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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Part 2 HOH Comp: ADAM WINS!!!

The feeds went to flames, then to trivia at 4:02pm EST; I believe we have Part 2 of the Final HOH comp going on!!

This comp is Adam VS Sheila. Whoever wins Part 2 will go head-to-head with Ryan (winner of Part 1) tomorrow and then the winner will be crowned the HOH and will get to evict either Ryan, Sheila, or Adam!!

As soon as the feeds came back, I'll post the results!! :-D

Updated @ 6:58pm EST:
THE FEEDS ARE BACK!!!!! I think Adam won that one...waiting for confirmation..

Sheila: "Well boys, good luck! Tomorrow WILL be epic! Damn you Adam, damn you."
Adam: "It's me and you, Ry-bread! Just me & you!"


It was a physical comp!! According to Sheila, it was a very confusing physical comp and it was "totally made for Adam!" Speaking of Adam, he was just called into the DR. He's VERY excited and happy. Sheila is a little gloomy but doing okay. She's doing crafts at the table while Ryan eats.

Adam told Sheila (while Ryan was in the DR) that he's taking her to the Final 2 and that he's kept her in the game all this time and it's them to the end. But then when Sheila went into the DR, Adam was telling Ryan that it's them to the end and Adam said he's gonna throw tomorrow's final HOH comp so that he doesn't have to make the decision. When Ryan asked Adam what he told Sheila when he was in the DR, he lied to Ryan and was saying "I told her that I have to do what is best for me..that's all I kept saying to her." So I REALLY have no clue where Adam's head is! My guess is that he WILL take Sheila to the end with him and that he WON'T throw the HOH comp and he's only telling Ryan he'll throw it so that Ryan doesn't go into the mental comp with 'guns blazing'. He'll be more relaxed, giving Adam the advantage. Either way, I think it's safe to say that Adam will be in the Final 2, it's just a question of who will be sitting beside him. :)

Okay kids, I have to get offline for about 3 hours (premarital fun! lol) But I'll update the blog when I get back!! Remember, you can get the live feeds totally free for the rest of the season (which is only 5 days now!), so if you must know what's going on while I'm out, then get the live feeds!!!

Be back soon, everyone!!

Stay tuned...