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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

4:00pm-4:30pm BBT (videos)

Okay, so I've been watching the feeds all afternoon and here's whats going on:

Alex is still not campaigning, Matt still IS campaigning, and Matt is interrupting every private convo that Alex and/or Amanda have with other houseguests to keep Alex from campaigning.

I see a HUGE blowout coming tonight!!!!!

Alex is re-thinking the whole not-campaigning thing and I think he's gonna do some major campaigning tonight. We'll see!!! This is when it's awesome to have the live feeds!

In this video, captured by yours truly, Amanda hurries up and pulls Alex into the downstairs bathroom for a quick chat.

Amanda: "The only way we are gonna stay, is if we promise Allison that we won't put her up this week if we win HOH."

PLEASEEEEE Alex, start fucking CAMPAIGNING!!!!!! Please!!

Alex said earlier on the feeds that Big Brother is pissed that he's not doing any campaigning to stay in the house. So with that being said, I think BB will pull a trick out of their dirty little hat tomorrow. We all know that BB will do whatever it takes to keep the ratings good. It's no secret that BB "helps out" the houseguests in knowing who America likes and dislikes and things of the sort. There's been previous HG's that have said that and there's videos on youtube of accidental diary room sessions being filmed and the producers telling the HG's what to say to the camera. They try to influence the game, but they don't have full control of it (if that makes sense).

Here's a clip of Alex talking to Allison about Sharon's alliance with Chelsia and James I'm guessing...but I'm not 100% sure. There's been a gazillion alliances, promises, schemes, and backstabbing moves today that it's making my head spin and I'm not the only one: James went to lay down because he's in a pissy mood and is soooo over the whole drama bullshit and flip flopping of votes. Josh is pissed off, too (though I'm not sure why) and he wanted to go lay down for the rest of the day as well.

Video is, again, courtesy of yours truly! ;-)

The BB house is like a pressure cooker today, folks!! PERFECT time to get the live feeds!!!! If ya got'em, spark'em up (it's gonna be a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong night!!!)

I bought some hot cocoa and snacks and I'm ready to be up all night reporting everything that's going on. I already took 3 videos of the feeds and uploaded them for ya'll today, and I'll be doing more of that all night! ;-)

Stay tuned...