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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Holy shit! The house turned into a war zone today...

Of all the days that I had to be dragged away from the computer, of course it had to be the 2nd most intense day this season in the BB house!! Damnitt! Thank gawd that our good friend, xx2OOxx, took videos all day today!!

Okay, since there is soooooooo much to report, I'm going to bypass a ton of bullshit (you'll thank me later):

Josh calling out Nat & Sheila for being part of the scheme (they deny it) and James' talks to Ryan in the backyard right after the ceremony:

This is where shit started to go down!!

James poured pickle juice on Nat's head (for being a part of the scheme the whole time & playing him in the process), and then Josh throws water on her:

..and this clip right here pisses me off for a couple of reasons. The first being that Matt is totally using a not-all-there girl (Natalie) like a puppet on a string to do his dirty work (he feeds her things to say and do all the time) and the 2nd thing is that he's Nat to bring up (to Josh) about him being gay. There's being bitchy and catty to claw your way to win the game, HOWEVER, when you use sexual preference or race as a "card" in your game, that's when it has crossed the line for me. In my eyes, Matt is a fucking piece of shit, and Natalie is even a bigger piece of shit for letting herself get used/manipulated and for being his voice of hate. And the fact that Natalie has had not one, but TWO abortions and thinks it's funny by squirting milk out of her tits all the time, disgusts me as a woman. There's more that I want to say, but I will bite my tongue for now and just show you the video:

Josh made a "castle" out of slop last night and so Natalie destryoed it today. Listen to Matt in the background telling her what to do:

Then Nat took Josh's Prada glasses because she thinks he took her bible (not sure if he did or not, he was talking about doing that while in the hot tub with Chelsia & James really late last night, so it could have been him.):

There's going to be a Part 2 to this, so hang tight kids!!

Stay tuned...