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Monday, April 21, 2008

Sheila talks about Part 1 of Final HOH endurance comp (vid)

Big Brother cut her off shortly after, but she was talking about how it was an endurance comp, they were wet, and she was afraid of getting sick. She also confirms that she was the 1st one to drop. Then she also says that Adam "slipped" a minute later, but we know that he was just keeping true to his word with Ryan (Adam promised Ryan he would drop after Sheila and give him Part 1 of the HOH comp).

Here's the video, captured by yours truly ;-)

At 3:07am EST, Sheila just went to bed, Ryan (who is EXHAUSTED!!) is laying down but not sleeping just yet, and Adam is now laying down but he seems a little too hyper to be going to bed in my opinion. All lights are off in the good ol' Big Brother house.

Okay kids, since the HG's are going to bed, so am I!! lol I'll be back in the morning with my coffee and reporting everything that is going on! Also, don't forget that tonight (Tuesday) at 9pm EST is the CBS show!! Until tomorrow, have a goodnight and as always...

Stay tuned...