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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

James to go home this week (vid)

Once again, it's the house vs James this week.

James made a big mistake tonight. He told Sharon that he thinks Adam will nominate Sheila and himself tomorrow and if that is the case, he wants Sharon to try to win POV to take him off the block (if he doesn't win it himself). Well, Sharon went and told Adam, Ryan, and Natalie what he said and now Adam plans to nom James & Sharon together so that the ONLY way James could stay in the house is if he wins POV. If James doesn't win, he's going home. No questions asked.

Ryan was in the spa room laying down (he wasn't feeling well cuz he ate too much pizza..shocker.) and Adam came in and they had a talk about how it's time for James to go home now. Ryan was rather harsh about it by saying that he's going to homeless again and how funny that was to him. My opinion of Ryan changed from this convo. That and the fact that every other word is either "dude" of "fuckin'" is getting on my nerves.

Video courtesy of yours truly:

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