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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Crazy James naked again + Josh & James late night chat

Last night was a rather boring night on the live feeds. As Josh was saying to James last night, every season of Big Brother gets boring right around this time (with only 6 or 7 HG's left in the house). It's exciting before, and exciting after (when it's the final 4) but this is the "boring time". That was true last year for sure. Remember the LNC playing beer pong every night? Now, what Josh doesn't know is that a double eviction will be happening either tomorrow or next week and the feeds will surely come alive then! ;-) Alliances will be shaken up, if not broken, and shock will hit the remaining HG's as they have to scramble to make new deals and alliances and "promises" of making it to the Final 2 with someone.

Josh also said something that I personally agree with:

Josh: (talking to James) "If me or you leave this house, the feeds and showtime are going to bboooorrrinnng. What are they gonna do, watch Sharon read her bible, or hear Sheila repeat another one of her boring stories or talk about her son? Or watch Ryan eat? Ughh." *rolls eyes*

Like'em or hate'em, Josh & James do bring humor, fun, and entertainment to the show!

Anyways, the HG's had fun playing with their new crafts and games that Big Brother gave them last night. Josh & James were in bed sleeping, but then James woke up and Josh woke up a little bit later and they decided to go into the sauna in the Spa Room.

For all you James fans who love to see him naked (and I know you're out there because ya'll have emailed me asking for more naked pics/vids! lol), here are some pics of James naked again from when he was changing into boxers right before going into the sauna with Josh:

Josh & James then sat in the sauna talking about how the votes are as of that moment, and who Josh needs to talk to for votes. As it stands, Josh has 2 votes to stay (1 from James, 1 from Adam). Adam tried to convince Ryan yesterday to keep Josh but he wouldn't budge. Now, if Josh can convince either Ryan or Natalie to keep him, then he'll stay. But if not, it's bye-bye Joshy.

The talk then moved to the jacuzzi. This was at 1am BBT:

So that's basically all that happened last night. I expect 2 things to happen today:

1) Josh campaigning to stay (includes making deals, convincing, promises, etc)
2) Adam will try to sway Ryan to vote to keep Josh

Adam & Josh are both waiting to see when interior lockdown will start. If it starts before tomorrow morning, then they know for sure that it will be a physical HOH comp. If that's the case, then they will pitch the idea to Natalie & Ryan that Josh sucks at physical comps and Sharon is good at them & why would they want to keep someone around that could win HOH over them. Good thinking! :) But it probably wouldn't work on Natalie considering that Nat & Sharon are part of the "Girls Power" alliance and she would actually want Sharon to win HOH since she can't play for it this week. Words have been tossed around the house that it will be a Girls vs Boys house soon, but Ryan doesn't believe that. If he did, then he would want to keep Josh! So basically, Josh needs to work wonders on Ryan (and he'll need help from Adam to do so!)

James also said last night while in the jacuzzi with Josh that if BB puts them all on interior lockdown for a long time, and everyone thinks it's a physical comp but then they find out tomorrow it's just a Q & A comp but Josh is already gone, that he would laugh his off. lol

Alright, I'll be updating all day today on what's going on in the BB house. It should be an exciting day with all that scheming that Josh plans on doing today! ;-)

Stay tuned...