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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Overnight Report (vids)

Alright, things are still a little confusing but this what happened last night:

James is stirring the pot REAL good in the house, and his main focus; to fuck over Natalie every way possible AND to get under her skin before he leaves. If he's leaving, then he's gonna make sure that her chances at winning the money are shot. Fair is fair I guess!

So James asked Ryan if Adam threw the POV (that could have saved James) and Ryan said yes (in so many words). We'll have to watch tonights episode on CBS and see if he did or not, but I wouldn't doubt it.
(Video courtesy of xx2OOxx)

So it seems that the whole house has flipped on Natalie. Sheila & Sharon talk about wanting her out:

More of Sheila hating on Natalie (with Sharon and James):

Then Sharon found out that Natalie has been calling her "The Mole" of the house, and Sharon got PISSED OFF and wanted to go off on her, but since she's on the block, she can't. James tried to encourage her to go off on Natalie but she didn't. Instead, she went up to the HOH room and told Adam & Ryan how much she can't stand Natalie.

Here is Ryan & Adam talking, then Sharon came up and went off about Natalie (I don't have video of that though, sorry guys!) But you see Sharon entering the HOH room at the very end of the video:

Ryan: "There's nothing that dude (James) can offer us to stay.."
Adam: "Nothin'!"

Sharon went on to say that Natalie needs to go and everyone agrees. So Sharon wants to win HOH (who doesn't?) and nominate Sheila & Adam and backdoor Natalie and get her out.

Then (as I posted last night) Ryan & Adam talked outside and Adam is a panic state because he can't play for HOH this week and he knows the house is gunning for him as well.

There's wayyyy too much "he said/she said" and alliances to truly know what's going on. The only thing certain is that James will NOT give up campaigning and fucking over Natalie in the process by calling her out in front of everyone. And with Sharon about to go off on Natalie as well, there's no telling what the day will bring!!

Stay tuned...