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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Matt regrets siding with the wrong people (vid)

Matt and Ryan were hanging out in the backyard talking about how they don't know how James and Josh run the house in every single way and they always have. Then Ryan starts bashing Natalie a little bit on how stupid she is (her lack of common sense and always asking Matt what she should do..she doesn't use her brain):

(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

Currently it is 8:07pm BBT. Right now Natalie & Sheila are talking in the blue room (formally the boys room but only Sheila sleeps in there now). They're talking shit on James and Sheila is back to her better-than-everyone attitude bullshit. I'm taking video of it, so check back in about 20-30 mins (takes a while for it render, upload, and process). Until then, here's a screenshot:

And here's a preview of their convo:
"If James thinks I'm going to work with him (after he gets rid of Matty), then he's done way too many drugs in his life!"-Natalie (talking to Sheila)

"James knnooowwsss for a fact, that if me and him were in the final 2, that I'd win! That's why he wants me gone!"-Sheila (to Nat)

Sheila tells Nat that Josh needs to go.
"He's the "devil. He's a false prophet."-Sheila (Nat concured)

"He (James) got removed from this house because of his mouth. Nothing else!"-Sheila

Update: Video posted above in new post! ;-)

Stay tuned...