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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big Brother 9 has begun! **spoilers**

Let me be the first one to say...WOW!!! Yesterday's 1st episode of the BB9 season was incredible and was almost impossible to keep up with everything as it was unfolding!! If you haven't yet seen yesterday's Day 1 episode, then click here.

Okay, so let me give you the 411 on whats going on.

*****SPOILER ALERT!!!!*****

Don't scroll down unless you want the spoilers...

I'm serious! asked for it! ;-)

Here's whats going on:

* Sharon & Jacob got evicted!!
* HG's know about Jen & Ryan being a couple (causing some friction.)
* 1st alliance has formed: "The Lesbian Alliance" w/ Sheila & Allison
* Jen & Parker had a MAJOR fight last night, but all is well now.
* During Jen & Parkers fight, Parker called Jen some nasty names.
* Amanda & Alex are seemingly the houses' "power couple".
* No "showmances" as of yet, but a lot of half-naked women last night! ;-)

As of 5:45am EST, Parker & Jen were nicely talking to each other (and referring to each other as "the white sister" he's never had, and the "black brother" she's never had). Here's the video captured by yours truly ;-) :

Okay so there ya have it, ya'll are caught up on everything!! Its 6:30am EST right now, I'm still on my first cup o' coffee and getting ready for the day. The good news is that all the HG's should be sleeping for a few more hours, which will give me time to take a shower & get dressed before the scheming continues!! ;-)

Stay tuned...

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