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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Josh blew up at Allison!!

I turned on the live feeds and started to record, and this is what I captured:

Josh blew up at Allison (so sorry I missed that!! lol), Sharon is trying to be the cool/calm/collected head in their team, and Allison is whinning to Ryan about how much she doesn't like Josh.

Allison: "Everyone in this house can go fuck themselves."

(wow, what happend to sweet lil Allison? haha! I knew she was a bitch!)

Then she goes on to say:

Allison: "I don't care. I don't care. I don't. I don't care. Seriously. I don't."

(for someone who doesn't "care", she sure does talk about not caring alot!)

Allison then went on to say:

Allison: "I know my father is fuming. FUMING!!" (about Josh blowing up at her.) "My dad will fucking RAIL him! You don't know my dad!"

She goes on to say that her daddy will beat up Josh for picking on her. old is she again? What an immature little bitch. Whoopdie-freakin'-do, you got yelled at....and you want your "daddy" to beat him up? Hahaha!


Matt walked up to Allison and said they have to talk later (to scheme/plan). Matt ALREADY thinks that not only will he be nominated for eviction, but that he's gonna go HOME! Wow, somebody lost their confidence! He was outside in the backyard telling James, Ryan and Adam that his "boys" back home are probably packing their shit and moving out in anticipation of Matt getting sent home next week. Matt also went on to say that he just hopes he doesn't get backdoored because he won't be able to fight for a chance to stay in the house then and that if he was nom'ed, that at least he could fight to stay.

Oooooo how I hope Josh and Sharon backdoor his punk ass!!! But I don't like Allison either...I could deal with Matt for 1 more week, but not Allison. She needs to go next!

Okay kids, I'm going to go watch the feeds now! I'll be posting updates and screencaps all night, so keep checking back! ;-)

Stay tuned...