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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What seperates us from the rest?

So what seperates us from the rest of the BB9 blogs out there? Alot!! We are *MUCH* more than just a fan site or just another boring blog! This is *your* place for the latest updates, the juiciest rumors, live chat with other fans, exclusive screenshots of the live feeds, and videos from live feeds and from the CBS shows.

And one more thing makes us stand out from the rest:

We are West Coast friendly!!

That's right all you West Coast'ers!! Never will you see a spoiler on here or our myspace page. We will wait until it has aired on the West Coast before posting results. So don't ever worry about coming here or to our myspace page ( and seeing a spoiler pop up in your face..we got ya covered!! ;-)

For the rest of ya'll that are *not* on the West Coast, we will post a "spoiler link" for you to click on so that you don't have to wait until after the West Coast show is aired.

Also, unlike most Big Brother blogs, we will *NOT* sugar-coat anything!! We will give our honest opinions and we encourage you to give yours as well! Got something to say? Then log into the uncensored chat room and shout it out, or leave a comment in the blog posts.

So go ahead and bookmark this blog, add us on your myspace, and sit back & enjoy Season 9 of Big Brother right along with us!! :-)