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Friday, April 4, 2008

Adam tells his crew the Diary Room conned him

In an effort to save face, Adam blamed him NOT nominating James on the Diary Room "people" by saying they wouldn't let him leave to go talk to Ryan & Natalie (which is bullshit). However, the Diary Room *did* play a little bit of a part by calling Natalie to the D.R. when James & Adam built their alliance and were crying.

Adam: "They kept saying 'it's best for you! it's best for you!'"

Here's the video of Adam blaming the D.R. to Ryan yesterday:

Then Adam told Ryan that he made a big mistake by not nom'ing James and once again, brings the D.R. into the convo:

Then he told the same story to Natalie and Sharon:

Part of the deal that James made with Adam (to gain James' trust) is that if James DOES win POV, to not use it. Adam's first move of gaining trust (with James) was to NOT nominate him for eviction. Now it's James' turn to return the favor by NOT using the POV if he wins it (but I actually think he will...either way, I think James just screwed himself with that deal. If he uses it, he's safe for the week. But if he doesn't, Adam could backdoor him. We'll see if he wins it or not and what he actually does with it if he does win it.)

Here is James telling Sharon that if he does win the POV, he will not use it (though who knows, he might):

If James wins the POV, and uses it, then either Ryan or Natalie would have to be nom'ed and one of them would most likely go home. Obviously for those reasons, Nat & Ryan are scared shitless:

Adam talked with James and told him that he thinks he DID make the right move. Arghhhh...what I wouldn't give to see Adam's diary room sessions right now!!!

Sheila complains to Adam that she doesn't "get it" and is disappointed that he, of all people, put her on the block (she thought they were closer than what they actually are):

Natalie finally figures out why Adam did what he did, and her & Ryan talk about it and they are NOT happy about it.

Is your head spinning like mine is? lol Phewwww!! :-P It ALL comes down to who will win the POV today!!!

Stay tuned...