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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ryan *will* use POV if he wins it (to save Adam)

Goood afternoon BB lovers!! :-D So I read ya'lls comments and I have to agree that Sheila should nominate Ryan instead of Adam. But Sheila is trying to not piss anyone off with nom'ing Adam. Her excuse is that Adam nom'ed her, so fair is fair & Ryan used the POV to take her off the block last week and so this is her way of thanking him (even though he would have taken anyone off the block to put up James, it didn't matter, Ryan didn't do it to "save" her.)

As I explained yesterday, there's 2 ways that Natalie could *not* be evicted this week: (1) If Natalie wins POV ..and..(2)If Ryan wins POV and doesn't use it. Well, Ryan told Adam today that if he does win the POV, he *will* use it to save Adam..thus giving Sheila the oppurtunity to backdoor Natalie.

Just like every week, it all comes down to the POV comp tomorrow!!

Here's a short clip of Ryan telling Adam today (around 11:30am BBT) that if he wins POV, he will take Adam off the block:

Adam is still acting really scared to getting nominated today so that Ryan & Natalie don't suspect anything.

Ryan, Sharon & Adam talk about nominations and getting Natalie out:
(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

Today is Nominations and the HG's just went on interior lockdown as of 12:15pm BBT and they think that maybe they'll have a luxuary comp or food comp today. We shall see!!

Oh, and for you James fans out there:
I didn't have time to post my last 2 videos of James in the BB house yesterday, so I'll post them here for ya'll. If you're not a James fan, then just ignore this part.

Sharon & James being super-playful:

..and the last time James was seen on the live feeds:

Stay tuned...