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Friday, February 29, 2008

Allison is going home (videos)

This week is either going to be reallllly boring, or realllly interesting. Not sure just yet. Allison is going home and everyone (including Allison) knows it. Now, either the house will just relax and have a BLAST until Wednesday, or Allison is going to stir up some shit and try to manipulate her way into staying (highly doubtful) and thus creating drama, or the house is just going to be calm.

Tonight, nothing much has been going on.

Josh and Sharon were in the HOH talking about their favortie topic, Allison, and saying that she's going home:

..and if you have the stomach for it, here's Allison and Chelsia kissing. Again.

*reaches for the pepto bismal*

Odds are that Chelsia and Allison will have sex by the end of the week lol
Proof is in the pudding ,folks!!

(Allison talking about her sleeping with girls, dildos, getting oral, and etc etc)

Alright, that's it. I gotta go stock up with more pepto if this shit keeps up for the next week.

**Of all the girls in the house, why Allison, Chelsia? WHY?!!**

Be back soon! lol
Stay tuned...