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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Josh is scared, Sharon & James are not happy..

Josh thinks he's going to go up on the block, and he actually may be right about that. I personally think Ryan will nominate Matt for being two-faced when he told Ryan that he had his vote, meanwhile Matt told Sheila & Adam the same thing and James called him out on it. We'll find out tomorrow!! For now, the live feeds are buzzing with fear, sucking up to Ryan, and all kinds of convo's. Spark'em up if ya got'em!...the feeds, that is. ;-)

Okay, so here is Sharon looking not-so-happy & talking to Josh:

James was in the kitchen telling Sheila that he's not happy that he can't trust Chelsia now that everyone is playing individually:

..and here he is expressing how unhappy he is to Josh & Sharon in one of the bedrooms:

Stay tuned...