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Monday, March 31, 2008

Josh's plan is now off (vid)

The D.R. told him that it can't be done. The whole penalty nom thing won't work because it's not allowed to be used as strategy. I was watching the feeds when Josh told James this in the jacuzzi, but I think it was also during the time of Showtime's After Dark show.

Anyways, Natalie found the rule book last night and was reading it to Sheila up in the HOH room. The plan is a no-go and here's why:

As it is stated in the Big Brother rule book:

"If the producers learn that 1 houseguest is attempting to bait another in such a way that they get a penalty nomination, the producers may in fact issue one to the houseguest who is doing the baiting."

Here's the video of Sheila & Natalie reading the rule book:

Natalie: "who's the bait, and who's the baitee?"
Sheila: "I dunno..."


Stay tuned...