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Monday, March 10, 2008

Sheila & Sharon's Convo (important info!!)

Sheila and Sharon had a lengthy convo earlier this afternoon and it was FULL of info!! Now, since everyone in the house is basically playing everyone else, I'm not sure how much of this true but there's some things that are very interesting!

All videos posted are courtesy of....ME!! ;-)

Let's start off with Video 1...

In this video, Sheila tells Sharon who she thinks will win this season and her reasons why:

Next, we have Sharon telling Sheila who is the best bet to get evicted next in the house! She tells Sheila that if she (Sheila) won HOH, to keep Chelsia and NOT evict her right away, but to put up Adam and Ryan and if one of them were to win POV, then to backdoor Natalie (and this is where Chelsia would come into play..they would have her vote). PLUS, Chelsia wants to go after the 'Big Dogs' herself, so Sharon tells Sheila to let her fight that battle alone and not get dragged into it. Smart girl!!

In video 3, Sharon tells Sheila about the kiss she shared with Matt and what his real motives were for it and that's he a horrible kisser..but that Alex is a good kisser! ;-) Didn't know that Alex & Sharon kissed? Watch this...

*****Flashback Video*****

*****End of Flashback Video*****

Here is Video 3:

And in 4th (and final) video of Sheila & Sharon's convo, they talk about using Matt to further themselves in the game:

Okay, let me get ya'll caught up with what the rest of the day was like inside the BB house in a seperate post!! :-D

Stay tuned...