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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Goooooood afternoon everyone! ;-) Today is live eviction and yes, James will most likely be going home. Right now on the live feeds, the HG's just got done with HOH lockdown. The HG's are anything but alive today. It's a very quiet morning in the BB house.

The show starts at 8pm/EST and they'll recap the last couple days and then do the live voting and then the HOH comp immediately afterwards.

The HG's have been on interior lockdown since last night which means that BB is setting up a large HOH comp set. It will most definitely be a physical, but all bets are on an endurance comp. The last few weeks have been those boring Q & A HOH comps so they're definitely due for a good endurance comp!!

I LOVE endurance comps because they are shown on the live feeds non-stop!!! If you don't have the feeds yet, get them here!! They are TOTALLY FREE for 14 days and there's only a few weeks left of this season so if you decide to keep them, it'll be $15 for the rest of the season. If you get them now, you'll be able to watch the Final 3 comps as well (remember last year with Evel Dick, Dani, and Zach all competing against each other?)

You still have plenty of time to get the live feeds, set up your Real Player, and learn all the camera views and such!!

Okay, back to the feeds I go to see what's going on and who's talking about what. ;-)

Stay tuned...