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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Natalie gets her letter from home (vid)

Natalie got her letter(s) from home, I only caught the part where she read the letter from her dad. She re-read the letter 4 times in a row and the HG's seemed to get sick of it and left 1 by 1, only Sheila stayed behind to listen to Natalie's CD that has a song called "Tree Hugger" on it (don't know the name of the band though).

Right now, Adam and Ryan are working out in the backyard (lifting weights), and Sharon did about 5 minutes worth of working her slippers..and has no retreated to the hot tub to soak her muscles that she worked so hard lol Oh jeez.

The rest if the HG's are inside drinking their 1 beer/each that Big Brother gave them. Seriously Big Brother??? 1 beer per person? *sigh*

Stay tuned...