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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday's Report

Happy Monday, everyone!! :-D I had an awesome time at my bridal shower yesterday, but now it's time to get back to business!!!

Alright, first let me get this out the way:

Adam took himself off the block.

The Replacement Nom is:


So the plan yesterday for Ryan & Adam, was to confront Natalie on Bible Verses because she hasn't been living by the 'word of the lord' that she preaches about.

And then Ryan calls her out for making "Final 2" deals with EVERYONE in the house:

Part 2:

Part 3:

..and now Sheila/Adam/Ryan talk about how Nat said she'd put up Sheila on the block of Nat were to stay & win HOH:

Amazingly enough, Natalie went to Sheila and tried to bullshit her way to staying. Natalie said *in front of Sheila* that her alliance is with the boys. But she's singing a different tune in these videos and saying how she's mad at the boys now:

As it stands right now, Natalie *will* be going home. Adam is thinking about making Sheila be a tie-vote so that Sheila won't have Natalie's vote in the end (if Sheila made it to the final 2). Smart move! Ryan & Adam also discussed keeping Natalie because they could win against her in the end, but they're too afraid of her and the fact that if Natalie stays for the reason of being in the Final 2, then that means either Ryan or Adam would have to go at some point.

We'll see if the house flip-flops or not!!

Stay tuned...