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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ryan & Adam are flipping...Nat to Stay? (vids)

While Ryan as totally flipped to keep Natalie this week, Adam isn't set in stone just yet (though he's damn close!). Natalie keeps blaming Sharon for a lot of shit, so today, Adam wants Natalie to call Sharon out on everything as proof that Nat isn't lying (which she has been, so that will be entertaining to watch!)

Natalie's crocodile tears yesterday is what really got to Ryan and he feels bad for Nat. Plus, if Natalie stays, she'll wanna target Sheila next week and not the boys...making their Final 3 dream a real possibility.

Here's Ryan/Adam/Sheila in the HOH room. Ryan tells Sheila that he "feels bad" for her, and Sheila can't believe what she's hearing from him:

..and here's Part 2 of their convo:

And here are the boys talking about keeping Natalie this week:

Part 2:

Today should be interesting!!!!

Stay tuned...