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Friday, February 8, 2008

The HG's are moved in: Get the live feeds!!

We just got word that the HG's have moved in the BB house and there is a picture floating around to confirm it:

There's some talks on whats going on, but there's no telling whats true and whats not at this point. We'll just have to wait and see!

Everything is starting to move really fast and it's just gonna get more hectic from here! Are you excited?? I know I am! ;-) We still have a couple days to get everything going, and right now is the PERFECT time to get the live feeds going!!

There are 3 different options to order the Live Feeds:

(1) Free 2 Week Trial: Free 2 Week Trial
(2) Month-to-Month: 1-Month Package
(3) The 3-Month Package (save $5!): 3-Month Package

(All Options Include 2 Weeks For Free!)

I, personally, think that if you get the feeds, to get the 3-month Package. Not only will you save $5, but you won't have to re-order the feeds (and risk being feed-less while in the process of re-ordering), but take my word for it; once ya have the feeds for a whole month, you're gonna wanna continue being that 'fly on the wall' in the BB house!!

So get those feeds, guys & gals!! Get the software up and running, get familiar with the different camera angles, and if there's any technical problems you'll still be able to get them fixed without interupting any Big Brother action.

Stay tuned...