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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Laaaazy Saturday

I think the whole world is taking the day off today. Nobody (including me, the houseguests, and others) are feeling up to doing much of anything today it seems. Just 1 big day of rest. *siiiighhh* And it feels good! :)

Alright, let's get ya'll up to speed and cut through the bullshit of the past so many hours:

The target is still James. Sheila & Nat are now part of the "Bros Alliance". Josh & Sharon and Chelsia & James are still in a secret alliance together and they have no clue that the target is now James (and not Matt).

And that's pretty much it! Exciting, huh?! ;-) lol

Okay, so apart from that, I see Sheila getting her butt kicked out very soon for being two-faced (and not being sly about all!) and for being a snitch (she runs and tells Natalie everything and Natalie tells the "Bro Alliance" everything.) Keep digging that hole deeper, Sheila!

Since the BB house has flipped/flopped in the past 24 hours with mind-swirling game talk, I'm going to give it a rest for today because it won't matter until tomorrow anyways. Usually things change the day of the POV ceremony, so I'm just going to bypass all the bullshit today (not that there's much of anything going on today, except alot of napping.)

As of 4pm BBT, here is what the HG's were up to:

Josh is chilling out and re-reading his letter from home for the hundreth time:

Natalie is doing her hair...

...while Sheila is in the bathroom with her and talking about stupid shit:

Sharon is roaming around the house. She was just with the boys in the backyard watching them play pool and talking about tattoos, then went in the house for a minute:

And Chelsia is sleeping like a baby (here's the Quad Cam view):

Oh, and off topic:
Someone left a comment today asking if that huge pool table-like thing was used for the POV yesterday, and the answer is yes it was.

If you don't have the live feeds yet, tonight is a great time to get them because there's not much going on and this way you can get them all set up and learn how to switch camera's and etc. PLUS, there will be 1 houseguest coming back to the show this Wednesday and you're going to want to have the live feeds for after the show!! I know I'll be watching them and enjoying them that night, and reporting later on in the evening. Sometimes I have to stop reporting and just enjoy the feeds for a change and embrace the drama and action! lol ;-)

Get the Live Feeds!!

Alright kids, I'm off for the night. If anything major happens, I'll let ya'll know though. Go out and enjoy your Saturday! :-)

Stay tuned...