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Thursday, January 31, 2008

CBS releases 2 new vids

Hey guys & dolls!! We are just 12 days away from Big Brother 9 starting and I can't wait! I'm sure you folks can't either.

Well, I just got word that CBS released not one, but TWO, big brother videos and both are rather funny. One is (more or less) of the BB8 cast dancing around (check out the super-hot strip tease that Zach does in his bunnysuit!) and the other video is a "best crys" type of video...which means there's alot of appearances by Amber lol But we love her!

ALSO, I wanted to let you guys in on a secret--I have 2 surprises coming up VERY shortly!! ;-) So you're gonna want to stay tuned for those. Should be within the next week, possibly sooner. So BOOKMARK US and keep checkin' back!! :-D

Now, without further ado, here are the two CBS videos just released yesterday:

Stay tuned...