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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Adam naked getting ready for POV comp tonight (vid)

For all you Adam fans out there, you're welcome! ;-) lol

Video courtesy of yours truly:

The boys (Ryan & Adam) are pumped up for the POV comp!! They are talking about how "Chatty Natty" is ready for the comp and she's not sore at all..meanwhile, Ryan is hurting just when walking. Ryan said he thinks the D.R. doesn't want him to win because they gave him "pills" just a little bit ago (I'm guessing vicodin again since that's what he's been on for a few days now).

Adam is DETERMINED to win it tonight! Ohhh please, Big Brother Gods, PLEASE show it on the live feeds tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My guess is that it won't start until AFTER Big Brother: After Dark on Showtime is over (at 3am EST) which is still 2 hours away. Adam thinks the comp will be a golfing comp. BB gave them oversized golf clubs a week or two ago. James told Adam to practice last week because BB never gives oversize *anything* just for fun and that it would most likely be a comp later on.

Stay tuned...