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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Live Eviction Show:

The show is on!!!!

Right now, they're showing Matt's crying about being getting put on the block and Natalie being angry that James went back on his word.

Now they're showing Adam coaching Matt into getting votes to stay...

Matt trying his best to get votes....

Sheila telling James that Ryan should go home cuz he's done too much shit in the house to too many people...

CBs is showing a segment on Dick and Dani...

Julie: "Evel Dick will be returning to the Big Brother house next week! More on that, coming up!"

Speeches by the nom'ed HGs ...

Voting is now taking place...

Josh evicts: Matt
Adam evicts: Ryan
Natalie evicts: Ryan
Chelsia evicts: Matt
Sharon evicts: Matt
Sheila evicts: Ryan

Evicted from the Big Brother house is:


(It was a tie, James had to break it: he voted to evict Matt in front of the other HG's live)

Matt talked to Julie, told her that him and Natalie will be friends for a long time, but not relationship wise, she's a great girl, but not for him.

HOH comp coming up after commercial!!

Stay tuned...