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Monday, March 3, 2008

Josh & we go!! lol (vids)

This morning, all the HG's were sun tanning, except for Allison who was in the kitchen making a protein shake. Josh, who was tanning by Sharon, wanted to go check the time. He walks in the kitchen, gets the time from the microwave clock, and heads back out.

...Allison thinks he was spying on her though. lol

A little while later, Josh went into the kitchen to make some meatballs (he got the recipe from Sheila I believe, as they were tanning & talking earlier). Allison comes in and starts up her shit..AGAIN! She tries to provoke him, and he talks to her about some stuff but none of it was pleasant.

The only 1 thing that I didn't agree on with Josh (in the video) is that Allison has been "throwing herself" on Ryan. I haven't personally seen that in long time.

Later on, Allison and Ryan are talking and he tells her to..ONCE AGAIN...cut the shit out. She tells him that it was Josh who started the argument in the kitchen (not true!) and tries to prove it by saying "Watch! When I walk into the kitchen right now, Josh will start. Just watch!" she walks in...and nothing happens. lol Josh didn't say a damn word to her. So Allison continued outside to do post-workout tanning. Ryan knows she's lying and I just think at this point, he doesn't care anymore. He knows what she's like, what she's doing, and that they are the sole reason for being on the block. He's tried to do damage control the past couple days, but Allison has just done too much at this point to change anything around..or so it appears anyways.

Ohhh how the drama is cookin' up a storm today!! If you have the live feeds , spark'em up!! :-D It's gonna be a doozy of a day!!

Stay tuned...