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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Checking in on the HG's (8pm BBT)

The HG's have been doing the usual "if [fill in name] wins POV tomorrow, then [this] will happen. I try to avoid Thursday nights on the feeds because it's too much to take in, and everything changes from hour to hour anyways. And even after all of that, EVERYTHING changes again after the POV comp, so there's not much use for sitting here for hours just to get a headache. lol

James told Josh what Ryan's plans are: he wants Sharon gone. Josh went & got dressed (he was fresh out of the shower) and went looking for Sharon to tell her and now Sharon is taking that info and thinking up a storm on possibilities and what to do now. Here she is talking to Josh again about everything as he's laying down:

Meanwhile, Chelsia is teaching "Baller" (Adam) how to do ballet in the main bathroom lol:

And then Chelsia & James continue on with another snuggle-fest:

And this next pic, I love. It's Matt & Adam chillin' out and both having a hand down their pants:

That's about all that's going on. The live feeds aren't that exciting tonight, which I'm happy about because I can actually get caught up with a ton of offline stuff that I need to do.

I'll post 1 more time before I go to bed. Until then...

Stay tuned...