying "No, and umm..." [cut to flames again]..

Something going down!! ...and for once, it's not Natalie. ;-) Okay, cheap shot. But I had to take it hehe :P

Updated @ 4:05pm/EST:
...still flames....

Updated @ 4:55pm/EST:
The feeds are back!!
All HG's are roaming about and having mindless chatter still.

Sheila is giving a speech (to Matt, James, Chelsia, and Adam) about how young guys will do anything in bed, but older guys won't. I sure hope I don't have to hear this convo for the next 3 hours lol

Stay tuned...

"Good morning, Houseguests!" (updated at 2:25pm EST)

The HG's all woke up, took their showers, got some breakfast and coffee and talked around the breakfast nook in the kitchen. James informed everyone that they are going to be on HOH lockdown (everyone must go into the HOH room) starting at 11am.

Here's Alex (shirtless hehe ;-) ) talking to everyone:

The talk was light and friendly. In fact, even Alex was goofing off by rubbing his nipple in front of James lol

Alex knows he's going home, and Josh asked James 30 mins ago if he should be a pity vote or just go with the majority to make it 3-0. James said "make it 3-0."

The HG's entered HOH lockdown at 11:03am BBT (that is 2:03pm/EST):

So, looks like Alex and Amanda's fate is to leave the BB house tonight...unless lockdown for the next 3 hours brings out something major and drama turns the votes around (but don't hold you breath on that one).

I'll be back every 30 mins giving you guys & gals the lastest updates..

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report-Feb. 26th

Since I was up all night reporting, there's not too much left to report before the HG's were ordered to go to bed (they had a curfew of 1am because they have a big day today). I'm guessing that the HOH comp will be an endurance comp, this is when having the live feeds comes in handy! Though CBS will only show about 5 mins of an endurance comp, us feed watchers can see it all happen live and will know the second that someone wins the HOH comp.

Okay, so let me pick up where I left off last night...

Josh was planning a verbal attack on Allison, but then he changed his mind. They know that they (Josh and Sharon) are big targets now from stirring up so much shit in the house and they are predicting going up on the block this week. I actually agree but it's nice that they have a heads-up and can recognize the way the game is being played in the house. It's better to have a plan than to be caught off guard.

Sharon and Josh spent all night trying their hardest to get HG's to switch their votes for Alex & Amanda to stay, but after getting no where, they threw in the towel and gave up.

Sharon & Josh exhausted & frustrated:

Amanda knew what her fate in the house was and even though she had a (bullshit) convo with Allison and Allison was telling her that there's still "hope" to stay, Amanda wasn't believing it (and she's right to believe it because it was bullshit). Amanda was a wreck last night.

Here's Amanda crying and looking like a hot mess (12:26am BBT):

Matt went around to all the HG's last night saying how he wanted to make a name for himself in the house as "America's Playa" and that's why he's been hitting on all the girls in the house. Basically, he tried to dig himself out of the hole he created and surprisingly, it worked. *sigh* Dammit.

Here's Matt consoling Amanda (12:32am BBT):

The feeds cut to Alex in the Spa Room talking to Sharon and Josh but I'm not sure what was said because as the feeds cut to him, he walked out of the room. I'm guessing it's a 'I know I'm going home, thanks anyways' talk.

Here's Alex in the Spa Room and Amanda sleeping on Matt's leg as he played with her hair:

The last 30 mins before the HG's had to retire for the evening, all the feeds were showing were Ryan and Allison were playing chess as Matt and Adam and Amanda sat on the couch watching them (well, Amanda was passed out, but she was there.)

The camera guys gave us two options to choose to view on the feeds last night before bedtime....Allison and Ryan playing chess or the guinea pigs:

...which one do you think I watched for the next 30 mins? (if you said guinea pig, then you're right.)

So that's what happened last night! If you want me to be totally honest, I think Alex & Amanda are going out. Now, as of actually leaving, I'm not sure. The number of HG's in the BB house are dwindling and FAST! There has got to be a point where BB switches to individual play, or brings a couple back (doubt that though), or doesn't evict a team at all. Watch the live eviction tonight..I wouldn't be surprised if BB did something to keep BOTH nominated teams in the house. The drama factor would be INSANE and the ratings would go through the roof! I just have that funny 'Big Brother Feeling' about tonights show...that it's not going to go the way we think it will.

Off topic from Big Brother for a moment:
I want to extend a HUGE thank you to those who sent donations last night/this morning! It's you guys that I am blogging for and I am tickled pink that you love the blog enough to show your support! So THANK YOU!! :-) *xoxoxo to you!*

Those of you that have been signing up for the feeds through our links, THANK YOU! You keep the site going and I'm able to bring you the latest in videos, screenshots, and updates everyday because of you guys & gals!

I am overwhelmed by the love and support that BB9 Blog fans have and I am humbled by it as well. You guys TRULY are the BEST BIG BROTHER 9 FANS OUT THERE..NO DOUBT!!! And I love each and every one of you!!

Okay, I'll be back with an update on the morning inside the BB house in just a few minutes. I have to fire up the feeds and see what's the talk of the hour in the house.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Josh plans a late-night attack on Allison + VIDEOS!!!

Wow, wow, WOW!!

Tonight has been non-freakin' STOP!! Allison is feeding bullshit lines to Amanda, Josh is planning a verbal attack on Allison tonight (to which I am personally greatful for! lol), Alex is still 'whatever' about it all and in his mind, he's already going home. Oh, and can someone in the BB house tell Allison to stop saying "totally" and "trust me" and "a million, billion percent"???! Grrr!

Alex TRIED, for about 10 mins earlier tonight, to start shit with Matt by calling him out things, but it backfired. So its back to square one for Alex (though he's not gonna try anymore. He's done.) Ya know, I feel for Alex. He got screwed over because of his partner running her mouth and getting him pulled into her shit. Nothing he can do about it (then or now).

Soooo...this video is of James and Chelsia talking and he says "So, Matt stays."
(captured by yours truly)

***I would like to take a moment to remind everyone that I have a "Donate" button...

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...and that I would be ever so greatful if ya'll could maybe spare a buck or two to help replenish my hot cocoa that I ran through tonight to stay up and bring you guys & dolls all these updates and videos. lol ***

Okay, back to the update...

Josh and Sharon were in the hot tub tooting their own horns about how they have been stirring shit up in the house (but what THEY don't know is that tonight, the HG's are on to them and they're going to be targeted very soon for it):

And here is Alex telling Sharon to not mess up her own game while in the process of trying to save his ass:

I'm done with the videos for tonight, I took 9 vidoes today for you guys!!! That's ALOT! lol So now I'm gonna enjoy the feeds and the drama and I'll be back bright and early with a FULL OVERNIGHT REPORT and more vids for ya!!

If something REALLY exciting happens tonight while I'm up, of course I'll post it here and ya'll be the first to know! ;-)

Stay tuned...

Shit is hitting the fucking FAN tonight!!!

Alright BB fans, here's your dose of whats going on...

Basically, to be blunt, Alex & Amanda are fucked & they know it.

HOWEVER, the night is not over and Matt is making promises all over the damn place that his ass can't cash and Alex is now starting to figure out that he's promising different things to different people. So keep the faith that Alex will call Matt's ass out and get the votes!

Speaking of votes, it was decided by the HG's that it *MUST* be a 3-0 vote. This will protect the new HOH and not put a target on anyones back. Uhh..maybe should tell them that they're in the Big Brother house and that they ALL are "targets" in the house. Have they not seen the show before???!??

Moving on..

Dinner tonight was bitter sweet. The bitter part was that (at the time) it seemed that Alex & Amanda were going home (which still may be very true.) Right before dinner, Amanda was caught crying in her room about knowing that she's going home and Matt comes in to comfort her. Does anyone else find that a bit disturbing? The guy that is campaigning against her (but claims he's not) is hugging the person he's winning to.

Here's the video I captured tonight:

Right after that, everyone sat down to the table for the 'last supper' since they know at least 1 team is gonna be gone tomorrow. The HG's all said REALLY nice things about the couples that are nominated (except Chelsia who told Matt that his ego is too big and he needs to get a girlfriend to deflate it a bit lol)

When it got time for Alex to say a few words, it became more of a "goodbye. thanks for the memories." he threw in the towel and doesn't care anymore. (However, an hour later, I saw the fire in his eyes again, so don't count him out yet! ;-) )

Here's the video I captured of Alex's (seemingly) goodbye speech:

Though his speech was very heartfelt, it was nice to see him a crack a smile and making jokes afterwards:

Next, Josh and Sharon were talking and Sharon was PUSHING LIKE A MAD-WOMAN to get Josh to vote for Matt & Natalie to GO!!

Josh, on the other hand, was not liking what she had to say and he became rather frustrated and confused on what he should do.

Then all of sudden, they could hear Allison trying to strike a deal with Chelsia to keep Matt!! Knowing this, they decided to use it to their adventage and a plan was set in place to 'seek & destory'....

...and here's the video of Josh doing a 'test' deal with Matt (he doesn't know he was set up HAHA!!):

So Alex and Amanda & Sharon & James went into the HOH room and talked about a plan: they wanted Alex to blow up at Allison saying how Matt is using her and feeding her bullshit. Alex agrees.

Shit is going down right now and I can't be here typing about it because I need to WATCH IT! So...

Stay tuned...