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Friday, March 14, 2008

Sheila starts campaigning..for no reason.

As I posted earlier, Sheila is on-the-verge-of having a mental breakdown. She approached James early in the day and sat down to talk with him. While her intentions were to campaign, all of James' intentions was to stop her from trying to campaign since there's no need for it. He told her that the noms would stay the same and that she has nothing to worry about. That answer didn't seem to be good enough though. Sheila is running from person to person, talking shit on everybody else. Not. Good. lol That's a sure-fire way to get kicked out! Hell, maybe she wants to get kicked out. We all know how badly she misses her son.

So James does intend to keep the noms that same and he will not be using the POV...though he did toy with the idea of backdooring Matt while he had the chance..but that would hurt him next week and throughout the whole game by not keeping his word and blah blah blah. Sooo...I highly, HIGHLY doubt that he will use the POV. But it is Big Brother, so we'll see! ;-)

Alright, time for some videos!!

Sheila whinning to Nat and Sharon:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

And here's Matt feeling James out and James telling him that he his indeed safe this week.
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

So that's about it for now! I'll be doing more updates shortly, so make sure you...

Stay tuned...

The Winner of the POV is...

The Winner of the POV is...


The comp involved the gineua pigs (Nat referenced that they looked happy to be back in their cage and she mentioned how loud they were lol) All the HG's are commenting on how fun it was and that "blocks" were actually used in the comp. I can't wait to see it on tv!! It wasn't a "whos the fastest" comp, it was a mental comp according to Chelsia.

Ryan looks sad....

...and the rest of the HG's look tired and are quiet. Now Matt & Nat are saying that Ryan has the votes to stay, so they think Sheila is going home this week. Hmm!!! Interesting!!

Stay tuned...

PS Sorry about the confusion on who won at first, I was going by which picture had the Veto hanging from and I miscalculated it. Seems like all of us BB9 bloggers were confused for the first 5 minutes. lol

POV Comp is underway!!

The Veto Comp has been going on for a couple hours now, so it should be over soon and then we'll know who won the POV and more importantly, the gossip in the house of if that person will use it and if so, who to put know, all that good shit. ;)

Okay, so as of 1:23pm BBT, the feeds were still on trivia:

Do you know the answer to the Trivia Question?

Keep checking back for more updates and to see who won the Power of Veto!!

Stay tuned...

Choosen to play in the Veto Comp are...

The HG's just had their Veto Comp players choosing ceremony!

Playing in the POV Comp today are:

*James (HOH)
*Ryan (nom'ed)

Also, Sheila is having another breakdown. She's been crying off and on since Wednesday because of different reasons: she's scared she's going home, she's worried she won't win the POV, she misses her son, and she's just all-in-all stressed out. I'm wondering if her mental breakdown will affect her ability to play the POV comp in a positive or negative way. We shall see!!

Stay tuned...

HG's play prank on Sheila + POV clue!!!

Hey everyone!!

Last night was rather calm. No stressing, no scheming, just chilling out and having fun...and part of that fun was at the expense of Sheila.

First, the housguests talked shit on her for a while:
(Video courtesy of Scootie668)

..then they decided to play a PRANK on her! lol

Here are the HG's talking about what kind of prank they're going to do:

...and here is the vid of them pulling the prank on Sheila:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Did anyone else laugh hysterically at Sheila when she woke up so suddenly? The HG's were SO LOUD that she probably thought a bomb was going off or something. Ahhh..good times!! ;-)

Moving on, the HG's were on a short exterior lockdown and when the went back in the house, Josh looked inside the guinea pig cage and saw that the wooden blocks inside spelled out "P O V"!
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Speaking of POV, the ceremony was just held!! I'll post about that in a minute. You know the drill...

Stay tuned...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nominated for Eviction are...(spoiler!!)

The nomination ceremony was held today.

Nominated for Eviction:

Ryan & Sheila

We already knew they were most likely going to be on the block, so this isn't a shocker by any means and both of them deserve to be on the block!

Matt & Natalie changed their mind and if they win the POV, they will not use it. They want to vote for Ryan to stay but the votes won't be there anyways.
(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

Seems like Matt & Nat are getting closer and that Matt might be learning that being an asshole all the time isn't going to get him very far in the game. Ehh...we'll see though!

Stay tuned...

Nat gets her massage..Noms today..Diary Room Leak!!

Hey BB9 fans!! Once again, I had major technical difficulties, but all is well now (hopefully permanently lol)

Alright, let's get ya'll caught up...

After the HOH comp, Chelsia couldn't stop hugging James and they were both all smiles (and a couple of happy tears as well.)

James and Chelsia talked last night and he's putting up Ryan & Sheila. Before they even said that, Ryan and Sheila knew that they would be nom'ed and Sheila was freaking out.

James later on confirmed with Chelsia that he is, indeed, putting up Ryan and Sheila and that he doesn't wanna backdoor them. While he wants both Sheila & Ryan out, his main target is Ryan because he's a strong player and if he wants to really stay, then he'll win the POV.

Also, Natalie FINALLY got her massage from Matt last night!! w00t w00t!! They talked game while he massaged her and they plan on fighting for the Veto to take Ryan off the block (oh geez.)

In other news, there was a MAJOR Diary Room leak last night!! It was with Chelsia in the D.R. talking about how she felt about James leaving and coming back.
(Video courtesy of DreamersVids)
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Sheila & Josh had a little chat this morning in the backyard. Sheila is (in my opinion) trying to get the word out that she fucked up in the game and she knows it and that she needs to "play the game for herself" (Uhh DUH!!!):
(Video courtesy of Quirkydude) ya'll are caught up on what's going down. I have to jump offline for a couple of hours, but I'll be back with more updates shortly after I return! :-)

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And the new HOH is....

The new HOH is....


James: "Good job, kid. I love you." (to Natalie)

Natalie was puking her guts right after she dropped!! She is severely dehydrated.

James and Nat made a deal before she dropped that her and Matty are safe this week, and James is saying (now that he's off the disco ball) that he meant it.

Even though he probably won't, I still REALLLLLLLY hope he backdoors either Matty, Nat, or even Sheila!! They all annoy me equally lol

Okay guys & dolls, I'm going to get off of her for a few minutes and get something to eat and stretch my muscles (been at the computer all day and all night.) Maybe even a nice hot shower to relax a little more. Be back in about an hour!

Update: I'm going to bed. I'm tired & I'm beat from posting all day. See you guys & gals in the morning! :) G'dnight!

Until then...

Stay tuned...

Update on the Endurance Comp:

Natalie is the one mostly talking, right now she's talking about how her outfit matches the stars in the HOH set-up. Yippie. :-/ Anyways, here's a list of who's still in and who's already out!!


Who's Out:
*Sharon @ 8:16pm BBT
*Chelsia @ 9:04pm BBT

Who's Still In:

Update @ 7:29pm BBT:
Nobody else has fallen off yet..

Update @ 7:51pm BBT:
Nobody else fell off yet. Natalie is trying to annony Chelsia, James and Sharon by talking non-stop and singing little bit here and there. She keeps saying "Sorry I'm talking but I wanna have fun while I'm up here! I'm sorry if I'm annoying you guys.." and she is rather chipper & upbeat about it. Chelsia is starting to show signs of weakness and being uncomfortable (her feet hurt her really bad).

Update @ 8:17pm BBT:
SHARON IS OUT!!!!! She dropped on purpose, her legs are asleep. Now Natalie is telling James & Chelsia that they are not HER target, it's Josh that she would go after. James doesn't give a shit, he's not giving up. :-D


Update @ 8:22pm:
It's just Nat, Chelsia & James now!!
Natalie: "I'm good! It's just like hanging on a stripper pole!!" (you would know lol)
James: (to Chelsia) "If it's just me you, I'll drop." (he sounded happy about it)

Update @ 8:25pm:
Sharon: (to Josh in kitchen) "I wanna be friends with you outside this house! If I ever fucked you over, I would never be able to look at myself in the mirror."
(her and Josh have rekindled their partnership..or so it seems.)

Update @ 9:01pm:
Nobody else fell off yet, though Chelsia isn't looking so good right now!

Update @ 9:04pm:
CHELSIA IS OUT!!! She accidently slipped off & she's pissed!

Update @ 9:41pm:
It's still just James & Natalie! BB is moving the thing faster, after James & Nat said they'd start making deals by the 7th hour..and they're only in their 4th hour lol James is "in the zone" as he proclaimed a few minutes ago. Natalie keeps saying she's REALLY thirsty and just wants a big glass of water.

Update @ 9:45pm:
Ooooo!! James just tried to make a deal with Nat (to put up Ryan) and Ryan got PISSED and said "Oh, you're going to fuck ME over now??" and James said "Look what you did to me!!" James then called off the deal and said he can go until 7 hours.
James-"I'll just wait. I feel like I just need to do it myself."
Now Matt is whispering to Natalie "take the deal! take the deal!" and Natalie is not listening to him..thank the lord!! Matt will use Nat to backdoor James AGAIN, and he knows it!! Ryan is talking shit on James..."He's squirming over there! Look!"...I can't fucking stand Ryan anymore, he's become a sell-out version of Matt.

Update @ 10:13pm:
Natalie is sick!! Natalie feels like she's going to vomit!! Nat asked for her and Matty to be safe this week, James said okay (and I think he means it), Matt is telling her to not take the deal and to stay strong!! Uh oh, she's starting to cry and keeps saying she's going puke!!!!!!!

Stay tuned...

Wow...fuck you CBS!!!!

Sorry guys, I had MAJOR techincal difficulties and I just now was able to get online.

So it seems that it was us, America, that got backdoored!! Here's why...

Evicted from the House is:


The HG Voted Back In Is:


But wait, there's more...

All of the HG's had the choice to choose between either letting America's choice back in the house, OR to let James come back in the house.

The Houseguests Choose:


Everyone heard James say something like "Don't you ever fuck me over like that again" to Matt (or something to that affect. I heard it, but missed the exact words.)

So Alex did not get picked.


Anyways, the HG's are now playing the HOH comp and it's an endurance comp!! I have the live feeds up but they're still on trivia. Once they come back up, I will report it all as it unfolds!!

Stay tuned...

1 HG returns + NEW POLL!!

Okay, so the live feeds are pretty boring since (A)they already voted this morning..and..(B)nobody can talk about their votes or diary room session. So the feeds are kinda dull and they will remain that way since the house is on inside-lockdown (until the HOH comp later).

Sooo...let's have some fun, shall we??

Alright, first is a new poll. Read it's not about who you want, it's about who you think will return to the Big Brother house!!

Speaking of polls, I took down the poll on which HG you were WANTED and were going to vote back in the house. Here are the results:

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report + Update + LIVE EVICTION DAY!!

Goooooood MORNING!!!! Or afternoon, depending on where in the world you are. ;-)

Well kids, we finally made it; live eviction day! I, for one, am tickled-pink about it being Wednesday because the houseguests were giving me a headache on the live feeds all day yesterday lol They were changing votes like it was nothing.

Sheila, after doing all the damage and shifting the house to do what she wanted, is now a big target this week. Nobody in the house can trust her and they all know that she's the one behind the whole "backdoor James, not Matty" plan. Did I not call this a few days ago?? Apparently Sheila has never watched the show before. If there's 2 things that are true in the Big Brother house, it is that (1)If you play as a double-agent and cause wayyy too much drama/bullshit, you WILL go home!!...and (2)If you win the $10,000 during the luxury comp, you WILL go home (it's a BB curse and many HG's opt to give it to somebody else because of that.) So with that being said, Bye Bye Sheila (sometime soon) and Bye Bye Ryan (not only because of the $10k, but for going against his word and turning on people this past week, he's pissed too many people off sadly).

Alright, let's get down to the update of what happened last night:
nothing. lol

Natalie painted yet another portrait with nail polish from the Spa Room. This time, it was Matt's turn. As crazy & stupid as she might be/seem, that girl has some talent!! I couldn't paint a stick-figure with nail polish, but Natalie can do a portrait that looks VERY GOOD!! She even "shaded" (as she called it) colors together to get the color of his skin tone and stubble on this face. God didn't give her shit for brains, but he most definitely gave her a great talent for art!!!

Moving on...

So it looks as if James will be going home...go ahead James-haters, rejoice. I personally like him, and I definitely would like him to stay over constant bible-reading-Kermit-the-Frog voice Sharon.
I LOVE this short vid that TheRealDeal made, take a look:


If you liked that one, check this one out of Chelsia (its only 29 seconds long but hilarious):

Ahhhhh, ya gotta love TheRealDeal!!! ;-)

Sorry I kinda ventured off track from the overnight report, but I needed a laugh and figured ya'll could too with all the drama that's been going on.

Alright, so here's what happened today so far:
James & Chelsia had a cuddle-fest earlier and James thinks he's a goner and he has come to terms with it. He campaigned his little heart out, and he's done. However the votes go, the votes go. BUT, if he DOES go, expect one hell of an exit! ;-) James has been plotting his exit for a few days now. He wants to throw off the other HG's (with the exception of Josh and Chelsia who know of his plan already) so that they are shaken-up before the big HOH comp.

Speaking of HOH comp...

Last night, Josh walked into the Spa Room and told James & Chelsia that he "saw an 18-wheeler outside, pouring cement, and there's like 100 people outside working on the HOH comp setup!" and just as soon as he spoke his last word, BB yelled at him and told him to "Stop that!" lol Also, Josh said that the D.R. told him that it was going to take about 10 hours to set up the comp...which leads me even MORE to believe that it WILL BE an endurance comp!!!! Woo Hoo!! :-D Love those! If you don't have the live feeds, get them NOW!! You don't want to be fussing with them right before the show. Like I've said before, if it's an endurance comp, then you will only see about 5 mins of it on CBS, buuuuttt, you can see it happen LIVE on the live feeds!! ;-)

Okay, so that leads me to....
LIVE EVICTION TONIGHT!!! Plus, 1 houseguest will return. Who will it be? Let's see..hmm...could it beeeeeeeeeeeee ALEX?!! Yup! If it isn't Alex, then you know it's CBS choosing who they want back on the game and not us, the American viewers. Plus, there was some sparks when Alex & Sharon kissed for nearly 2 minutes straight in the pool a couple weeks ago and now we'll see if there's any kind of relationship there (since James is going home and Sharon will stay). Do I know James is going home for a fact? No. But I'm 99% sure.

Oh! That reminds me..the votes for who stays/goes home were already held this morning. CBS needed to pre-tape the votes because of the 1 HG coming back & the HOH endurance comp happening..CBS needed to free up 5-10 mins of airtime for those things.

Well kids, that's it for now!! The live feeds are currently showing flames, so I'll be back to report what's up as the day continues!!

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Adam (aka Baller) FLIPPED OUT tonight!! (video)

Adam (aka A-Baller) TOTALLY flipped out today in the HOH room..he's had ENOUGH!! He's had enough of the same exact thing WE ARE ALL sick of; deals being made/broken, this persons voting for that person, now that person changed their mind, etc etc.

Then he says something that I've been shouting at my computers monitor for the past week: YOU ARE INDIVIDUALS, START PLAYING AS INDIVIDUALS! Don't give a fuck about what ANYBODY ELSE is doing or how they're the way that will be best for YOU!!

Adam...I love you!!! and THANK YOU!!!
(Video courtesy of Scootie668)

Stay tuned...

CBS Show (veto comp & ceremony episode)

8:03pm: showing the nomination ceremony...
8:04pm: Chelsia "All I can do is kiss everyones ass and I hate it!" (she was nom'ed)
8:04pm: Ryan trusts Matt, Adam and Josh (they struck a deal pre-noms)
8:05pm: Showing Sharon talking to Sheila: "They want the girls vs the guys."
8:05pm: Ryan in HOH talking to Josh about giving Josh "inside info" (Josh will hang with the girls, and feed that info to Ryan, and vice versa. Josh scared that Ryan is TOO close to Matty.)
8:06pm: "Sharon makes me a bigger target cuz she's with me ALL the time."-Josh
8:07pm: Chelsia upset with being on the block (talking to James in storage room)
8:08pm: James tells Chelsia to trust him that she'll be okay.
8:08pm: Showing Matt being mean to Natalie (Right after the whole Nat giving birth skit)
8:09pm: Nat complains to Sharon and Sheila. Sheila tells Nat that Matt is "working" her over. Nat says "I know!"
8:10pm: Sharon, Josh, Nat, Shelia talk about the backdooring Matt plan.
8:10pm: Matt to Nat: "I'm sorry. It's me and you to the end." *kiss on her cheek*
8:11pm: "We have to pretend that we don't like each other." Matt to Nat
8:12pm: Nat tells Matt about the "backdoor Matty" plan.
8:13pm: "Time to take over!"-Matt in Diary Room
8:13pm: Ryan eating in HOH, tells Matt to use Nat as a "source for information".


8:15pm: Josh pitches his deal to Ryan to be nom-free for 2 weeks IF Ryan would nominate (backdoor) Matt.
8:16pm: Ryan confesses that Ryan already knew of the deal cuz Natalie leaked it to Matt and Matt is pissed.
8:17pm: Josh tells Chelsia and Sheila that Ryan already knew the plan.
8:18pm: Matt up in HOH with Ryan...Matt tells Ryan "Do what you have to do."
8:18pm: Ryan in diary room, might still backdoor Matty
8:19pm: Picking players for the Veto Comp: Ryan picked Adam (and not Matt) for the veto comp.
8:19pm: Adam wasn't on board for plan for the veto, that made Josh nervous.
8:20pm: James/Josh/Chelsia/Sheila in HOH, shakes Ryans hand for the 2-week deal.
8:21pm: Chelisa-"He says he has EVERYONES back!" (talking about Matt)

(when the veto comp comes on, I'm not going to report it..I actually wanna watch that part of the show and not just hear & type it..)
8:25pm: veto comp begins!!
8:39pm: Chelsia wins the POV, Sheila won $10k BUT THEN Ryan took it (he had the option to pick it if he wanted to), and Sheila is really bitter and crying and boo-hoo'ing.
8:40pm-8:46pm: Sheila flipping the game and calling off the "backdoor Matty" plan by talking to Ryan.

8:52pm: Veto ceremony about to begin..
8:53pm: Josh WAYYY excited that Matt will be backdoored (he doesnt know that plan was thrown out, though.)
8:54pm: Sharon giving her "Keep me because.." speech...
8:55pm: Chelsia uses the Veto on herself
8:55pm: Ryan now decides who to replace her on the block..
8:55pm: Ryan choose James..everybody (but Adam, Matt, and nat) look STUNNED!
8:56pm: Matt gets WAY too excited & cocky, and starts rubbing it in their faces "Ya, son! It's ON NOW!! Fuck with me? This is what happens!!" (then you hear Ryan in the background saying "Matt, enough. Stop." and he does).
8:57pm: "He may have won this battle, but I will win the war."-Joshua in the D.R.
8:58pm: "Yep, I got played. What can I say?"-James in the D.R.
8:58pm: "I was the mastermind behind backdooring James!"-Sheila
8:58pm: CBS announcer guy: "Find out who will be evicted tomorrow.."
*End of Show*

CBS show about to start + Update!!

Hey gang! I want to update ya'll on what's going on inside the good ol' BB house. But first, turn your tv's on to CBS because the show is about to start! Not able to watch it? Don't worry, I'll recap for ya! ;-)

Okay, so this is what's up..

The original plan (by Matt, Nat, Ryan, Sheila, and I think Adam as well) will vote to evict James at this point. HOWEVER, things are changing literally every hour, so you never know. Also, the HG's talked about how tomorrow morning they will wake up and then vote right away (pre-taped votes), so tonight is going to be IN-SANE on the live feeds!! Don't have them yet? PERFECT time to get them because tomorrow very well might be the first endurance comp and CBS only shows about 5-10 mins of it at the very end of hte live eviction show..but if you have the live feeds, you can watch it all happen LIVE!!

I'll be posting the CBS show here on the blog for those of you stuck at work and can't make it to the tv, so don't worry-I got ya covered! ;-)

Okay kids, there's gonna be PLENTY MORE UPDATES ALL NIGHT TONIGHT!! You know the drill....

Stay tuned...

The house is flipping...again.

These houseguests are giving me a headache today lol One minute they say [this], the next minute they say [that]. Arghhh!!!

So James and Chelsia were outside in the hammock and talking. Chelsia told James to not get excited just yet, she's nervous about the votes. James agrees.

Then Adam came outside and James went and sat on the backyard couch with, asking if he for-sure had his vote to stay and Adam promised his vote:

About 2 minutes later, Adam walked into the kitchen and told Sharon "If you can guarantee that you won't put me up on the block next week, I'll give you my vote." Sharon asked him why he even THOUGHT she'd do something like that, and Adam said "Well that's what Josh told me." Sharon said "Ooooo REALLY!?!!" (in a vengence kind of tone of voice). So Sharon of course promised he'd be safe, and in return, Adam promised his vote to Sharon instead. So Adam is the swing vote (and he's making that known to other hg's). It's going to be all up to him at this point.

Meanwhile, Matt is working get her to vote to evict James, and of course, Natalie is falling for his charm and whatever. Just when I gave her a little bit of credit, she shows how stupid she truly is. I think she's going to (once again) do whatever the hell her "Matty" wants her to do:

Also, all the HOH pics should be up soon (if not already), so head on over to to check those out!

Stay Tuned...

James might STAY!!!!

What a DAY it has been so far on the live feeds!!! TONS of scheming, planting, plotting, lies, and...get ready for this..TRUTH IN THE HOUSE!!! (ya, amazing isn't it?! lol)

Okay, so here's what's been going on:

James already has votes to stay from Chelsia & Josh.
Then he worked Adam to his side.
Then he talked to Ryan and asked him to vote if it was a tie.
(I think Ryan actually will!)
But here's the kicker, I don't think James will even need Ryan, he MIGHT HAVE NATALIE'S VOTE!!

Natalie fooled us all last night with the convo between her and Matt (when she caught him a lie about kissing Sharon up in the HOH a week or so ago). Now that she knows for a FACT that he lied to her, and that the "Bros Alliance" will eventually push her out of the group, AND the fact that she knows she is Matt's puppet, is all leading her to possibly vote for James to stay!! And Natalie is cutting deals to ensure that she is safe from being nom'ed this week AND asked for Chelsia to just be nice to her (since she's so mean all the time to her lol)

Now if only Sheila will keep her fucking mouth shut and STOP telling Natalie to not vote for James to stay, then all will be well!

Speaking of Sheila, THE WHOLE HOUSE now knows that she's a snitch (told you guys that they'd all find out!) I bet she's a target this week for eviction...wait and see!! Ohhhh tangled up you are in your web of lies. lol

This is getting very interesting! Get the live feeds, folks! It's days like these that they are TOTALLY worth the $15/month!!

Okay, so here is the video of James saying that he has a chance to stay in the game (courtesy of yours truly! ;-) )
[edit: YouTube deleted THIS video as well!!! Wtf?!!?! I also noticed how none of the other BB9 bloggers have uploaded a video in the past 2 hours..probably because they can't or they're getting deleted. Fucking YouTube!!!]

If I could record the feeds all day, I would have! They've been jam-packed with action!!

More updates to come, so..

Stay tuned...

The HG's know there's a twist coming!!!!

Last night at around 1am BBT, Josh, Chelsia, and James were the only ones out in the backyard talking. This is when Chelsia got the idea that EVERYONE in the house are real life couples (with the exception of her & James, and Josh & Neil). They spent an hour convincing themselves that it was true, and then they asked Adam when he went outside for a smoke, and at first he was like "hmmmm! maybe!", but then shit just wasn't adding up. He even went on to say that "Big Sheila" hates him:

Adam: "Big Sheila...that bitch HATES me, dude! No way we're together."

So then Matt and Ryan came out later on after they finished playing a game of chess and that's when everyone started talking about another twist.

The video I recorded for you guys is a little different than I normally do: because they talked for SO LONG about it, I figured I would just capture clips here & there of the most important stuff and save you guys the time of watching 5 different videos lol You'll thank me later ;-)

Okay, so here is the video of the highlights of last nights "twist convo":

More updates to come!

Stay tuned...

Matt denies kissing Sharon..Nat believes him.

This girl is dumber than a box a rocks, I swear.

Just when I thought she wouldn't believe his bullshit lies, she believed him when he said he did not kiss her (which we all know very well that he did..twice!)

Here's the clip I recorded last night. This clip follows the previous post and the video I posted in it (that was Part 1, this is Part 2):

More updates to come, and you won't wanna miss them!! So..

Stay tuned...

Hahaha!! Natalie knows Matt kissed Sharon!!

She called Matt out in the Spa Room (actually, they're still talking as I type this). She said she heard from "realiable sources", who later on she identified as Sheila & Sharon, that Matt kissed Sharon up in the HOH.

At first, she wasn't falling for Matt's back-peddling and lies, but after 10 minutes of him trying to convince her that it's a lie, she believed him.
(Video courtesy of Teslad)

I just hope that Natalie calls him out IN FRONT OF Sharon and Sheila, and then have Chelisa chim in to say how many times he's tried to kiss her as well.

More vids of this convo coming up (I'm recording right now...)

Stay tuned...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Chelsia thinks Matt & Nat are a *real* couple!!

She's in the backyard talking to James about how she thinks Matt & Nat are a couple in real life and that would explain why he doesn't talk shit on her (uhh...he has though), why he defends her so much (that is actually true), and why he's always pushing her off of her.

I personally don't think it's true, but wouldn't that be something? Big Brother throwing a twist at us, the American viewers? Hmm!!!

Oh, then she went on to say that maybe Matt's gay. lol So, who knows. :-P

Update: Now James & Chelsia both think that everyone in the house were real couples. I think their brains are on overdrive. lol

Stay tuned...

Adam is a FREAK! (lol)

He told James, Chelsia, and Josh about his sexual encounter with 2 fat chicks. Wayyyyy too much info in this video, but it's funny, so enjoy! lol

Stay tuned...

Chelsia pregnant?...and Sheila snitches on Sharon

Okay, so YouTube has got a happy trigger finger again tonight and they deleted my 1st Sharon/Sheila video TWICE. Why? I have no clue. They're starting to piss me off though with deleting videos randomly among us Big Brother bloggers out there.


So here is what went down today:
James campaigned, then stopped (and gave up) and is embracing his fate in the game and actually prefers it (as we've seen in the 2 videos in my previous post). Sharon told Sheila a ton of info (which are in the videos I recorded and shared with you guys earlier today). Sheila gave all of Sharon's info to Matt, Ryan and Natalie...and then continues to get more info from her later on (surely to share with the "Bro Alliance"):
(Videos courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Sheila thinks that she's playing smart, when she's really spinning way too many "webs" and she will get tangled up in very soon and I hope so because frankly (and I don't think I'm alone on this), I'm sick to death of hearing her annoying voice and listening to how she's the single-mother of the year and talking trash on everyone TO everyone! And what is up with her neck??? Am I the only one who has noticed that she has the neck of a 90 yr old woman??!? I know that girl has had some plastic surgery in her life, the next thing on her list should be her neck. Looks like an old man's wrinkled ass lol Okay, that was harsh, but I just can't stand that girl anymore.

Moving on...

So Chelsia thinks she's pregnant lol She hasn't had her period. Now, I heard James the other day (talking to Chelsia) about how they had sex 4 times, but according to what they said tonight, they haven't had sex at all yet. I have clue what to believe. lol

Here is the video of Chelsia saying she thinks she's preggo. Just fast forward to about 2 mins into it:

James, Chelsia, and even Josh! their hair tonight. James' hair is all pink, Chelsia re-dyed her pink streak, and then Josh got a tiny pink spike-streak in the front lol
(Video courtesy of Scootie668)

More to come, so..

Stay tuned...

James wants to leave

Earlier, James was campaigning to stay, but he's now done with it all. He's been saying for a while now that he would actually prefer being in the jury house rather than in the BB house for several reasons.

Our good friend xx2OOxx got it all on tape:

Part 1:

Part 2:

More to come!!

Stay tuned...

Sheila & Sharon's Convo (important info!!)

Sheila and Sharon had a lengthy convo earlier this afternoon and it was FULL of info!! Now, since everyone in the house is basically playing everyone else, I'm not sure how much of this true but there's some things that are very interesting!

All videos posted are courtesy of....ME!! ;-)

Let's start off with Video 1...

In this video, Sheila tells Sharon who she thinks will win this season and her reasons why:

Next, we have Sharon telling Sheila who is the best bet to get evicted next in the house! She tells Sheila that if she (Sheila) won HOH, to keep Chelsia and NOT evict her right away, but to put up Adam and Ryan and if one of them were to win POV, then to backdoor Natalie (and this is where Chelsia would come into play..they would have her vote). PLUS, Chelsia wants to go after the 'Big Dogs' herself, so Sharon tells Sheila to let her fight that battle alone and not get dragged into it. Smart girl!!

In video 3, Sharon tells Sheila about the kiss she shared with Matt and what his real motives were for it and that's he a horrible kisser..but that Alex is a good kisser! ;-) Didn't know that Alex & Sharon kissed? Watch this...

*****Flashback Video*****

*****End of Flashback Video*****

Here is Video 3:

And in 4th (and final) video of Sheila & Sharon's convo, they talk about using Matt to further themselves in the game:

Okay, let me get ya'll caught up with what the rest of the day was like inside the BB house in a seperate post!! :-D

Stay tuned...

Tons of updates coming up!!

Hey BB fans! Okay, I have FOUR videos that I took this early afternoon and I personally think that they are great vids because it's a convo between Sharon and Sheila and they BOTH make some statements that lead me to believe that a ton of shit will go down this week!!

One of those major things being that I think Natalie is going to find out about Sharon & Matt kissing and I think that will spark a whole new war in the house and new alliances will be formed!

The vids are FULL of juicy stuff, I just have to process them and then upload them, so hang tight!

Stay tuned...

Double-Agent Sheila in action (vid)

She needs to take better acting classes. I watched this for about an hour on the feeds and I could see right through her bullshit questions and answers with Josh, Chelsia and James.

Video courtesy of Scootie668

Okay kids, I'm off to bed! See ya in the morning as my coffee is brewing! :)

Stay tuned...

This season just turned into shit...(reposted)

(Blogger messed up and I had to repost this, sorry.)

This season just turned into shit...

I try to refrain from posting my opinions in separate posts..actually, I think this may be my first time doing it. But I want feedback from ya'll on what I have to say and what I'm thinking:

This season started off Real World'ish but then by the 2nd week, it turned around and it was rather exciting. Then couples (which I hated the idea of a "couples" themed season to being with) started to get evicted because 1 partner was fucking it up for the other one. Ex: Jen with Parker, Allison with Ryan, Amanda with Alex.

Now that they are playing as individuals, the house is falling apart and it's turning into a mind-numbing show. There's double agents, everybody telling everyone lies, nobody can get their stories straight, it's just a big cluster-fuck of shit. CBS has got to be kicking themselves at this point with the remaining houseguests and the way things are going (and will continue to go in the future).

It's become predictable in a sense as well. Sheila is a double-agent in the game and as we ALL KNOW, double-agents don't get very far in the BB house; they get caught and then quickly eliminated. This season is more about "Haha I got you!" evictions, rather than game play and being strategic and it's annoying. Did BB forget to do an IQ test with all the HG's this year? Looks that way! Perfect example, Natalie. Enough said.

Speaking of predictable, I can already tell that Sheila, Natalie, and Sharon won't win this season. Sheila (like I said earlier) is a double-agent and she's not that good of one to begin with, so she'll be out soon. Natalie; do I even need to go there? She's a no brainer on why she won't win. And Sharon...the only girl that I originally thought had a fighting chance of winning, is now a guarantee that she will go home. Just like Sheila, she is a double agent and she will be used time and time again, until the 'Big Dogs' in the house throw her away when they don't need her anymore. And James is pretty much gone already. I don't see how there will be enough votes to keep him in the game this week.

Now, with another houseguest coming back, you would think it would make things interesting; I used to think so too, until today. Every poll out there says that Alex is CLEARLY America's #1 choice (no other previous houseguest even comes close in the polls on various websites). So, wait...WHEN Alex comes back, he's going to be on Matt's side...which also means Ryan & Adam's side, and he'll be a part of the "Bros Alliance" and the women will be picked off one by one.

This early into the season, I should *not* be able to predict most of the season, and I can. I just hope I am dead-wrong about most of it and BB surprises me...otherwise, it's going to be one boring fucking season.

I want to know your thoughts. What do you agree/disagree with. Speak your mind!! Let's see what ya'll have to say! :)

here are the 2 comments from the original post (before blogger messed up):

1) I would agree...I, personaly, am getting tired of watching the same thing over and over again. Day after day and night after night. There seems to be a lot of this season and its getting rather dull. I hope CBS realizes their show is starting to take the giant spin down the tubes and makes a drastic correction. -Annonymous

2) I agree with most of what you said but i do think alex could be a wild card only due to the fact that he may be pissed that matt made deals to stay. Other than that its fairly easy to see whats going to happen. I do think matt with break the bros alliance at the final 4 if he can keep nat til then and use her to get one of the boys out then burn her in final 3. Just for the fact that he could ensure himself a final 2 spot probably with ryan if the game went perfect for what he wanted. all it takes though is josh or one of his side to win HOH out 2 of the guys up and if one wins pov the other guy goes up if the guy not on the block wins nat goes up and one of the 4 is forced out. SO it just comes down to who wins the comps and nothing else which is lame.-Annonymous

(Leave comments below)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Update on Sharon & Josh

I'm watching the live feeds, and it *appears* that Josh & Sharon are back to cool again. But then again, who knows.

James, Chelsia, Josh, Sharon, and Sheila are in the hot tub talking about the game and what happened today.

Josh: "I evicted Ryan! If it wasn't for that siren, he would gone right now."

Updated @ 12:47am BBT: A regular visitor of the blog posted a comment that I wanted to post here for ya'll to see:

After the feeds came back on, and the blow up... Josh/Sharon agreed to appear separate for information... of which Sharon has told Josh EVERYTHING... she hasn't lied. She never turned on Josh, but is playing for votes and playing their side.

Sharon knows they are using her, they know what they are trying to get her to do, and turn on Josh... so she is playing them. Smart girl.

Thank you Pyke for clarifying that!! ;-)

Stay tuned...

James knows he's done in the game now (vids)

There is a slight chance that James won't go home, but it's not looking so good and James knows it. Here are all the vids that you need to see on James' knowing that his game has ended.


Stay tuned...

Josh & Sharon's fallout (videos)

Let me backtrack for a minute so I can post about Sharon & Josh's falling out. Right after the veto ceremony, Matt & Ryan got to Sharon and was telling her to basically ditch Josh.

And Josh is now done with Sharon...

..and Sharon starting to turn on Josh now..

So there it is. Josh & Sharon's falling out.
I have more to post about other things, so hang on and..

Stay tuned...

Holy shit! The house turned into a war zone today...

Of all the days that I had to be dragged away from the computer, of course it had to be the 2nd most intense day this season in the BB house!! Damnitt! Thank gawd that our good friend, xx2OOxx, took videos all day today!!

Okay, since there is soooooooo much to report, I'm going to bypass a ton of bullshit (you'll thank me later):

Josh calling out Nat & Sheila for being part of the scheme (they deny it) and James' talks to Ryan in the backyard right after the ceremony:

This is where shit started to go down!!

James poured pickle juice on Nat's head (for being a part of the scheme the whole time & playing him in the process), and then Josh throws water on her:

..and this clip right here pisses me off for a couple of reasons. The first being that Matt is totally using a not-all-there girl (Natalie) like a puppet on a string to do his dirty work (he feeds her things to say and do all the time) and the 2nd thing is that he's Nat to bring up (to Josh) about him being gay. There's being bitchy and catty to claw your way to win the game, HOWEVER, when you use sexual preference or race as a "card" in your game, that's when it has crossed the line for me. In my eyes, Matt is a fucking piece of shit, and Natalie is even a bigger piece of shit for letting herself get used/manipulated and for being his voice of hate. And the fact that Natalie has had not one, but TWO abortions and thinks it's funny by squirting milk out of her tits all the time, disgusts me as a woman. There's more that I want to say, but I will bite my tongue for now and just show you the video:

Josh made a "castle" out of slop last night and so Natalie destryoed it today. Listen to Matt in the background telling her what to do:

Then Nat took Josh's Prada glasses because she thinks he took her bible (not sure if he did or not, he was talking about doing that while in the hot tub with Chelsia & James really late last night, so it could have been him.):

There's going to be a Part 2 to this, so hang tight kids!!

Stay tuned...

Results of the Veto Ceremony:


Chelsia took herself off the block and now...

JAMES is on the block!!

Chelsia is PISSED!!

Chelsia: "It's going to get real ugly in this house.."

Right now, she just went off on Natalie BIG TIME, and Natalie handled it like a child on a sugar-high would. I'll post a video after I get it.

Natalie: "Your alliance is FUCKED now!! HA HA! HA HA!! Matty's my boy!! Don't fuck with us!!"

It's going to be a WILD day on the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...

Veto Ceremony has begun!!

And so it begins...

The feeds have been on flames for the past 10 minutes, odds are that the veto ceremony has begun!!!

Stay tuned...

It's Sunday, time for the POV ceremony! (oh, boy!)

Alright, so Josh, Sharon, Chelsia & James all still think that Matt is going to get backdoored and they're very excited about it. Little do they know that it will be James going up on the block, not Matt (unless Ryan changes his mind last minute to really stir shit up, but highly doubtful.)

All the HG's have been called into the Diary Room and the POV ceremony should be happening VERY soon! The time right now is 12:14pm BBT.

Chelsia: "Let's do this damn thing." (referring to the pov ceremony)

I have to leave the house at 5pm EST (that's in 2 hours) so I'm hoping that it happens soon so that I can cover it and get some drama on video! For now, I'm going to get ready for my offline engagement that I have to go to.

The MINUTE that the feeds go to 'Standby' mode (aka when the POV ceremony starts), I will post it!!

Stay tuned...

Overnight Report

Okay, so not much happened last night. James, Josh, and Chelsia had a food fight with slop. Actually, Chelsia was more or less just a target for the slop to be thrown on.
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Chelsia was cleaning it up and got pissed that she was the only one cleaning it up, so James took over and they had their first little fight.
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Later on, James and Chelsia were talking and at first, it seemed as if Chelsia knew what was going on (that Mattie may not be going on the block), but nothing really came of it.
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

So after having doubts, she decided to go up and talk to Ryan. The first time she rang the bell, he never let her in. Hours passed, and she tried again and this time, she got in and talked to Ryan. Sadly, she is lied to and leaves the HOH room still thinking that Matt will go up.:
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Okay, I'll get ya'll caught up to speed in a minute with a new post, so hang tight and..

Stay tuned...