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Friday, March 28, 2008

HOLY SHIT!!! James flips OUTTTTT!!!!! (vids)

Wow! Wow! WOW!!!!!

Sheila & James started with a convo that turned heated when Sheila was trying to pin Chelsia's exit speech (which hurt Sheila because the comment that Chelsia said was referring to her having a big & loose vagina) and she told him that he was 'guilty by association' (actually, Adam said that, but Sheila agreed.)

James also said that if he doesn't win the POV, then he's not going to campaign because it's pointless. I disagree. He's smart, he's a GREAT player in the game, and up next to Josh, he could stay if he really wanted to.

Okay, time for the vids!! Here is Part 1:

Did anybody else find it funny that Sheila said she never "gunned" for James? Uhh..I think you have to win SOME kind of comp before you can "gun" after ANY one! lol Now, if she meant to say that she's never gave her "opinion" to those that DID win HOH, then that's another thing.

Alright, and here is Part 2 (the major blowout!!!):

And NOW, James is going off on Ryan, then Adam goes off on James!!!:

If you have the live feeds, turn'em on!!!!!!! Shit is hitting the FAN!!!!!!

Stay tuned...