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Friday, February 15, 2008

After the Power of Veto Comp (video!)


Okay, here's the vid:

So it sounds like they were up high on something and used their hands/fingers to hold onto something.

Also, Matt is trying to 'work his magic' on Allison now but she's not having any of it. However, she is going to use him to her advantage. She knows he's trying to use her and she's going to revese it on him. Go Allison!! ;-)

Right now, Shiela and Allison just had a talk in the downstairs bathroom but I couldn't make out what Allison was saying (she had the blow dryer on and she was mouthing/whispering words to Sheila.)

The juicy talk is just starting!! This is the part in the game that is TRULY big brother!! I think the reason why I wasn't getting into this season that much was because everyone was talking alliances and strategies..BEFORE ANYTHING EVEN STARTED!!

This, my friends, is when the game truly begins.

GAME ON!!!! ;-)