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Monday, March 17, 2008

Evel Dick visited the BB9 house on March 6th!!!

Remember the day that the HG's got the big pool table thing for the POV comp?

Well, the housguests were on HOH lockdown that day and you know why? It was because Evel Dick, Dani, and Diane from BB5 were roaming around the house!!!!!!!!

Taken from Evel Dick's blog:
"I got a behind the scenes look at the Big Brother house last Thursday. It was cool as hell. Dani joined me as well as Diane from BB5 & All Stars. It was smaller than I thought and weirder than I thought as well. They were setting up the POV, so the weasles were on lock down and I had a chance to have a smoke and hock a few loogies in the back yard for old times sake.

Fun shit, and as weird as it sounds.... I miss it there in ways and in some, not in the least. But more miss it than not.

Hahahaha!! He smoked & was spitting on the lawn...ahhh just like old times!! ;-) I thought I'd post this, figured ya'll would get a kick out of it.

Oh, and I still believe that Dick will be back this week to host a comp!!

Stay tuned...