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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sheila & Adam's fight last night (vids)

Hey everyone! I fell asleep last night before I could upload the video of Sheila & Adam's fight, but I uploaded it this morning. Also, I want to apologize for posting "Thursdays" review, when I meant to say "Tuesday's" review lol Thank you for those comments that corrected me! ;-) I guess I was just too tired last night and posted the wrong day lol But it's fixed now!!

Okay, so last night, Sheila yelled at Adam pretty good and used the single-mother card on him and guilt tripped him pretty good, and even threatned him by saying (in so many words) that she would campaign against him in the jury house if she leaves today. This is a must-see video!!

Captured by yours truly ;-)

Then while Ryan was in the D.R., Adam & Sheila talked privately in Sheila's bedroom and they both apologized to each other. Adam was (more or less) doing damage control. I believe he *will* throw the HOH comp tonight to Ryan so that the blood is on his hands to evict her (that's the plan that Ryan & Adam have in place right now). Kind of a fair trade thing for Adam evicting Sharon.

(Video courtesy of Quirkydude)

So as it stands right now, Adam will throw the last HOH comp tonight so that Ryan wins and Ryan will be the one to evict Sheila. Adam feels better now that him & Sheila talked so that she's more prepared to leave the house and it won't be so shocking to her when she gets evicted. I really hope Adam doesn't throw it, but I guess we'll see!!

Okay, more updates on what's going on today coming right up!! :-D

Stay tuned...