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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The boys flip/flop all night & Adam calls Sheila a "bitch"!

Last night was hectic on the feeds!!! Ryan & Adam were going back and forth on what is good for them and who should stay. We were all waiting to see what Adam was going to tell Sheila at night (they were supposed to take a bath and talk game). Well, Sheila got the bath ready, Adam came up, and they talked in the chairs for a little bit.

Adam revealed to Sheila that Ryan is voting to *keep* Natalie in the game and that Sheila needed to talk to him. This set up the whole night of chaos.

So after that video, Sheila told Adam to go get Ryan and bring him up to the HOH room so that they can all talk. Adam goes downstairs and never returns. Instead, he goes outside with Ryan & Natalie. Sheila saw those 3 go outside and she got MAD!!! So she calls Sharon up the HOH room and she tells her she's done with Adam and she can't trust him and she thinks Sharon is going home.

Then Ryan & Adam finally go up and talk to Sheila. They wanted to hear what points she had to make and that's when Adam called her a "bitch" and yelled at her:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Well then Ryan goes to the D.R. later on at night and comes out wanting to vote out Natalie:

Is your head spinning yet? lol Okay, so as it stands right now, Natalie will go and Sharon will stay. The boys plan on splitting the vote and having Sheila get the "blood on her hands".

Stay tuned...