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Monday, March 31, 2008

Josh fakes a breakdown to Adam (vid)

Since Josh can't eat food (he'll get a penalty VOTE, not a penalty nom for next week because he's already on the block), he decided to play a different game; pretend that he's about breakdown and eat real food!!

Here he is setting up for the pretend-meltdown, and then kicking it into full gear as soon as Adam walks in the kitchen from outside:
Video courtesy of yours truly:

After all of that work, NATALIE TOLD ADAM THE SECRET that Josh was planning on eating to get a penalty nom. Gee, there's a shocker...Natalie told a secret. She held out about 12 hours longer than I thought she would.

Anyways, so Natalie is trying to get Josh out and she's trying to pin it on Adam & Ryan by telling Adam that they (Adam and Ryan) MUST vote the same so that it's not a tie because Natalie doesn't want to break the tie. Adam told her that it's her job to break ties, and Natalie responded with "No it's not! It's my job to put them on the block, it's you guys' job to vote them out!" Adam wasn't buying it.
(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

And here's more of Adam telling Natalie that it would be in *his* best interest if the tie was broken by her, not him & Ryan. (and he's right!)

Stay tuned...