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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Contest Answers:

As I posted, I had an overwhelming response for this contest, and I want to THANK YOU to all of those that entered! :-D I hope everyone had alot of fun hunting for Easter Eggs on the site!

Since there were so many winners, I had to think of a different & fair way to determine a winner. First, let tell you guys which doors had what prizes:

The # of hidden Easter Eggs:

Now since there were SO MANY right guesses for Door #1 and Door #2, I'm going to do a drawing for the prizes. Door #1 correct entries will be in the first drawing, and Door #2 correct entries will go into the 2nd drawing.

I will print out each and every name, put the names in a bowl, and pick 1 winner per "Door Prize" and I will do it all on video and upload it to YouTube and post it here on the blog so that everyone can see the drawings being done! :-D

I'll print up the names tonight and I will do the contest tomorrow morning/early afternoon!!

If you don't win, DON'T WORRY!! I'm holding a 2ND CONTEST at the end of this month and you guys & gals that were correct with your guesses & picked either Door 1 or Door 2, are AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED!!!! This is my way of giving back to ya'll that make this blog such an awesome place for BB fans!! :-)

Thank you SO MUCH to those who entered!!! The winners of both drawings will be announced tomorrow morning/early afternoon, so check back then!! :-D

Stay tuned...