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Monday, March 10, 2008

Chelsia pregnant?...and Sheila snitches on Sharon

Okay, so YouTube has got a happy trigger finger again tonight and they deleted my 1st Sharon/Sheila video TWICE. Why? I have no clue. They're starting to piss me off though with deleting videos randomly among us Big Brother bloggers out there.


So here is what went down today:
James campaigned, then stopped (and gave up) and is embracing his fate in the game and actually prefers it (as we've seen in the 2 videos in my previous post). Sharon told Sheila a ton of info (which are in the videos I recorded and shared with you guys earlier today). Sheila gave all of Sharon's info to Matt, Ryan and Natalie...and then continues to get more info from her later on (surely to share with the "Bro Alliance"):
(Videos courtesy of xx2OOxx)

Sheila thinks that she's playing smart, when she's really spinning way too many "webs" and she will get tangled up in very soon and I hope so because frankly (and I don't think I'm alone on this), I'm sick to death of hearing her annoying voice and listening to how she's the single-mother of the year and talking trash on everyone TO everyone! And what is up with her neck??? Am I the only one who has noticed that she has the neck of a 90 yr old woman??!? I know that girl has had some plastic surgery in her life, the next thing on her list should be her neck. Looks like an old man's wrinkled ass lol Okay, that was harsh, but I just can't stand that girl anymore.

Moving on...

So Chelsia thinks she's pregnant lol She hasn't had her period. Now, I heard James the other day (talking to Chelsia) about how they had sex 4 times, but according to what they said tonight, they haven't had sex at all yet. I have clue what to believe. lol

Here is the video of Chelsia saying she thinks she's preggo. Just fast forward to about 2 mins into it:

James, Chelsia, and even Josh! their hair tonight. James' hair is all pink, Chelsia re-dyed her pink streak, and then Josh got a tiny pink spike-streak in the front lol
(Video courtesy of Scootie668)

More to come, so..

Stay tuned...