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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Overnight Report + Update + LIVE EVICTION DAY!!

Goooooood MORNING!!!! Or afternoon, depending on where in the world you are. ;-)

Well kids, we finally made it; live eviction day! I, for one, am tickled-pink about it being Wednesday because the houseguests were giving me a headache on the live feeds all day yesterday lol They were changing votes like it was nothing.

Sheila, after doing all the damage and shifting the house to do what she wanted, is now a big target this week. Nobody in the house can trust her and they all know that she's the one behind the whole "backdoor James, not Matty" plan. Did I not call this a few days ago?? Apparently Sheila has never watched the show before. If there's 2 things that are true in the Big Brother house, it is that (1)If you play as a double-agent and cause wayyy too much drama/bullshit, you WILL go home!!...and (2)If you win the $10,000 during the luxury comp, you WILL go home (it's a BB curse and many HG's opt to give it to somebody else because of that.) So with that being said, Bye Bye Sheila (sometime soon) and Bye Bye Ryan (not only because of the $10k, but for going against his word and turning on people this past week, he's pissed too many people off sadly).

Alright, let's get down to the update of what happened last night:
nothing. lol

Natalie painted yet another portrait with nail polish from the Spa Room. This time, it was Matt's turn. As crazy & stupid as she might be/seem, that girl has some talent!! I couldn't paint a stick-figure with nail polish, but Natalie can do a portrait that looks VERY GOOD!! She even "shaded" (as she called it) colors together to get the color of his skin tone and stubble on this face. God didn't give her shit for brains, but he most definitely gave her a great talent for art!!!

Moving on...

So it looks as if James will be going home...go ahead James-haters, rejoice. I personally like him, and I definitely would like him to stay over constant bible-reading-Kermit-the-Frog voice Sharon.
I LOVE this short vid that TheRealDeal made, take a look:


If you liked that one, check this one out of Chelsia (its only 29 seconds long but hilarious):

Ahhhhh, ya gotta love TheRealDeal!!! ;-)

Sorry I kinda ventured off track from the overnight report, but I needed a laugh and figured ya'll could too with all the drama that's been going on.

Alright, so here's what happened today so far:
James & Chelsia had a cuddle-fest earlier and James thinks he's a goner and he has come to terms with it. He campaigned his little heart out, and he's done. However the votes go, the votes go. BUT, if he DOES go, expect one hell of an exit! ;-) James has been plotting his exit for a few days now. He wants to throw off the other HG's (with the exception of Josh and Chelsia who know of his plan already) so that they are shaken-up before the big HOH comp.

Speaking of HOH comp...

Last night, Josh walked into the Spa Room and told James & Chelsia that he "saw an 18-wheeler outside, pouring cement, and there's like 100 people outside working on the HOH comp setup!" and just as soon as he spoke his last word, BB yelled at him and told him to "Stop that!" lol Also, Josh said that the D.R. told him that it was going to take about 10 hours to set up the comp...which leads me even MORE to believe that it WILL BE an endurance comp!!!! Woo Hoo!! :-D Love those! If you don't have the live feeds, get them NOW!! You don't want to be fussing with them right before the show. Like I've said before, if it's an endurance comp, then you will only see about 5 mins of it on CBS, buuuuttt, you can see it happen LIVE on the live feeds!! ;-)

Okay, so that leads me to....
LIVE EVICTION TONIGHT!!! Plus, 1 houseguest will return. Who will it be? Let's see..hmm...could it beeeeeeeeeeeee ALEX?!! Yup! If it isn't Alex, then you know it's CBS choosing who they want back on the game and not us, the American viewers. Plus, there was some sparks when Alex & Sharon kissed for nearly 2 minutes straight in the pool a couple weeks ago and now we'll see if there's any kind of relationship there (since James is going home and Sharon will stay). Do I know James is going home for a fact? No. But I'm 99% sure.

Oh! That reminds me..the votes for who stays/goes home were already held this morning. CBS needed to pre-tape the votes because of the 1 HG coming back & the HOH endurance comp happening..CBS needed to free up 5-10 mins of airtime for those things.

Well kids, that's it for now!! The live feeds are currently showing flames, so I'll be back to report what's up as the day continues!!

Stay tuned...