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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

CBS Show: Live Eviction (spoilers)

...and so it starts, the LIVE EVICTION on CBS!!!

8:02pm: Julie Chen "Its day 21...", "..medical emergencies.."
8:03-8:05pm: (reviewing of last week)
8:05-8:06pm: Amanda talks about her sickness
8:06pm-8:07pm: Matt gets Adam's vote
8:08pm-8:09pm: Allison talks to Adam, James, Chelsia Josh, and Alex about evicting Matt & Natalie. Adam says he's voting for Matt to stay regardless.
8:09pm-8:10pm: Matt tells Natalie to make empty promises to Josh & Sharon.."If we stay, we will not put you up on the block next week.."
8:11pm-8:11pm: Ryan and Allison talk about evicting Matt & Natalie or Alex and Amanda


8:15pm: return from commericial
8:15pm: checking in with HG's (live), Julie asks Amanda about her sickness and coming back into the house and her getting closer with the girls.
8:16pm: Julie talks to Sheila about her and Allison's fight/fallout
8:17pm: Julie praising James on being Amanda's hero...
8:18pm: Alex saying it was "great" for Amanda to come back to the house..smiles on his face.
8:18pm: Julie talks to Matt about no cups in the house, cold showers, and slop affecting HG's moods.
8:19pm: Coming up...James and Chelsia's relationship/friendship


8:23pm: return from commericial
8:23pm-8:26pm: James and Chelsia's relationship (clips of some sweet moments)
8:27pm: James and Chelsia in HOH room (live), asking about blindsiding Matt..Chelsia doesn't regret anything. James says he hates alot of the HG's! (wow!), Chelsia and James both wouldn't keep the money if they won. Chelsia would donate it, and James would use it to get others to bike around the world like him.
8:29pm: Julie Chen "we'll be right back.."


8:33pm: return from commericial
8:33pm: return to living room, talking to HG's, about to cast their votes live
8:33pm: Amanda & Alex plead their case...
8:34pm: Matt and Nat plead their case to stay...
8:35pm: live voting BEGINS!!!!!

OHHHHH!!!! If the coupels don't agree on the votes, then THAT couple goes home!!!

8:36pm: Adam & Sheila vote to evict: Amanda & Alex
8:37pm: Josh & Sharon vote to evict: Amanda & Alex (regretfully)
8:38pm: Ryan & Allison vote to evict: Amanda & Alex

Evicted from the Big Brother House is...

Alex & Amanda


8:38pm: "By a vote of 3-0, Alex & Amanda-you have been evicted from the Big Brother house..."
8:40pm: Amanda & Alex are outside the BB house, talking to Julie..
8:41pm: Josh and Sharon not happy..Amanda is crying outside the house...Alex looks pissed!
8:42pm: Alex blames himself for not campaigning.
8:43-8:44pm: the HG's goodbye messages (Matt said he will "get" the people that sent him home)


HOH Comp is up's NOT an endurance comp, its a mental comp.
(What the hell is with all these mental comps???! LAME!!!!)

8:48pm: HOH comp begins.....(see newer post for the spoiler...)