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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nothing really going on, so...time for a POLL!!!

BB9 is still 5 days away (oh lawdy!! *sigh*) so I figured I'd post a misc. blog post about a couple of things, including a new poll.

Okay, who here doesn't have the live feeds just yet? Go ahead and raise your hands! Well just to let ya'll know, you can get the SuperPass for *FREE* (yes, for free!) and use it for 2 weeks with NO STRINGS ATTACHED!! Try it out and if you like it, cool! If not, ya didn't lose out on anything. Most people like to wait until the day it starts (which is this Tuesday, Feb. 12th) but just a heads-up, it might be a good thing to get the live feeds a day or two in advance so that you can become more familiar with the software and know your way around and the way it works. It's also a good thing to get them early in case there's any software issues, then you can get them hashed out before hand and be all set for when BB goes live.

Here's the link for the Live Feeds:
Big Brother 9 Live Feeds

Also, we have a surprise for all of you (the idea is courtesy of a Big Brother 9 Blog fan) and that will be happening in the next day or two, so bookmark us and keep checking back!! ;-)

Okay, now that all that good stuff is out of the way..


As always, we'll be bringing you the latest in whats going on, so...

Stay tuned...